pared to Sukuna, who deflected Nocturne’s attack with ease, Arthur’s attack barely got a passing mark.

Sukuna thought as she looked at Nocturne’s remaining HP.

(In this less than three minutes, Nocturne’s HP is barely down from the remaining 70%, it might be a little uncomfortably hard for just two people to handle it.)

Two minutes.
That was the time Rou asked Sukuna.
It’s easy enough for Sukuna to do it, but looking at Arthur’s impatience, there’s a good chance that her buffs will wear off soon.

Even with [Closing Ceremony] that Sukuna has learned after she met Shuten, she is still wary of Nocturne’s hidden moves considering she’s a Named boss.
And [Closing Ceremony] is the only card Sukuna has left to counter it.

Drago has lost a lot of HP, but she doesn’t seem to be worried about buffs.
If that is her trump card, she may not have any move left that she can use for the last-minute push.

Rou’s and her own trump card, plus Drago and Arthur’s trump cards.
It’s just her assumption, but Sukuna is afraid that even with [Closing Ceremony], all of their moves combined won’t be able to cut down all Nocturne HP.


Sukuna calmly sorted out the cards they had left and thought about how she should use them to win against Nocturne.

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And then, after a brief consideration, Sukuna’s eyes sharpened, and she called out to Arthur.



“I want to cut Nocturne’s HP in half before Rou gets here! Can you do it?”

“I think I can! But after that, I’ll be useless!” {…}

“Do it then! Thank you!”

The go-ahead came from Sukuna, who was the most relaxed and attentive of the situation.
If that’s the case, there’s no need for Arthur to hesitate.

In any case, the Arthur’s [Kenshin possession – Third] had long expired, and currently, active [Forth] would not last until Rou could join again.

“Dammit, you easily decide it just like that!?”

The moment Nocturne’s hate shifted to Drago and Sukuna, Arthur stepped back from the front line to prepare.

What Sukuna had asked her is to cut down was only a tenth of Nocturne’s total HP.

Even so, it was difficult to cut get through Nocturne’s defenses, which had been greatly enhanced by her transformation.
It took three minutes for Drago and Arthur, whose status had been more than doubled, to reduce only a fraction of Nocturne’s HP.

(It must be done.
I’ve been a liability in this fight, and I’d like to redeem myself at least!)

“[Kenshin Possession – Zero].”

Arthur thrusts Excalibur into the ground and unleashes the secret art of her [Sword Saint] skill.

“Divine Weapon Summoning: Divine Sword Ryra” {tln}

Light explodes from where the Excalibur resides, transforming its existence into a beautiful golden sword with a divine aura.

It was a sword with such a noble appearance that Nocturne, who was fighting with Sukuna and the Drago, was momentarily distracted by its presence.
The sword has such a beautiful appearance to make Arthur hesitate to wield it.

[Kenshin Possession – Zero] is the ultimate art that summons a part of Kenshin’s power to the user weapon.

The secret art of the [Sword Saint] skill on the same level of [Furious Rage] that literally borrows the power of the gods, though momentarily.

The duration of [Zero] have is theoretically infinite.

But the time you unleash an art or attack your opponent, the [Divine Sword – Ryra] will be destroyed, and the original weapon will be completely gone along with it.

Therefore, [Zero] cannot be activated by a named weapon that has the [never be destroyed] feature.
It also has the disadvantage that it can only be activated by a weapon that has been used for a long time by its owner.

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(For better or worse… this is a technique that this Excalibur can only activate.)


It’s a sword modeled after the king’s sword in the Arthurian Romance, a story that became the model for the Knights of the Round Table.

(I’m more than a little attached to it.)

It’s a sword for the Round Table, forged by the Clan’s craftsmen just for Arthur.

(But still.)

(I have no regrets for using you here.)

“Sukuna! Drago!”


“I count on you!”

The time hath come.

The two people Arthur called out slightly guided Nocturne’s position to make it easier for Arthur to attack.

All Arthur has to do now is to land this one slash.

“Kenjo-Ryu Ougi – Senko.” {Kenjo style finishing move – Flash}

She readies her sword, mutters calmly, and releases explosive acceleration from her feet.

This is the Ougi of the Kenjo-Ryu, which enables pseudo instant movement by kicking the ground so hard that it will destroy the user’s legs.

The Flash Arthur performed with her enhanced status creates a speed so fast that no one but Sukuna can see it and carries her body right in front of Nocturne.

Evasion was no longer possible.

It doesn’t matter if Nocturne chooses to defend or counterattack.
Arthur will still deliver the inevitable blade that will cut through everything!

“[Meteor Slash]!!”

Arthur is using the most powerful art form [One-handed Sword] skill.
Along with her heartfelt roar, the strongest strike Arthur ever unleashed was now released.

TL note:

Ougi: think of it as the secret move of a secret move, a secret move above hissatsu.
Take a note of this, as I will use this term more often.

Zeus, but that would be unfair.

Ah, for my patreon also expect I will release 193-194 later this day.
Need to watch the repair of that goddamn AC.

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