For others, it’s a risky move that requires a player as powerful as Rou to dedicate half her level to endure it for a short time.

“… I’m sorry, Rou, I didn’t mean to push you this much.”

“…for you, I don’t mind.”

Even after hearing Sukuna’s apology, Rou smiled happily.

Still, Sukuna was bewildered why Rou didn’t show even the slightest bit of regret.

“Hey, Rou.
Why are you doing this for me? You and I used to be enemies.”

“…… will do anything for you.
That’s what being a fan is all about.”

“…… I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

“That’s okay.
But that’s exactly why I’m here, for you.”

Even though she didn’t understand what Rou was saying, Sukuna somehow understood her affection.

Sukuna never had any ill feelings towards Rou.

Rou merely was playing as a PK player.

Of course, at first, Sukuna had been disgusted by her lunatic way of thinking, but after mixing blades with Rou, her strength had stirred Sukuna’s fighting spirit.

Even though there was a level difference, Rou was undeniably a strong enemy that made Sukuna struggle.
And in the fight against Apocalypse, only thanks to Rou that Sukuna was able to damage it.

Thinking about it, the turning point must have happened back then somehow; Sukuna was able to accept Rou, albeit a little.

Finishing her inner thought, Sukuna took out a golden talisman and placed it in Rou’s left hand.

“…… What’s this?”

“That’s the last card I have.
Rou can decide when to use it.” Sukuna said as she pointed her finger.

Rou could see that the Nocturne was charging up a huge amount of energy at the point where Sukuna pointed to.

If something like that were to be released, it would not be as lukewarm as [Full Moon Blaster].
This is undoubtedly one of Nocturne’s special blows.

Will this one talisman really be enough to prevent this?

Sukuna suddenly smiled when she saw Rou’s confused look and stroked her hair.

“I’ll finish it with the next blow.
So, Rou, make this count.”

The longer Sukuna lingered, the less time Rou had left.

Sukuna’s [Closing Ceremony] did not have much time left.

And it was impossible to win against Nocturne without any support from Rou’s Dead Skill earlier.

This is why Sukuna could take the risk of releasing [Finish Crusher] earlier, she expects that hit will put some distance between Nocturne and them, but the reality is never that sweet.

“This time, I want to win together.”

During the previous raid battle, Sukuna had ended everything single-handedly.
Instead of protecting Rinne, she was protected and then lost her, resulting in so much regret that awakened her Furious mode.

Sukuna will never forget the bitter memory of that time.

And it is precisely because of that experience that she wants to [win with all of us] this time.

But if only that much, Sukuna could use the talisman by herself.

But then, Sukuna was worried that Rou would try to help in the way Rinne does, even when it means her end.

Yes, just like Rinne.
She didn’t want to experience that kind of feeling anymore.

That’s why Sukuna entrusted her with one last task, to prevent Rou from using any more of her power.

Although a little, Rou could sense Sukuna’s intentions, and she nodded.

“…Okay, I got it.”

“Thanks, I counting on you.”

When Sukuna hears Rou’s reply, she brings out [Ouma] once again.

This time, Rou saw no smile on Sukuna’s face; only a cool, dignified figure was had stayed on her face.

One strange thing is currently happening.
Even when Sukuna turns her attention away from Nocturne, she keeps charging her Moonlight Energy, preparing for her final blow.

But why?

Why did Nocturne take so much time to charge this last shot? She just missed a golden opportunity to finish Sukuna.

The reason for this was quite simple.

It’s because Nocturne’s exhaustion is beyond anyone’s expectation.

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From the start, [Full Moon Luminescence] was not a low fuel consumption technique that was easy to maintain.
It took considerable force to maintain even one.

Should you cast eight of them, they will shave their user MP for eight portions all at once.

It would take a tremendous amount of MP consumption to produce more than 30 of them, not to mention she have cast them almost 50 times now, and it became even worse when Nocturne made them autonomous.

In order to penetrate the defenses of the dead skills, the autonomous Luminescence has constantly been eating up Nocturne’s MP, while Sukuna has been stealing Nocturne’s SP even before her transformation.

Nocturne’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy had finally reached its limit.

It seems that Nocturne’s fight with those two swordsmen seemed to be a pushover, but she was defending herself quite well even though she was forced to fight without a break.

Sure, the biggest cause of her exhaustion comes from dealing with Rou’s Dead Skills, but those swordsmen earlier were additional factors that piled up and forced Nocturne to go on the offensive for the last part of the fight.

And suddenly.

The light of the full moon that illuminates the precincts of this temple ground is blocked by a cloud.

Darkness covers the world, and the sky returns to the nightless moon.

Leaving two pairs of Golden eyes of Nocturne and Sukuna blazing at each other.

Gi-gigi-gigigi-GiGiGiGiGiGiGiGi {crack-crackle-crac-crac-crac-crackle—}

With crackling sounds, the space is distorted, and the converging moonlight energy gathered around Nocturne.

That energy, which shone brightly in the dark world, is now waiting for the time to be unleashed as pure force of annihilation.

“Fangs of the Wolf King! Time to fill your hunger and eat my enemy!!!”

With Sukuna’s words, the rare skill [Ravenous Wolf] which she inherited from Aria the Red Wolf was activated for the first time in this fight.

Adding buff on top of status correction from the [Closing Ceremony], Sukuna’s strength and agility values jumped another 1.5 times.

Sukuna only has less than 30% HP left after she was damaged by Nocturne’s [Full Moon Claws] earlier.

This means she has one minute at best to use [Ravenous Wolf], but even so, that was enough to settle this fight.

(I will risk everything.)

No hesitation.

Eight seconds left until the end.

The cloud opens, and the moonlight reappears.

And just before Nocturne’s charge ends, Sukuna runs straight to her.

But here comes the last melody of New Moon.
This is the ultimate that Nocturne has put everything she has into.

“[Nocturne for a Moonless World]!”

It was more violent than any attack she had before.

A flash of lightning explodes, threatening to obliterate Sukuna and Rou together.

Evasion is impossible.

No, Sukuna had a choice to evade or defend herself, but she had already given the later to Rou.

To protect Sukuna, who is running straight ahead, Rou summoned her last strength and announced the name of the talisman she had clutched.


*ring* …a serene, clear sound of a bell echoed.

A ward of absolute severance appears, protecting the target from all threats.

It was the name of one unique ultimate from this world.

The most powerful barrier exclusive to the hero of the Youko tribe, Sekka, can use – the [Zekkai].

If Sekka was the one who activates it, it is the form of ultimate protection, capable of protecting an entire city from the aftermath of <> battle for several hours.

This ultimate could only last for a few seconds since it was inscribed in a spell mark, even though the mark itself was made by using the purest gold.

But in this very moment, those few seconds are worth a fortune.

The [Zekkai] covered Sukuna’s entire body as if to protect her, and immediately, the maximum firepower of the Moon Wolf collided with it.

[Nocturne for the Moonless World] had enough power to wipe out the entire HP of the giant dragon Ars Nova, is currently on its showdown The boundary of [Zekkai].
But the result is clear, the Absolute barrier is living to its name, it prevents all damage to leak trough.

However, an unexpected miscalculation strikes Sukuna.


The [Zekkai] is faithfully protecting Sukuna.
However, the momentum of the Attack was still pushing Sukuna back, and she was unable to move forward.


Should she evade, Rou will die.

Therefore, Sukuna used her all and struggled to move forward even after receiving the massive breath attack.

It was only a moment in time.

However for Sukuna, this moment lasts like an eternity.

It’s not about how long she can hold; it’s about how much she has left.

“[Meteor Slash]!”

One slash comes from Arthur, who had not been touched by the Moon Wolf for the past few minutes, unleashed with her nameless sword.
This [Sword Saint] had been lurking and aiming for this very moment.

She knows her blow was too weak and unreliable for the final scene.

However, the slash that struck the face of the breath-emitting moon wolf was slight, but it certainly altered Nocturne’s aim.

“Move! Sukuna!”

“Nice, A-chan!”

With a slight deviation in trajectory, Sukuna no longer needs to protect Rou and quickly closes the distance to Nocturne.

“NOT YET!” Nocturne roars.

It wasn’t going to be that easy.

She was at the end of her rope, and the [Nocturne for Moonless World] had drained her of his nearly inexhaustible MP and SP.

Even so, Nocturne used the power she had squeezed out of her life to create another eight [Full Moon Luminescence].


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The best Nocturne could do at the moment was to use the [Full Moon Claw].

She used one of them to hit Arthur, who stood right beside her and directed all the remaining ones at Sukuna.

The seven slashes were aimed solely at stopping Sukuna’s advance, each of which has enough power to end Sukuna’s life even if one landed.

“I knew you’d come!”

The last warrior in the field wielded her great blue jade sword and unleashed her Attack.

“[Execution Nova]!”

GASHAAN!!!! And then, with a loud roar and a burst of light, all the Luminescence was blown away.

[Great Sword]’s most powerful art, [Execution Nova].

It was a slash whose power was doubled by the named skill of the [Azure Heavenly Sword – Mukyuu] and further doubled by the effect from [Courage of Falma].

Even though it wasn’t enough to cut down the huge amount remaining HP of the Moon Wolf, it produced the best results as a backup.



A word of thanks can be said later.

It will never going to be too late.

Because right now, Sukuna needs to pay respect for all their effort!

With the support of her three party members, Sukuna finally took the final step.

“Kishin-Ryu OUGI!”


Nocturne, who had squeezed, exhausted, and used up everything, delivered one final struggle.

It’s no longer a technique, no longer a skill; it’s just a simple claw strike.


Sukuna looked at her, and for a brief moment, she had a vision of her past battle with Aria the Red Wolf.

It was the first battle with a strong entity since she started this game.

The battle where they had fought to the death and won by the smallest margins.

This is not a revenge for that day, but…

This time, for sure.

“[KIKOKU TENSHOU]!” {Heavenly Rush of Wailing Oni}

Sukuna’s heartfelt fist collided with Nocturne’s claw.

There is no antagonism.

Nocturne’s arm was obliterated, and the impact spread throughout her body.

The blow that Sukuna unleashed has cut off all of Nocturne’s remaining HP.

Nocturne loses its power and collapses.

Slowly crumbling, the body of the moon wolf started to disappear.

“….Well done… and thank you… for this dream-like moment.”

“It’s been fun.”

“I’m glad then….”

Nocturne smiled happily when she heard Sukuna’s words and turned her gaze to still laying Rou.
She moved her remaining left hand slightly and muttered painfully.

“Cleansing Claw…… of Moonlight…”

The moonlight descending from the sky, shining upon Rou’s body that is almost fully tainted in darkness and taking the erosion away.


“This my apology for resorting to power that should never have been used…..
The rest of the injuries should be healed normally….
please never use it again.”

“…… Thank you, Nocturne.”

“fufu, once again… thanks, for the fun time……”

The crumbling picked up its pace.

In this aftermath of the battle, there’s already no time left, and while smiling at each other, they exchanged their last words.

“See you later, under the moonlight.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.”

Until the very end, she stood up gallantly.

Nocturne, the Moon Wolf of Beyond, disappeared without a sound, blending into the windy moonlit night.


The long-running battle of the moon wolves has now come to an end.

I passed away, satisfied with my one-night-only dream.

TL note:

As promised, no cliff!! well, I will be busy for next week, so if somehow I’m getting slower, just forgive me a bit, I will just post all of it at once like this.

I was worried to use term [Devil] to be honest, this author… if he wants to use English, he will use it without hesitation.
Anyway, just keep in mind that [Devil] is written using kanji Akuma, just in case I need to do some revision in the future.

Goddamn Japanese and their sound effect, I was forced to leave most of them in japanese because I’m also not familiar with their equivalent in a comic book.

Made keyword change:

“Fangs of the Wolf King! Time to fill your hunger and eat my enemy!!!”

Maou is the name of Demon King, Maou the Maou lol.

NGL, I shed a tear when Rou keep laughing with her broken body.
I’m the type who is weak to someone so devoted.

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