BTOG 195 – # Nana’s Sleeping Face Stream – Second time

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March 11, 2022



“– Well, that been hard.”

“I will.”

I was streaming on my phone late at night at home, asking the viewers about the finale of Nana’s fight against the Moon Wolf, which had ended about three hours before I got home.

Today I was supposed to still be away on a business trip, but due to various changes in my schedule, I came back later that day, and I found Nana asleep on the sofa.
Not wanting to waste this chance, I immediately started streaming.

Nana is the most attractive girl in all of humanity, but she’s basically the cooler than cute type.
She would only show her most adorable appearance is when she sleeps defenselessly in front of me.

That’s right.
She is sleeping in front of me defenselessly.
It is my privilege to be able to be near Nana when she is like this.

Well, the exception is when her parents were still alive, she would sometimes sleep in like this in their presence…


<↑Not a good place to retort lol.>

<↑That comeback is hurt.>

“Hold it.
You guys make it sound like I’m never serious.”

“Wanna fight?”

Show me more Nana.>

“It’s annoying if you know the fact that she didn’t do anything to make her skin like this.
But yeah.”


“So squishy…”


As I was playing with her cheeks, Nana suddenly turned her head because she was feeling ticklish.

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She can endure a lot of pain but is so weak against tickling.

“See what I mean? This cuteness is all mine.”

“She used to be like this all the time when she was awake, so absent-minded that she wouldn’t do anything unless I called her.
If I left her alone, she wouldn’t even eat.
Nana can survive without food for about a month, though.”

“Indeed, she’s not normal.
And because she was born that way, a lot of problems came up when she was a child.
Despite her carefree attitude, she had a heavy past behind her.”

“She didn’t want my help.
She said it clearly.
That’s also why I just watched her for a long time.”

That was the first time Nana refused to listen to me.
I still remember the shock I felt at that moment.

[“You can’t… stay with me, you can’t….”]

[“You should work in your Takajou group.”] What Nana said has also left trauma in me.

In the beginning, she wouldn’t even see me, sometimes only for a year or two or so at a time.

And before I knew it, the stress of not being able to see her has pushed me to win the world championship…

That said, the past six years have helped Nana’s mind to grow, a mind that has been in constant stagnation ever since she was a child.

I felt a bit sad when I saw how Nana, who used to be so dependent on me, could live on her own.
But thanks to it, Nana’s heart has become strong enough to accept her parents’ death.

Indeed, both Nana and I had been too dependent on each other.

But I don’t think our bond is weaker than it used to be.
In terms of living together, our relationship is probably much healthier now.


As I was playing with Nana’s hair on my thigh while talking to a viewer, she began to move restlessly.

“Nana, are you awake?”

“…… Mmmmm……is it you Rin-chan.”


“Mmm-hmm ……”

While holding back the urge to spoil the sweet, happy Nana, I combed her hair as I let her sleep.
And Nana was quite happy to have her hair touched like this.

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“I didn’t get her permission before, but I’ve got it now.”

“I think 220k is still a lot number for ‘just chat’.
And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Nana followers mixed in those 200k numbers.
Ah, by the way, Nana can speak English, too.”

<↑She certainly have high battle IQ.>


<↑Don’t think about those things too much.>

“As I said before, she used to be a girl who wouldn’t do anything before I told her to, but if you see from another point of view, she will do anything if told her to.
She used to go abroad with me a lot, so I trained her to do the most basic things.”

You’d need to learn English to be able to do that.>


<↑Need to sleep with Rinne at night, so she can’t help it.>

As I leisurely watched the comment section, which was getting more and more lively without me talking anymore, Nana finally woke up from her sleep, stretched out, and then changed her position and lay to her back.

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“Mmm-m…, good morning Rin-chan…….”

“Good morning, you slept well.”

“umm… thanks? Why are you here, Rin-chan? What about your business trip?”

Nana, who had been enjoying my lap pillow, finally realized something strange and questioningly looked at me.

“A lot of things suddenly came up, and I had to cancel my flight before I got on, so I came home.
And you should sleep in your bed, you know?”

“If you’re not here, sofa and bed are the same.”

<↑She used to sleep on the wall.>

Nana follows my gaze and looks at the tablet device that is currently streaming.

“Is it….
streaming right now?”

“Yes, it is.”

“You should have told me earlier.”

She sits down next to me, quickly fixing her appearance, and turns her face to the camera.

“Hi, I’m Nana.”

“It was fun fighting the boss.
I was so tired I fell asleep.
And thanks for watching… By the way, what we stream this time?”

<↑There’s another increase in the number of viewers…>

< You’re out also inhuman today.>

<↑Don’t say that like it’s something nice.>

Thanks to the ten days of a continuous stream during the previous event, Nana is now a semi-regular member of my stream.
And thanks to the well-known fact that she lives with me, she’s pretty popular with my viewers.

Also, Nana’s viewers are a rather friendly bunch, and I’m thankful that the comment section doesn’t get too rough even when we collab.

“Again! No, it’s okay… But how come you guys enjoy looking at my sleeping face?”

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“There’s demand for it, you know.”


In contrast to Nana’s puzzled face, which says that this was impossible, the comments accelerated.

“Precious, you say… am I look like Buddha now?”

I wondered what I should say to Nana, who looked a little shocked.

It’s not that either of us is doing it on purpose, but to put it mildly, from the outside… our relationship could be called a ‘yuri’.
{ she realized…}

But then again, there’s a part of me that wants to leave Nana in the dark about this thing.

“Then it’s not my face, is it ……?”

I was somewhat happy to see her chatting with viewers happily while saying, “Then what do you mean ……?”

And I wanted to hear again the words that I heard from Nana on the first day of her stream.

“Say, Nana.”


“I asked this a long time ago… are you having fun now?”

It was a turbulent month and a half, totally different from the daily routine she had of the past six years.

A lot of things have happened in a little time.

Maybe I don’t need to ask.

Still, I really wanted to.

Nana was a little puzzled and then let out a chuckle.

She said this with a big smile on her face, “Streaming and playing games is… a lot of fun!”


This is the end of chapter 4, “Oni Village”!

I’ve purposely left out the post-battle aftermath!

Of course, I’ll write about it later, but I plan to look back at the beginning of chapter 5.
I wanted to write RiNana.
Please forgive me.

The rest of the story will be a few quiet episodes on the forums, and then I’ll move on to chapter 5, “My First Tournament”!

Stay tuned.


Tl note:

a bit late, sorry, busy + Elden Ring comes out.

Ah btw, after I play this Elden Ring (my first soul-like game) I just friggin realized, this WLO is totally based on Soul-like game, every mechanic that exists here exists in ER.
probably the author was a big fan of Miyazaki…


Before I did this novel I loved that chapter, after I’m the one who did it, oh god, it’s a lot of pain…..

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