llowed, then I don’t blame people for doing it.
I don’t understand Rou’s love for PK in this game, which only serves to harass people, but her playstyle itself is not something to be resented.
As long as there are skills and professions related to killing, that’s just one of the options presented by the game management in the first place.

“It’s settled then; let me take care of both of you, okay?”
“I don’t need that.”
“Huh, sorry-NOT then.” {gomen-janai}

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“You’re both being childish now…”

Rou smiled happily because she got our permission but was disappointed when she heard A-chan reply.
When I fought with her before, I had the impression that she was creepy and distant, but now that I’ve properly talked to her, I think she has a personality that is perfectly tailored to her appearance.

I was peacefully thought about such a thing, then Rou suddenly turned her gaze towards the helper.
She had been nodding and shaking her head to respond to our exchange since a while ago, but she was agitated this time.
Rou was now curiously eyeing the helper.

“Why are you dressed like that?”
“Hmm? Does Rou know who this person is?
“Yeah, Haruru told me.
On the other hand, why doesn’t Sukuna know? If she was at your party, shouldn’t you have seen her name?”
“A-chan didn’t say anything about it, so I thought it would be wrong to ask.
And no, we haven’t formed a party yet.”

I don’t think I’d bother to ask what people are hiding.
I don’t hesitate to ask what I don’t know, but my basic stance is to wait until they tell me themselves.
That’s also why I didn’t try to find out about Haruru’s surprise.

Anyway, why does Haruru know the identity of the helper that Ah-chan brought as a matter of course?
The Obvious explanation is that the information network that she has is not comparable to mine still…

“I was going to reveal myself just before the battle, but haah… ‘Rou the surprise’ has ruined mine just by showing up.”
“eh, sorry… it’s my fault?”
“Come on; there’s no point in hiding now.
Take it off.”
“…My my.
You’re the one who told me to cover my face, Miss Arthur.”

A familiar, slightly husky female voice.
The most striking thing about her is the way she speaks.
With a sigh, she took off her hood, and a famous player I knew showed herself.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you… Nice to see you again, Miss Sukuna.”

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Leader of the largest clan in the WLO, the [Dragon Fang], with a rank equal to the [Knights of the Round Table], which A-chan lead.
Drago, the famous frontier player, boasting herself as the best Maniac(cripple) of this game, also my comrades in arms in the previous raid battle, is now smiling at me.

“Why Drago here?”
“I owe you for carrying all the burden in the last raid battle.
And I always wanted to pay you back at some point; that’s when Miss Arthur contacted me.
She asked me if I would like to take on Named with her and you….”
“She’s crying and complaining to me every night since the battle, wondering what she should have done differently back then.
I told her, Sukuna won’t care about that, but I was getting annoyed with her constant whining.
So I told her to pay her debt quickly and brought her here.”
“Miss Arthur!!??”

I see.
The fact that there is a connection between Drago and A-chan, as the leaders of the two largest clans, is not strange.
In fact, it would be strange if they didn’t interact.
But I didn’t realize that they were so close that they kept in touch with each other every night.

Touka-chan and A-chan are close friends in real life, and Rin-chan and Drago-san are also fellow gamers.
I wonder if A-chan and Drago are also close because of a reason like that?
I’ve heard that there are offline events where you can play with your gaming friends in real life, so maybe that’s how they are connected.

“Arthur, Drago, Sukuna, and I.
Haruru had told me this, and she’s right, this is going to be a fun fight.”
“Honestly, I’m worried about the full attacker member we had….”
“It’s more fun this way, isn’t it? even if you’ve got a proper party, it’s going to fall apart if you select it using random people anyway; in my opinion, it’s better to have a lot of usable players in this case.”

A regret surfaced in my heart as I watched the three of them talking from their different point of view.
If only Rin-chan is here, this would be a beautiful lineup.
All of them have high quality as individual players.
Even if they weren’t at full strength, I’ve seen how they all fight, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s probably the most powerful lineup I’ve ever seen.

“Um… Sukuna, who are these people ……?”
“Oh, sorry, Hisui.
You don’t know them, do you?”

Perhaps because we were absorbed in a playful atmosphere, Hisui had difficulty calling us out.
After apologizing because we let her feel out of place, I once again introduced Rou and Drago to my viewers.

Gathering the strongest forces imaginable, let’s go to battle against the Moon Wolves…..!

By the way, Arthur and Drago are rather close friends, Drago has experience fighting against Rou, and Arthur managed to drive Rou away after killing four of Arthur’s clan members in their first encounter.
She doesn’t care too much about it because it was a refreshing experience, but she remembers that moment so fondly, so she will do it if she gets her chance for revenge.

Tln1: the swamp name is either Lawres, Lawless, Laures, it’s not clear, but I’m sticking with 9 translation version.

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