br>Not that there was anything wrong with that.
It’s simply that the technique Arthur possessed is that much specialized.

If it was simply a one-on-one physical fight, Arthur might be able to hold her own against Nocturne with her improved sword sharpness.
However, Arthur was very weak against the flying magic projectile that was currently unleased.

And unfortunately, Arthur did not possess the same level of Sukuna’s clairvoyant-like dynamic vision.
She can fight one-on-one utilizing her experience, reading, and natural intuition, but she can’t see the trajectory of the many magic balls flying at the same time at her and avoids all of them by barely moving from the spot like Sukuna.
So, even though Arthur knew it looked ridiculous, she had to run as fast as she could to avoid them.
This is the best way to avoid it, even though it looks so wasteful compared to Sukuna, who is avoiding everything where she stands, or Drago, who is effectively using her big sword as a shield.
And Sukuna thought it was interesting to observe Arthur’s predicament.

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“I see… this much is not enough? Now, now, how about this?!!”

The magic power around Nocturne gathered above her head and flared up.
Its size is about five meters in diameter.
And everyone present was astonished at the sight of the supermassive mass of flame.

“This is [Luna Fire].
Please try to prevent it.”

Along with Nocturne’s finger flicks, the mass of flames began to move.
{tn: Freiza!?}
Currently, Drago was the one who became the target of the attack.
Even though it was a reasonably large predicament, Drago’s thoughts froze when the 5-meter magic ball approached her at the speed of a running car.

“Don’t just stare at it.”

Before anyone knew it, Rou appeared behind Drago as she quickly swiped away Drago’s greatsword and carried her away from the flaming mass’s attack range.
The [Luna Fire] landed a moment after the two left and caused a huge dome-shaped explosion with a radius of about 10 meters.

“I’m sorry.
Thank you.”

“Don’t let your guard down.
I can’t have you turning into a wooden doll right now.”

When Rou said that and disappeared again, Drago once again put a question in her mind.

(When she enters that state, Rou doesn’t seem to gather hate… But it also seems that in order to interfere with something, whether it’s attack or support, she has to materialize.
It’s an unbeatable skill for assassination, but… I wonder why is Rou only using that skill for support?)

Not only does it turn her invisible, but it also blocks hate from monsters and probably blocks any detection type skills; Drago was pretty sure of it since Rou’s skill managed to avoid Drago’s detection skill.
And judging from Sukuna’s reaction, she may even be able to escape from sensory perceptions such as sound and smell.
To put it bluntly, the skill performance is too abnormal.
Even though any action cannot be used without first materializing herself, there is no more ideal skill for dungeon crawling.

“Don’t worry!”

Without needing to receive a call from Sukuna, Drago caught the flying magic ball with the body of her sword, which she had already picked up after Rou left.

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The lump of flame was now pointed at Arthur, while Drago was still thinking about Rou in the corner of her mind as she watched Arthur messily avoid it.

Rou was a PK player who was known as the [Murder Princess] and most likely had killed hundreds or more players in just a month and a half.
She is a girl with an unknown tendency to appear and disappear from the frontlines and even sometimes hunt the beginners around Dualis.
Her name is well known among frontline players, but what people know about Rou as a whole was only that much.
A PK player in a gothic lolita outfit who uses a Named rapier.
That’s all; that’s really everything people know about her.

Anyway, this WLO also has a report function for abusive behaviors caused by players.
For example, if a player repeatedly PKs a certain player every time they leave town or repeatedly interfere with a player, they can be reported and have their account permanently suspended even if they don’t PK.

The thing with Rou is… for better or worse.
She is indiscriminate.
She never targets specific players; she just kills them as she encounters them.
No other pattern of behavior can be seen on her.
There may be unlucky players who have been killed multiple times as a result, but there is no trace of malice on Rou’s part.
As a matter of fact, Rou has been reported many times, but she has not had her account suspended.
This was proof that Rou was only PKing within limits allowed by the game.

Drago also wonders what kind of relationship was between Rou and Sukuna before.
From what Drago picked up earlier, they must have fought somewhere when Sukuna was still a beginner.
It was a huge feat for Sukuna to fend off Rou, who must have been leveling like a crazy gamer, but since it was Sukuna, Drago was somehow convinced.
And it was rather surprising that the same Rou had come to help Sukuna.
To help a once missed prey.

It’s not hard to imagine that Rou has the same level of dedication as Drago, and there’s no doubt that Rou is dependable, but Drago just doesn’t understand why she came to aid Sukuna.
She had no obligation or gratitude towards Sukuna, and Drago feels that she definitely did not come with malicious intent.
Anyway, Rou is right.
Right now, she should concentrate on the fight.
Drago looked at Nocturne, who had changed her fighting style to elemental magic attack, and regripped the hilt of her greatsword.
When you think about it, a 5-meter diameter mass of flames is pretty impressive.

Duh, Rou is just a gamer; there’s no need to be salty when you lose.
It’s fun to challenge someone strong.
It’s a bit bitter when you lose, but in the end, having fun should be the ultimate goal of all gamers.

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