hat I have been working too much, so I decided that I should take a break in this town street, which was a while ago.

And I didn’t know what I should do within that hour, and now I am at the park with melancholia.

「Let’s go home」

I threw the empty plastic bottle to the garbage can, and stood up from the bench.

Since I have nothing to do here, I should just go home and sleep.

(note: it’s a star)

My eyes woke up from the ringing sound of the smartphone that I rarely use.

It’s an app with a selling point of free chat and calls that had an explosive popularity a few years ago but I only have one registered friend in it.

That’s why there is only one person that could only call me.

「This is rare, hello, Rin-chan」

『No, it’s rarer for Nana to directly accept the call I think』

「Ahaha, I guess you’re right」

Weary I voiced the same opinion.

Me who was working fulltime seven days a week, normally I couldn’t pick up calls.

Rin-can — Takajou Rinne, She is my only best friend in my whole life.

A relationship calling each other Rin-chan and Nana, a friend from kindergarten to middle school, it’s not an exaggeration to call her my best friend.

Getting a call after years from someone like her, I was feeling a bit happy.

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「What’s the matter? Even though you would only go with just a message」

『I have something I want to talk about but…..Nana, are you hiding something?』

「Eh? W-what are you talking about?」

『Nothing, just that it’s impossible for Nana to take calls during this time』

「Ugh…..even though you were the one that called me…..」

『I felt that you would get it』

I groaned to the point Rin-chan’s brought up.

After all you earn more if you take the night shift, that’s why it can’t be helped that I can’t accept calls during this time.

『So, with that reaction something happened right? Talk』

「N-no, there is nothing at all」


「All of my part-time workplaces got bankrupt…..」

With an empty resistance, I lost to Rin-chan’s pressure.

Back then, after I lost my parents, When I told Rin-chan that I would become a freeter, Rin-chan said to me.

「Aren’t freeter’s future dark? I can ask my father’s connection, so get a proper job」she said.

Rin-chan’s father is the top of a big Corporation called 『Takajou Group』, by connections she means that I would be put somewhere in the group’s company.

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Rin-chan’s dad is someone who’s really doting on her daughter, and the type to put their personal feelings in their work.

Obviously I refused but, at that time Rin-chan took it to heart, that’s why if I ever lose my job I’m sure that she would say something about it.

By the way, her house is unbelievably rich, Rin-chan who was the youngest was spoiled a lot and lived a life without any troubles.

And also she is given an abundance of savings for free, she herself is also earning a lot by herself, I couldn’t help but think that money gathers where money is.

『The 3 places, all of it?』

「Yes ma’am…」

『I see….well, good timing.
I have a lot to say but, it’s a really good timing』

「What are you talking about?」

I thought that I would receive a long and persistent scolding but, what Rin-chan went back on me was something anti-climatic.

『Nana, right now you are bored right?』

「I’m so bored that it’s killing me」

『Get prepared to stay, and tomorrow at noon come to my house.
You don’t have the right to refuse』

「Eh, what with you so suddenly」

『I thought I would tell you through the call but, If we could meet face to face then it would be better.
Then, I will be meeting you tomorrow』

「Yeah, see you」

Telling only the necessary things and cutting off the call, I was carried away by her but there is no denying that I have nothing to do.

Confused over the sudden plans, I opened my closet to prepare my stay over set.

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