Chapter 18

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The 2nd Town in WLO, 《Dualis》.

Comparing it to the Town of beginning, it’s made a bit smaller, which is nice in its own way.

Setting aside the town’s structure, its appearance or streets are not that really different, if you show your menu card and enter the town then a similar scenery spreads in your vision.

The time is nearly about 5pm, the skies are already dyed in sunset.

Though I was able to easily come out, the way from plains to the caves of trials simply has a long distance.
So it can’t be helped that it took time.

「Haaaa…..that felt like it would never end!」

『It was mostly just a walk』

『The woman that had gotten too strong』

『Is this something like a sightseeing tour』

「Even though I went through the trouble of making it look like it was very hard!」

Honestly it was so easy.
I think it’s because the party before me stole the goblin from me at the Cave of Trials.
Put a check on that.

Ah, talking about it, the bonus points from the dungeon boss is 5 points.

So this is the clear reward.
Since I didn’t get any other material types.

「Though you say that I have gotten too strong, Rin-chan is level 47 you know, It still not enough」

Going to the frontline was the supreme mission I thought up this morning.

To show my ability as a pro gamer, the fastest way was to stand at the frontline that gets a lot of attention, RIn-chan said though.

“Was the”, the reason it is in past tense is that, since I have shown the results with subjugating Aria the red wolf.

Right now, there is no need to become part of the army at the frontline.
Since it was a supreme mission, the priority went down from “ I must do it as fast as possible”.

「For now, Today according to plans, I will get a job.
Job is something you register for when you reach level 20.
In the 2nd Town…..there is this job registration site it seems, so let’s search for it」

In WLO, you can set your job from level 20.

It will depend on your status and skills but, Rin-chan said that it’s better to go listen to the explanation there.

There are no 「Job registration Site」at the Town of Beginning, Right now the 「Even numbered Towns」, basically 2nd or 4th towns, you can register there.

Since I went over level 20, I thought that I should go and register right away.

Humming while walking through the town, It seems like there were people who saw the stream this morning, I could feel some glances towards me.

Talking a bit to the people who gathered up courage to come talk to me and using that opportunity to ask where the job registration site is.

「Ah, which is the way to job registration site?」

「Ah, straight here you would go to a plaza, and it’s the huge building left to that -ssu」

「thank you very much~」

It was a refreshing young human man.
A swordsman with a one hand sword and shield, a rather balanced arrangement.

Shields are convenient stuff.
You could receive and ward off too, and you can hit with it, if you want.

[8:34 PM]

To be honest, If I had a shield during the battle with the red wolf, then it would be a more easier fight.

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Just that, if you equip a shield, the arts that use 2 hands….in short you can’t use 《Blunt weapon》 skill’s arts.

The fact that my 《One-hand mace》is not really leveled up right now, I don’t have the leisure to equip a shield.

「It may not be bad to be patient and go with a 2-hands type blunt weapon」

『What’s the matter, so suddenly』


『Now way, you will….
that guy from earlier..』

『Don’t be rash!』

「No, its not like I was planning something like that okay!? I’m just thinking that 2 hand weapons are good too!」

Hey you viewers, I feel like your thought patterns are going to ridiculous ways.

Well, yeah, there is a part of me that mutters something by herself though.

While we were having a skit-like exchange, I arrived at the town plaza.

「If I’m right its at the left…..ah, is it that?」

There was a building with simple words written, 「Job Registration Site」.

While feeling a bit like having an anti-climatic moment, going through the wide entrance that doesn’t really have a door, there were counters with receptionist npcs lined up like a public office.

「it’s the same whether you line up right?」

『Go where an old guy is』

『A pwetty Leidii!』

『A cute receptionists will give a good image with you』

「Yeah, let’s just randomly choose」

It’s not like this place is in chaos, as I went to one of the open counters that was here and there, a beautiful lady NPC welcomed me with a smile.

「Welcome, This is the Job Registration Site….eh?」

When I thought that she was a pretty person, she suddenly stiffened up.

Eh, did she bug?

After stiffening up for a while, she started up again and bowed her head.

「….P-please excuse me.
I didn’t think that I would be able to see that proof in this town….」

The one pointed out by the lady was, hanging 《The Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator》 on my neck.

Since its not that big, and won’t become a hindrance in battle, a necklace that I put on.

「This one?… it something that amazing?」

「It’s not just something amazing! Its the proof that you’re one of the victors who defeated one of the champions deemed by the world after all!」

In a glance she had an image of a cool type of beauty but, this lady is like a fangirl of an idol, getting so excited.

Is this about the NPC reputation increase?

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Though rather than that, I’m more curious about the chuuni words.

「Champions deemed by the Worlds….?」

「Its about the Named Monsters.
Monster with a name etched by the world, it is said that having peerless power they use to test a human’s strength.
For example the dungeon boss at the cave of trials, red ogre.
That is not a named, its nothing but the name of the species.」

Being said that, thinking about it, the red ogre didn’t have a name-like name.

Since I instantly defeated it, its impression is not that much, though obviously I still remember it since I just saw it a while ago.

Though still so, a name etched by the world.
is it?

Maybe soon, a monster I am fighting suddenly got a name etched by the world and said 「The monster evolved into a Named Boss Monster」and then it evolved.

「So its treated like that….ah, about the job registering」

Since I have heard what I want to hear, I changed the topic into the main topic I’m originally here for.

The lady who was high in excitement suddenly had a shocked expression and blushed, she went into the proper attitude and entered the servicing mode.

「nn, Excuse me.
So Job registering is it.
Please take out your Menu Card」

「Here you go」

「Thank you very much.
Level 20 achieved confirmed…..Here, what is going to be displayed will be the jobs that Sukuna-sama can choose right now」

「Let’s see….」



A job where you mainly fight physically with a weapon.

Strength and Toughness will receive an increase rate.

Requirements: Raising any weapon skill to Mastery 20 or above.


A job specialized fighting with a blunt weapon.

When only equipping a blunt weapon, there would be an increase rate for strength and toughness, and increased damage rate of the weapon.

Requirements: Having a blunt attribute weapon skill Mastery 50 or above


A job specialized for dungeon exploring.

You would be able to learn 《Trap Removal》 and 《Lock picking》skills, Dexterity and Agility will get an increase rate.

Requirement: Dexterity and Agility value over 50 and having 《Detection》 or 《Concealment》 mastery 10 or above.

《Douji》 (9: as in the douji in Ibaraki Douji kanji)

A special job showing that a kijin who abandoned their Magic status (MP, wisdom, and magic resistance).
Once you have chosen this, you can’t nb longer change jobs.
(9: changed ogre tribe race to Kijin)

In exchange for not being able to put bonus status points in the magic status, physical abilities (strength, toughness, agility) will have an increase rate.

And also, Reputation increased among the Kijin NPCs.

Requirements: being a 《Kijin》 player, and not putting any bonus status points in MP, wisdom, and magic resistance.

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「I imagined that I could freely choose whatever though….」

「There were quite a lot of people who said that too but, it is like this」

It’s just like government work, well since a game it’s natural I guess.

Well, anyhow, even if I said that, the job I can take won’t change.

Among the 4 of these, I can just pass the 《Warrior》 and 《Thief》.

Looking at the description, 《Warrior》 is a job where a player wants to use various types of weapons.

For example, a dagger and 2 hand sword or mace and one-hand sword.

Good or bad, not being able to choose between both.
I’m not thinking that it’s wrong but I don’t have any plans to use any other weapons aside from blunt weapons.

And 《Thief》is a scouting job in the first place.
It won’t suit me whose job is a vanguard in battle.

So that means that I could only choose from the remaining 2 but, I wonder which?

《Crusher》is probably something like a swordsman or magician.

In exchange for focusing on one weapon attribute, it has a bit more increase rate compared to an extensive warrior job.

If the other job wasn’t there, then I’m confident that I would have chosen this in no time at all, this job really suits me right now.

The problem is the other one, the《Douji》one.

「Excuse me, What is a special job?」

「Oh my, was there a special job displayed?」

There is《Douji》」

「《Douji》……A special job which a kijin who abandoned their magic status can choose.
If I were to be honest, mostly no one chooses it」

That was, to me, rather unexpected.

As there is no magic using monsters in the area around the town of beginning, 《Kijin》players who reached up till this point, most of the cases are they have satisfied the requirements to get 《Douji》.

Other than a player who prioritizes balance or a praise worthy kijin player who wants to use magic, there are no other reasons to put bonus status points in the magic status.

And, when you find a niche job like these when you register for a job, then you would more or less ignore the demerit and want to choose, human nature would do it I think.

Special, unique.
Seeking for that is mostly an instinct already.

Did I make such an unexpected face? The lady who saw my face asked a question.

「I’m thinking if that maybe, Did Sukuna-sama just reach this town?」

「Just arrived earlier」

「I see.
Then do you know the dungeon connecting to the 3rd town 《Tria》?」

「No, not at all」

「Then it can’t be helped.
Beyond the North gate, it is the great forest across the wasteland field.
Nicknamed 《Forest of Magic》, All the monsters that appear use magic, a magic specialized dungeon.
Most of the people that register here, many of them reached level 20 there」

「Ah…I see」

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With the Lady’s explanation, I was finally able to solve the question in my head.

So that means.

Unlike me who receive Aria’s grace didn’t experience magic as I come to this town, a normal player would properly have the 「Danger of Magic」sink into their bodies as they register.

After all this Town is reachable as long as you reach level 15.

It’s rare to go over level 20 to cross over the area of the town of beginning and come here.

And then, the kijin has especially low magic resistance, so the magic attacks received from the monster suited to your level is most likely a threat.

「Its value being a level 21 like me is the same as a level 1 human’s early status」If I say that, would it be conveyed?

If you are in that state as you enter a dungeon full of magic, then I could imagine that it would get really bad.

Just maybe, even if you haven’t put a point in magic resistance.

If you were told that you would never be able to put anything on it with the conditions of a 《Douji》, there is a high chance that there would be no need to take since there might be other better jobs.

Even I am hesitating to choose between it and 《Crusher》.

「How is this viewed in society? this one」

「Let’s see.
Certainly as a job it has a high increase rate, and you could raise the strong point of a kijin even more.
Just that, as you can see the demerit is big, so the people in this world who have limited lives won’t carelessly choose it.
That’s why, if you choose 《Douji》and get skilled with it then, every kijin in the world would give you eyes of envy but…..I don’t recommend it」

「I see.
Then I’m going with 《Douji》」

Are you fine with 《Douji》? Yes

Are you really sure? Yes

You won’t be able to re do it again.
Are you really fine with it? Yes

Going through the 3 levels of confirmation screens quickly, I chose the special job 《Douji》.

And then, I passed the menu card with the 《Douji》 written in it to the lady.

「Eh? ah, you chose it already…!! Did you listen to me!?」

「I heard you.
But still, c’mon…..Special, isn’t it nice?」

The lady was getting flustered but, hearing about it from her, I judged that it won’t be a problem.

Peaky, bring it on.
I’m welcoming this niche job.

In the first place I chose kijin with the reason of 「Evade everything and smash em」.

Rather than putting in magic resistance to balance it…..rather thinking like that, I’d rather be strong in spirit and go with crushing everything in the way.

Moreover, not choosing this special job right now, feels like I’ve lost to various things.

She said mostly no one but that means that there were a few who did so, since there was someone before then I don’t need to spoil myself to be indecisive .

「And also, Lady.
I am strong enough have this you know」


When I had a smug look as I let look at my 《The Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator》, the lady lost her force.

I know that you don’t use it like this but, There is no other convenient item like this to show how strong you are that level or status can’t.

And like this I have accomplished being employed(?) myself into this exclusive special job 《Douji》.

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