ing slowly, now picking up its pace, which I must add, that it looks adorable.

Some part of me wants to tease her since it looks fun, but then again, I will feel sorry for her later, so I decided just to give it normally.

The woman received the glittering jewel now wagging her tail at full force, and the tense atmosphere in the place became softer.

“It’s been years since I’ve seen anything with this quality.
I’ll give you my praise.”

“Wha… um, thanks?”

The woman patted me on the head, and I couldn’t help but let out my voice.

The patting session lasted for about ten seconds, and then she waved her hand lightly to open up a hole in space.

After carefully tucking the Moonlight Pearl into the hole, the wild swishing of her tail finally stopped, and she turned her calm eyes toward me.

“Mm, stand there then.
It’s a curse with a nostalgic presence, but if that’s the extent of it, it can be lifted without difficulty.”

“Around here?”

Standing at the designated spot, the woman nodded in satisfaction and then snapped her fingers.

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At that moment, the world around the two of us is repainted.
We are now in a space where all colors are to be reversed.


“This is the [Moonlight Sanctuary], a part of the world where I originally lived.
Being in this space will allow me to display my full power.
Since it is a curse associated with that Shuten, I would need to use every precaution I have, or else I won’t be able to repay for that jewel.”

“How do you know it’s the curse of Shuten?”

“How can I not know? she’s an old acquaintance of my Lord…”

The woman had a bit of nostalgic emotion in her eyes as she said this.

I see.
It is almost certain that the woman in front of me is Nocturne, the Moon Wolf, and Nocturne is a member of the Wolf King Requiem Kin, which means that… Shuten and Requiem knew each other?

Maybe that’s also the reason why the Wolf King is the one guarding Shuten’s seal.

“Okay now….., it’s time to break the curse.
Don’t move from there.”

The woman said and opened her arms wide.

As if the light of the moon were gathering, three blades of light were born at the tip of the woman’s hand.

The woman declares the name of her technique.

“Haja no Soukoku.” {piercing evil claw}

And slashed my body with the blades of light.

**SLASH**! A clear slashing sensation passes through my entire body.

I was told not to move, so I didn’t, did my body just turn into rings?

Holding that thought in my mind, I put my hand on the area where I had been cut and found that, strangely enough, there were no wounds or even damage effects.

“…… Thank God, I’m not cut into rings.”

“Of course not.
The only thing I cut through was the curse that was eating away at your body.
Just check your status.”

“Um… I’m healed! everyone, I don’t have any black cracks running through my body anymore, right?”

When I saw that the curse had disappeared from the status column, I couldn’t help but get excited.

I turned around and checked with everyone, and all four of them nodded.
It seemed that the curse visual had been lifted as well.

“Thank you!”

“No need to thank me.
You’ve already paid for it.”

When the woman heard my words of thanks, she said cooly.

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But her tail was still wagging a bit, which made me think that she didn’t mind accepting my gratitude.

“Then… With the exception of the Oni child from my village, I would usually have to kill you for invading my territory.
But now I am in a very good mood.
If you don’t want to fight, I’m willing to let you go.”

Perhaps it was because she was so happy to receive the Moonlight Jewel the woman offered us a choice.

The choice was to return to our village or to fight.

The spell was lifted more easily than I had expected, and my own goal was already achieved.

“Are you kidding? Of course, we’re going to fight.”

“…Fufu, it seems you have no fear at all.
It’s not surprising if considering that you’re the one who defeated that Red, but that’s the extent of your dare.
I’d like you to show me enough power to distract me from tonight’s boredom.”

The woman smiles and quietly watches us draw our weapons.

–[Lv 150 – Nocturne, Moon Wolf of the Beyond]–

As soon as the name tag appeared, a tremendous sense of intimidation covered the entire zone.

“My name is Nocturne.
I am the one who protects the night of the world beyond the moon… Get ready, warriors.
Stay alert, stay focused, and don’t let your guard down even slightly.
Otherwise… the battle will be over in an instant, you understand?”

The next moment, the being that bears the name Nocturne disappears.

The attack I swung down almost reflexively, and the kick that was about to be swept me collided with a thundering sound.


The four of them silently watched the conversation between the two in the background.

Everyone knows how to roleplay, after all.

By the way, Hisui is not roleplaying; she’s just herself.

And so, the Nocturne battle finally begins!


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