Moonlight Challenge: Start

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February 15, 2022


The battle against the moon wolves begins!

A thunderous sound resounded as Moon Wolf’s kick and Sukuna’s weapon collided.

(I’m getting pushed back!?)

The Strength value that should have jumped up ridiculously due to the Familiar Skill bestowed by Red Wolf Attire Alter was easily overwhelmed.
While it’s true Sukuna is still not used to her newly gained power, it still amazes her that a mere kick so effortlessly pushes back her attack.
And it’s not by arts or techniques.
Their pure physical prowess is too different.

“You can take that directly? Nice power!”
“I’m already cheating a little bit tho…!”

Another roar echoed.
This time, Sukuna diverted her opponent’s power towards the ground and fended off the attack while counterattacking.
The air trembled with each blow as they clashed without holding back.

(It’s impossible to block it.
I can still somehow parry and counter it, but for sure, I didn’t expect this kind of power to exist in her human form.)

Nocturne’s attacks are fast, powerful, and heavy.
It was a rather simplistic power, and Sukuna was forced to divert that power to the ground just to survive.
However, it was rather convenient that the attack was focused on Sukuna… Because there were four other players in this fight.

“Are you sure it’s okay to ignore me?”

A silent stab is fired from the side of Nocturne.
It’s was [Dead Spear], an art from [One-Handed Rapier] skill.
It can serve as a finishing move if it lands at a bad place since the attack will triple the damage done if it hits your vital point.
And in fact, the attack this time was launched at a great angle; however, that wasn’t enough to catch the Moon Wolf off-guard.
Nocturne simply back-stepped and bent slightly to avoid the stab, then gave Rou a mocking smile.

“Fufu, you’re late.”
“Not really! [Tsurugi-ryu – Giant Mantis].”

This one is not art.
It’s a sword technique that Arthur has mastered in the real world.
Her strike took the form of a giant scythe that wipes out a large area, aimed specifically at Moon Wolf’s neck, and this is not an attack that can be avoided by using a simple back step.
This one should be a clean hit.

Just when everyone is about to rejoice…
Arthur’s sword grinded against the moon wolf’s neck, making a sound like steels grinding together.

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“It’s sharp, but there’s not enough power behind it!”

Arthur was blown away by a kick Moon wolf thrown in return.
The kick was not as powerful as the one she had used when she and Sukuna clashed because she had not adjusted her posture and just lightly threw it.
However, it is still powerful enough to take 30% of Arthur’s HP.

“Then how about this!”

A large sword with a blue jade blade was swung as if it wanted to cleave Nocturne’s body, who had completely lost her balance to attack Arthur.
It’s the evolution from the [Heaven Sword – Sora]{Tenkuken – Sora} that Drago once possessed, further enhanced with a soul that she got from Named monsters that dwell after the Sixth city.
{Sora = Sky.}
The name of the sword is [Azure Heaven Sword – Mukyuu]{Sotentaiken – Mukyuu}.
It inherited all the skills that [Heaven Sword – Sora] possessed and further enhanced with Named ability to create the strongest blade with a class of its own.
{Mukyuu = Limitless}
An attack from the offensive specialized Drago towards Nocturne’s body creates a small but clear gap in Nocturne’s HP gauges.

“It’s a good weapon… but!”

Nocturne kicked the ground as hard as she could as soon as she landed and hit Drago with her fist.

“Your strength is insufficient!”

Drago quickly shielded herself with her greatsword while Nocturne’s fist aimed into her belly.
Luckily the sword themselves are tough.
Even so, a simple blow, not even a technique, was enough to push Drago several meters away.

(What’s with this power? It’s even beyond that giant dragon!?)

While Drago allocates a significant amount of her stats to strength, she is still not as specialized as Sukuna, nor does she have race-specific equipment.
And as Moon Wolf said, Drago’s strength value is not enough.

“But I cannot afford to lament that now!”

Inheriting all the properties of the Heaven Sword, [Mukyuu] also retains the double hate passive effect.
Therefore, Nocturne’s attacks are now focused on Drago since she managed to inflict some damage.

“I think that’s my line.”

Sukuna slipped in between the two and deflected the attack directed at Drago.
She turned around and delivered two blows and then pushed Nocturne back with a spinning kick.

“Nice pass, Sukuna.”

At the place where Nocturne had been pushed back, Rou was waiting with her arts.

“[Poison Rain]”

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An art that unleashes a series of poisonous stabs finds its way to Nocturne’s back.
The attack itself does very little damage, but Rou’s Named Weapon has the extremely vicious effect of decreasing the resistance to abnormal status every time the weapon hits.

“That’s a nasty weapon!”

After inflicting a deadly poison on Nocturne with just one art, Rou dodged the counterattack and moved out of the way.

“Are you fine~?”
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that!”
“A-chan seems to be… well, she’ll be fine.”

After confirming that Drago was safe, Sukuna turned her gaze to Arthur, who had been blown away into the distance.
She was blown away after her attack was repelled, but Arthur seemed to have regained her posture and currently looking at her status menu.

“I see… Not bad.”

Said Nocturne happily after she detoxified Rou’s deadly poison in less than ten seconds.

“I thought only Red was worth my attention, but you all weren’t bad at all.
I guess I can play a little too.”

Nocturne then lightly raised her right hand and snapped her fingers.

“Moonlight Sanctuary, Oboro(Rising Moon).”

This is not the same as the reverse-colored world that she used to dispel the curse.
A chilly zone with a bit of fog was deployed around Nocturne.

“Well then, Let me redo my greetings; Please entertain me with your life.”
“But of course, if you can entertain me, that is.”

Under Nocturne’s gaze, Sukuna smiled ferociously and clenched her fist.

(When was the last time I couldn’t let my blade slice through?)

While quickly operating the menu screen, Arthur was shocked by what had transpired.
Arthur’s sword is a common player-made item with far inferior performance than Sukuna’s newly acquired [Ouma] or the named weapons of Drago and Rou.
Arthur’s weapon’s name is Excalibur.
It’s a masterpiece created by her clan’s blacksmith meant for the Leader of the Round Table.

“Fuh… Once again, this reminds me that this is the world where relying on technique alone won’t be enough.”

With a self-deprecating smile, Arthur used several items to increase the sharpness of her weapon.

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Unlike blunt weapons, blade-based weapons have a specific sharpness for each.
This is not a value that dulls as you continue to cut, but rather a value that allows [The weapon to cut up to this level of hardness.].
So, no matter how well Arthur cuts with the current sharpness, the blade will not go through.
Well, depending on where the attack lands, there is a chance that the attack would go through, but Nocturne was not kind enough to let Arthur do that.

(Honestly, I thought I could get by on skill alone… I’m still a little green… no, too green.)

Whether it was weapons, armor, or items, Arthur was the type of player who was relatively unconcerned about such a thing.

(Though there are many ways to play this game.)

She used skills before, but she never went out of her way to prepare powerful armor or use items to efficiently defeat her enemies.
Her principle to fight was similar to Sukuna’s, and there were many times when she pushed her way through with her player skills alone.

She’s known this just her selfish thought, but Arthur felt a kinship with Sukuna.
As a comrade who had come to this world because she felt suffocated in the real world where she could not wield her power as she wished.

The difference is, Sukuna wears named equipment and continues to revise her weapon to the strongest one she can get without hesitation.
Arthur was overconfident in her own skills and did not understand the true meaning of fighting in this [World] of WLO.

(I was fortunate enough to fight Kokuyo and the Moon Wolf this time.
Even though I don’t have any enemies in the real world, I’m still a weakling in this one.
And I’m not strong enough to keep my pride.)

Arthur didn’t come to this world to trample inferior players.
She is not the same as Sukuna, who is seeking freedom because of the shackles she is carrying.
Arthur had come to this world to fight an enemy stronger than herself.

“Well, I’m going to join the Sukuna now… Oh, won’t you look at that?”

There are items that enhance the performance of weapons and armor that Arthur has kept in her inventory because of the wishes of my clan members, even though she rejects that idea.
After using all the available items and drinking up the potions for recovery, Arthur suddenly remembered the strengthening pills he had received from Kokuyo.
There’s enough for all of them to keep using it in a prolonged battle.
She regretted that she didn’t distribute it before the battle began, even though she was about to use it herself.

(Oho… this is great, it strengthens all stats by 20%.)

It only lasted for 5 minutes, but the 20% increase in all stats is an incredible effect.
There seems to be a small price to pay after the battle, but they don’t need to think about that right now.
This is useful.
Thinking so, Arthur called out to the two other people besides Sukuna.

“Drago! Rou! Come here!”

I wasn’t clear if it’s because Drago quickly switched to her other sword after the [Oboro] was deployed earlier, but for now, the hate target has switched to Sukuna.

And to put it badly, currently, Rou and Drago had nothing to do but attack when they saw an opening, and they practically had their hands free.
Because of this, Arthur quickly decided to give the pills to the two of them.

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“What, in the middle of battle?”
“I forgot to distribute this.
Take it.
It’s very helpful.”
“Kokuyo’s pills, huh… you should have given them to Miss Sukuna.”
“I’m really sorry about that…”

While trying to brush off Drago’s remarks, she quickly sends in a request to transfer the item.
The two also accepted it in an instant and quickly swallowed the pills.

“Ah… this surely a good one.”
“I’d like to give it to Miss Sukuna even more.”
“Myself said I’m sorry, didn’t I? eiiii, rather than dwindling about this, we should be going back into the fight!”
“…then, I’ll give this to Sukuna myself.
You guys concentrate on the fight.” Rou said.

And soon after, she said that Rou disappeared on the spot.

“As I thought… that effect was too strange for a concealment skill.”
“Considering who she is, that’s must be her Extra Skill.”

Arthur said in disgust and looked at the Moon Wolf again.

“This battle will probably depend on Sukuna.”
“No doubt.
But there must be something we can do.
After all, Nocturne hasn’t even shown a glimpse of her wolf form yet.”
“It’s going to be a long night, isn’t it?”
“Yeah… well, I’m going in.”

Drago runs to Sukuna’s aid, following Rou, who has joined the battle before anyone knows it.
Arthur exhaled lightly and relaxed her entire body as she watched her go.
And from this moment on, Arthur has let go of all pride and sloppiness.

“Kenshin Possession – First”.

She activated the [Sword Saint] skill.
In the fight with Kokuyo, she only showed up to number 2nd form, but there is still more form this skill had.

“This time, I will hold nothing back; I will finally start to play my game.”

With no one else listening, she spoke to herself.

(To make the most of my skills, I will use everything I can.
Even if it means relying on the power of doping items, which I’ve always avoided until now.)
As she ran off, Arthur smiled, feeling as refreshed as if she had been reborn.
Sukuna’s burden is too heavy!

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