BTOG 175 – At the village chief’s residence

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January 10, 2022

BTOG 175 – At the village chief’s residence

“Please come to the village chief’s mansion after 8:00 p.m tonight.”

Kokuyo told me this at the end of the training session, then I logged out, had a meal, and was about to go back to the village chief’s mansion.

But first, I checked on Rin-chan’s condition and found out that she was still asleep, so I didn’t wake her up.
I only tidied the blanket over her body.

I heard good rest is the best medicine when you’re sick.

“I wonder what this is about?”

“But I feel like I haven’t done much favor to the village yet?”

I was doing woodworking and helping Kokuyo with training to break the curse I had received as the price for using a dead skill.

To be more precise, my goal was to obtain the [Moonlight Jewel] as a bargaining chip to get Nocturne the Moon Wolf to lift my curse.

How to get it, this oni village chief, Hakuyo, has asked me to help the villagers of her village with their daily tasks.

So I cut firewood, helped with training, and occasionally played in yabusame field.
Still, I don’t think I was helpful enough to receive the [Moonlight Gem].

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Am I that workaholic, and what was required of me was only this level of work?

While I was thinking about this and talking with the viewers, I soon arrived at the village chief’s mansion.
In front of the mansion gate, Kokuyo was standing there with a calm expression on her face.

“Thank you for coming, Sukuna.”

“You’ve been waiting for me?”

“I’m sorry that I called you here and didn’t pick you up.” Said Kokuyo as she guided me inside.

I followed her without saying anything and noticed that I was walking down a different corridor than the last time Kokuyo took me to Hakuyo’s room.

I wondered if I would be taken to Kokuyo’s room this time.
As I was thinking about this, Kokuyo stopped.

“This way, please.”

Kokuyo opened the sliding door.
Inside, Kohaku, dressed in her usual attire, and Hakuyo sitting in a white kimono, waiting for us.

She was dressed very messily the first time I met her, but today, the kimono she’s wearing was so luxurious, as if it was screaming [This one is the village chief!].

“It’s been a few days, Sukuna.
Why don’t you take a seat?”

You’re dressed properly today, aren’t you?”

“This time, I need to have a serious talk with you.
And this also important matters to other Travelers.”


It’s not just for me.
It’s for all travelers.
In short, it’s important for all players?

Does this imply that I should tell other people about it? Well, I don’t think we need to think too much about it because I’m in the middle of the stream, and if I saved this scene, it would eventually spread on its own.

“The first thing is this.
Sukuna, let me trust you with this.”

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I received the object thrown to me by Hakuyo.
It was the [Moonlight Jewel] that I needed.
The same one that I had seen when I first came to this house the other day.

“Is this fine?”

“I don’t mind.
I was originally planning to give it to you.
It’s also because I’ve been able to confirm over the past few days that you are a girl with a good heart, and I have multiple [Moonlight Jewels] to begin with.”

“I see…”

So, according to Hakuyo, the [Moonlight Jewel] itself takes a long time to make, but they always have a stock of them because they are used in various rituals throughout the year.
It’s true that when she showed me the moonlight jewel before, she didn’t say a word of it being rare or something.

In addition to that, it is not particularly useful for making equipment or ornaments, so the value of each item is at best 100,000 Iris.
Considering the price of the armor I’ve been getting made recently, it seems more reasonable than I expected.

After watching me put the [Moonlight Jewel] I received in my inventory, Hakuyo first looked at Kohaku and began to speak.

“I’ll start with Kohaku-sama.
The reason why you came back to our village is that you have some questions in your mind, isn’t it?”

I received this from Melty the other day after I stopped the Sukuna from running amok in the city of beginnings.
It seems to be a diary kept by a royal family of vampires who lived in the age of God.”

At Hakuyo’s urging, Kohaku took out a diary.

The cover looked as if it had been physically damaged rather than weathered by the passage of time.
It was the kind of thing that made me think that it had been caught in a war.

“Melty of the [Heaven Eyes{Tengan}] huh? I see, then there is no need to question its authenticity.
That which is also a survivor of the ancient era.
She is the one who caused the demise of the vampire.”

“The Vampire’s demise?”

“By the hands of the Kishin, it was when they touched the reverse scale of Kishin.
If we excluding the Travelers, Melty of the Heaven Eyes the last vampire in existence and the only living witness to that era.” {reverse scale: tln1}

By the reverse scale, she was probably referring to when Kishin activated her [Furious Rage].

Is it mean that Melty was the one who touched Kishin’s reverse scale? Or was it the other way around?

If that’s the case, then Melty must be the one who died, or maybe she was involved in the destruction in some other way.

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I can’t think of anything that would make sense to me.

“Let’s get back to the story.
So, Kohaku-sama, what’s wrong with that diary?”

“Yes, this diary contains a detailed account of the events leading up to how Kishin destroys the vampire species from the owner’s perspective.
Overall, its story was about the same as what I know, but there are some words I’ve never seen before.”

Kohaku flipped through the tattered diary, opened it to the very first page, and made it visible to us.

Hmm, the basic language of reading and writing in this world is Japanese, but there seem to be some odd characters in this diary?

If you look closely, it looks like a broken Roman alphabet, but at least it’s not something you can read at a glance.

“From this diary, it seems that the vampires were plotting to kill Kishin-sama.
They took a hostage and threatened her, but in the process, they killed the hostage, which later invokes the wrath of Kishin.”

“Hmm, that sounds like a common story.”

The hostage resisted, or maybe they were trying to get back at her.
No one will ever know, but it’s also common in real life for hostages to be killed to make up for not achieving the original goal of ransom or handing over a key person.

It was definitely a bad move either way since it led to their race’s destruction.

I wonder why the vampires wanted to kill Shuten so badly.

“Yes, It’s an ironically simple and common story.
But, what I want to ask you about is this person who was taken, hostage.
The diary refers to them as [The Last Oni].”

[The Last Oni].
When I hear it.
I quickly think of [the last in terms of their race] like Melty, but the oni race hasn’t been extinct.
So, does it mean something else?

“I want you to tell me everything you know about this ‘Last Oni’ that was so important about them that it almost led to the world’s destruction.

“Yes, that’s fine.
I see you’ve finally found out about that.”

From her reaction, Hakuyo seems to know what it was about.

Kokuyo also seemed to know about it, but she left the explanation to Hakuyo at this moment and remained quietly in the background, unmoving.

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“But first, let me say this, it’s up to you what you do with what I’m about to tell you.
I’m not going to force you to do anything, nor do I want you to do anything just because you heard this.

Especially you Sukuna, since you are an outsider of this world, it’s up to you to decide what to do with what you learn today.
I’m afraid if you never learn this, you might regret your choice…..”

She didn’t seem to be as serious as her words suggest, but I could tell she wasn’t talking nonsense either.

Kohaku relaxes her shoulders, so I guess she wants to listen to Hakuyo without getting too worked up.

In any case, it was no use for me to be the only one who was nervous, so I relaxed my whole body and took a proper posture to listen to the conversation.

Then, after she judged that we were ready to listen, Hakuyo began to speak quietly.

“The [Last Oni] is the last survivor of the Oni tribe, the original Oni,  one true friend of Kishin-sama, Ryomen Sukuna-sama was her name.”

Hakuyou’s explanation started with such a shocking revelation.

Tl note:

Who surprised? None? Yeah… I kinda predicted this too, I mean… the hint is all over the place.

And sorry for the delay, but these three chapters are tightly connected, so I need to be extra careful this time.
(please ignore the fact I took 3 days off after the new year)

Also, some troublesome terms need extra consideration on my part; that’s why I choose to play it safe and translate these chapters slowly, rather than rushing it and making many mistakes in the future.

Tln1: Reverse scale; a dragon’s reverse scale reference.
Meaning: if you touch that, you invoke its wrath, simple right? But so troublesome since it gets mentioned several times in the dialog.

Tl rubbish talk corner

All of this is my own speculation.
This is neither spoiler nor foreshadowing; this is just my rubbish talk.

RIN-CHAN!!!! I had my suspicion since that Wave Dragon battle! You add something in this game, aren’t you!! That would also explain the secret talk between her and the developer in the early chapter too!!

It was too strange! She knows Sukuna is the key to destroying the dragon, but why? She’s merely a physical attacker at that time!

So my speculation is she ‘made’ this setting in this world for Sukuna, for bringing her heart back to a normal state, but that’s just my speculation; she is rich, smart, and suspicious!!

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