n relate to her because she’s not a perfect superhuman.

284: Anon Nana Fan

I’ve heard that Nana is really bad at things like chess and MOBAs.

I don’t know why, but I’ve heard that she can’t win at them for some strange reason.

286: Anon Nana Fan


That’s because she’s playing against Rinne…

287: Anon Nana Fan

If you want to challenge Rinne to something like that, you’ll have to start raising your skill to a world-level tournament participant first.


Nana’s flat-chestness is her charm!

288: Anon Nana Fan

Well, according to Rinne, Nana is a pitiful mess in that kind of game, so I don’t think it matters much.

290: Anon Nana Fan


I like Rinne’s brutal honesty when it comes to games.

291: Anon Nana Fan


I don’t think Rinne overestimates Nana.

She’ll tell you exactly what’s you lack.

Well, that’s all part of being cute and charming, isn’t it?

292: A Anon Nana Fan


She had never lied about Nana, so I guess it’s true.

Though there’s some part that I hope was a lie…

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294: Anon Nana Fan

Is it true that there are creatures that can live without eating or drinking for a month?

She said Nana could live for two months if she pushed it.

297: Anon Nana Fan

I can understand if one has a lot of fat.

But apparently, Nana only weighs about 40 Kg, just like she looks.

Muscles are supposed to be heavy, but I’m not sure if she’s really that powerful.

298: Anon Nana Fan

Speaking of power, I heard that the next Battler would have the latest version of the legendary punching machine.

300: Anon Nana Fan


Is that the one from the video that gone viral a few years ago?

301: Anon Nana Fan



The one where the highest score was 300, and people were saying “wow,” and then suddenly one person showed up and got 1500? Right?

I wonder if the archive of the camera has been erased.

302: Anon Nana Fan

I’m not sure I want to do something like a punching machine nowadays.

304: Anon Nana Fan

There are plenty of videos of it lying around on the internet.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen that one, but it’s too funny to see the person who did it freak out and then get taken away by security.

305: Anon Nana Fan


I can see the sound effect of him being shocked.

307: Anon Nana Fan

At the time, there was a lot of confusion about whether it was edited or not.

It wasn’t, after all.

308: Anon Nana Fan


Currently watching the video you mentioned.

…say, If you look closely… this is Nana isn’t it?

310: Anon Nana Fan


No way.

311: Anon Nana Fan


Are you sure?

312: Anon Nana Fan

It do look like Nana.

313: Anon Nana Fan

It’s hard to be certain because this camera image quality is rough, and the angle is bad.

314: Anon Nana Fan


The girl with sunglasses who’s comforting her, is it Rinne?

315: Anon Nana Fan

Seriously? Lol.

317: Anon Nana Fan

This is the one where the official announcement came out that it wasn’t a fake.

I thought there were some crazy strong girls in the world, but I never found out anything about them.

I remember at that time, the women’s martial arts world was getting a little bit excited.

318: Anon Nana Fan

But at the time, Rinne said she didn’t know about this.

Although, she was attending the same event the day before.

320: Anon Nana Fan

That’s because Nana was a regular person back then, and Rinne basically wears a disguise when she’s not a guest at events.

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Even if you knew, you’d say you didn’t know.

321: Anon Nana Fan

We had come to accept that this is Nana before we realized it.

Is Nana really that powerful?

We’ve seen her player skills and dynamic vision, but we haven’t seen how monstrous Nana is in the real world, have we?

323: A Anon Nana Fan


I saw her show off her super skills at cards, yo-yos, and kendama in a chat a while back.

324: Anon Nana Fan

I’d like to see a video of Nana playing some sports.

325: Anon Nana Fan

If the punching machine will be in the next Battler, why don’t we try it for fun?

327: Anon Nana Fan

I’ve been looking forward to the punching machine because lately, all I’ve seen are athletic and dance attractions with sound games.

329: Anon Nana Fan

If you’re a streamer…

It’s a common practice to exercise and keep a healthy body nowadays.

It’s hard to do your job with poor body condition after all.

330: Anon Nana Fan


I think I’d do it even if you didn’t ask me.

Battler is only two days away.

I don’t know if she’ll be doing WLO for a while.

331: Anon Nana Fan

I’ve been watching Touka’s stream a lot lately, and she’s already ranked EX.

She’s improving too fast.

333: Re no Ji no ekaki

Look, look, look!

I drew a new one!


334: Anon Nana Fan


That girl has such a high spec.

I really like her tall stature.

335: Anon Nana Fan


Good work, Re-sensei!

I love the WLO avatar doujin!

337: A Anon Nana Fan


8 pages this time!

It’s a good summary and a lot of volume for only one day and…!!

338: Re no Ji no ekaki

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’m really enjoying it.

This is the first time I’ve ever been so happy to be able to just brag about a lover.

I want them to stream a sleeping face from now on…

339: Anon Nana Fan


340: Anon Nana Fan

Indeed, it’s amazing to be able to just brag about this special lover.

341: Anon Nana Fan

If you’re a heterosexual couple, I hope you explode.

342: Anon Nana Fan

Yuri is going to save the world.

345: Anon Nana Fan

The collaboration stream is always something I could look forward to!

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