There are also skills that are completely different from that, and can only be obtained under special conditions, such as [Hungry Wolf] or [Oni no Mai]; these are called rare skills. 

And among those rare skills, there are skills that are directly related to gods called extra rare skills. 

“In the Imperial City of Fias, there is a test called the [Trial of Kenshin], which only those with the emperor’s permission can challenge it.
I don’t know the details, but I heard it’s very difficult.” {Kenshin = Sword God} 

“So… A-chan must have passed that trials.” 

Kenshin is the god who rules over swordsmen.
I’m sure that when we first met, Shuten said, gods are those who watch over the profession. 

“But even taking everything into consideration, it will be difficult for the current Arthur-dono to defeat Kokuyo.
Her level is simply too low.” 

“How high is Kokuyo’s level?” 


The number that Kohaku had just told me was far higher than I had imagined. 

I thought it would be over 200, or perhaps close to 300, but it was over that… it almost four times of my own level, that’s how far they are apart. 

It’s what they called overwhelmed by the status number.
I’m sure at that level, her physical skills will have reached almost 700 in all stats. 

“Three hundred and fifty-two.” 

“Himiko is broken!” 

“I’m sure she’ll deliberately lower her status for this fight, just like when I had a hand-to-hand spar with Sukuna, otherwise Arthur-dono attacks won’t be able to penetrate at all.” 

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“Lower the status?” 

“With debuff items and skills.
If not, there is no way I will be hurt by the attacks of a two-digit level Sukuna.” 

It’s true.
Considering my status at the time, even if you consider the buffs that strengthen me, it is strange that my attack would go past Kohaku’s defense, which is probably even higher than Kokuyo. 

I think she took me lightly, more than I thought at the time.
It’s a shame, but even if my attacks can pass now, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to defeat Kohaku.

“To be honest, I could just use recovery skill to heal myself at that time.” 


When I stared at her, Kohaku laughed happily.
At the same time, Hisui explained to me about the recovery skill. 

“It’s probably [Kiketsu – Oni’s Blood].
It’s a sustained recovery skill exclusive to the oni race.” {Kanji written as Oni’s blood} 

“I wonder if I can learn it.” 

“Yes, you have to complete the trials, but if you are an oni, you can learn them without any problems.
I’ve studied it myself, and so have the other Travelers… I’m sure Meguru and Ladybug recently also made it through the ordeal.” 

Come to think of it, when we defeated the Volcano Golem before coming to this village, Meguru said that it was a necessity to complete some kind of quest. 

By the way, Ladybug is one of the regulars on the forums, and I almost always see her name when I visit the Oni Forums. 

I have the impression that although she is always trying to stir things up, though it usually has a boomerang effect on herself. 

She is an interesting person in a different way from Himiko because she sometimes responds earnestly.
It’s a pity that she doesn’t seem to be in the village at the moment. 

“Tell me more about it later.
Look, it’s starting.” 

Unlike our training weapons, A-chan held a one-handed sword with a sheath instead of a Katana.
It was a double-edged sword that was clearly not intended for training. 

She didn’t have the sword she showed us before, so this one must have been a spare, because it looked much more rugged than the relatively decorated sword before. 

A-chan closed her eyes and struck the tip of his sword, still in its sheath, twice vertically against the ground. 

Was it some kind of ritual? All I know is that those two taps have raised her concentration to the maximum. 

Grabbing the sword’s scabbard with one hand, she gently pulled the blade out. 

Her movement is majestic, almost like a dancer who fascinated the audience. 

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The moment A-chan gently opened her eyes and turned the blade she pulled out to Kokuyo, I felt the illusion that my whole body was torn apart. 



It was tremendous sword energy that was far different from what I felt when I first met her. 

Neither Kohaku nor I could take a breath, and Hisui seemed to be surprised as she tried to ready her wooden sword sheathed at her waist. 

So, this is the strongest swordsman of Knights of Round the Table. 

In contrast to her fierce spirit, Arthur put her hands on the sword’s hilt and smiled menacingly. 

“Well… I’m coming.” 

“Yes, any time.” 

Looking at each other, the two swordsmen glared. 

And not long after, the two blades made a high-pitched crashing sound. 


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