Chapter 16

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「Yo, And so, It’s time to stream again 」

『wakotsu(wb)』(9: wakotsu, googling it comes up with “Wakotsu (わこつ) A term used in namahousous, short for Waku Otsukare (わくおつかれ), used for congratulating a user for getting the namahousou slot.” couldn’t really find an english term for it, and I’m not sure if it work the same for this series, so for those who gives up thinking, just think of it as wb, if not please teach me the words)


『First time here』

『I’ve been waiting for this』

『The model of a person of society following the time schedule』

『rets go』

The time is exactly 1 at noon.
After taking a short nap, I restarted streaming as I promised.

I was astonished that there were already 200 watchers but, I was temporarily able to peak over 10,000, so if there are any percentage left of them then, I’ll be happy.

「First timer welcome.
For now I still haven’t gotten through my death penalty so I need to buy a replacement for my iron club and trousers that got broken」

『Sir Iron Club』

『He was a good guy』

『To think that it would be broken in just 1 battle』

『I heard that it’s good because of its durability』

『Well, since it was a boss, so more or less』

With the price of 《Finisher》, the iron club was pulverized, and the trousers with belt got cut along with my leg.

Right now I need to buy a replacement for these 2.

By the way even if my leather trousers got destroyed, the flax trousers will automatically equip itself.
So it seems like there aren’t any fan services.

「well, the iron club breaking is because of the arts that I used.
A final technique in exchange for all the durability」


『losing all the durability, LOL』

『So it’s the blunt weapon skill 《Finisher》.
It’s famous for having a heavy price but its power is not that much.
Just that, the advantage is that you only need to raise mastery for a little to learn it and as long as you hold it with two hands then you could activate it at any posture, a genuine finishing blow that you may or may not use』

『Durability explainer bro!?』

『Lol, as always you type so fast』

『↑ You two are not that much different you know』

It was as if he had predicted it would come out and waited for it as he had typed in the details of it at such speed, the comment section had gotten noisy.

There are probably others that streamed in the morning.
At least I think that they are players but I wonder If my playstyle is fine?

「For now let’s go to the equipment shop~.
Since I got an info for a new weapon in exchange from the iron club」

Since I have considered the remaining 1 hour of the death penalty since I started streaming, the time for shopping can be how long as much as I want it to be.

Like potions that I have no chance to use yet, and I want to buy a bunch of antidote like items too, so to begin my shopping, I went to the equipment shop at once.

(9: star-san…is that you?)

「Hey, heey, so you are that rumoured Sukuna-kun right?」


When I went to visit the equipment shop, I was suddenly called out by a player I don’t know.

A short haired white grey-ish hair, with a headband on, a middle aged gentleman.

His equipment was a rather really well designed light armor, so much that you can’t compare it to what was being sold so I’m guessing that it’s a player made.

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He is at least not a beginning player that plans to use the town of beginning’s npc shop.

He was a player that gives you that kind of impression.

Since my appearance and name got known, I might have gotten enough attention.

However, since they talked to me who is streaming, their face and equipment are completely shown in the stream.

Well, since it’s not like I am the one starting the conversation, I don’t have to worry about it.

And right now there are about 500 watchers, so it shouldn’t become a big problem.

「Who might you be?」

「My mistake, that was rude of me.
I am Konekomaru(子猫丸), a mere crafter player」

「Thank you for the politeness, I am Sukuna」

It’s not like it was formerly said but, the middle aged gentleman politely introduced himself.

Though Konekomaru is quite a cute name.

The gap from such a man giving off stylish feeling, it might be not bad at all.

「And so, what might be your business be with me?」

「Getting straight to the points helps.
Is it thanks to Rinne-kun’s advice? 」

「Do you know Rin-chan?」

「to the point of doing friend registration with each other」

The menu window was pointed towards me, which Konekomaru made visible.

On the friend column, what was written there was 5 letters named 《Rinne》.

「So that means….
you are a player at the frontline right?」

「hahaha, that’s a good guess.
Right now I’m using the 4th town 《Fias》as the base.
Now then, it would be a waste of time to stray from the subject, so I’ll be straight.
Would you let me make your equipment?」

The suggestion of Konekomaru-san who is acquainted with Rin-chan, was just as expected.

Purposely calling himself as a crafter player, and telling his base is 1 town before the 5th town which is the farthest frontline.

If that is true then, there is no mistake that he is a crafter with good skills, if those were given away then it won’t be hard for this suggestion to come.

「What type of equipment is it? I basically don’t do full armor or robe types you know」

「My specialty is full set light armor.
I can handle both metal and fur.
My equipment right now too, is my masterpiece that is of course, made by me.
Since as crafter, I myself must become my own way of advertising it」

「Heee… sure have good sense of style」

「The secret is not to show off something unconventional」

He confidently advertises his own work but, I think it has that much worth.

The armor that Konekomaru-san is wearing is, if you look over the precise details that was worked passionately, it was a very orthodox leather armor.

Protecting the parts it needs to protect, it won’t hinder your movements.
It was securely created that way.

In this game, even if it’s the same as your status defense power, the parts where you have armor or no armor receive different damage.

It’s a rather obvious topic but full armor is tougher than a bikini armor.

With that meaning, the full set armor Konekomaru-san is wearing is, you could say that it had enough defense as a leather armor.

「The conditions are?」

「Making a full set of leather armor from red wolf materials.
If you turn over some of the remaining materials then, I could make the price cheaper.
If you have 《that(soul)》 then all the more」

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Smoothly saying those words, should I say ,as expected from a frontline player who’s used to negotiations?

The reason it was obscure was because he doesn’t want to carelessly leak the information before a lot of people.

What Konekomaru-san wants is, according to Rin-chan, as of now there are 4 types in the game, the only 4 super rare drop materials.

In other words, the 《Soul》of a Named Boss Monster.
Which is 《Red wolf of isolation -Aria- ‘s Soul》.

Regarding the existence of Named boss Monster and the title you receive when you defeat it, most of the info is shared.

Just that, only the 《Soul》, as of now, only the frontline players have been hiding the info, Rin-chan said.

Since even that Rin-chan is hiding it, I can’t just carelessly leak out that information.

The only one that understands the exchange is Konekomaru-san who is a superior crafter player with enough skill to know about the《Soul》.

And then, he wants to use it to make something.

Then, I start to let the ball roll.

「It’s not bad but t h e n I want just a bit more 」

Honestly, it would be fine to accept with those conditions.

But, since it’s a rare item that I have gotten after such trouble.

I want to raise the stakes as much as possible, since honestly I’m getting greedy.

「Fumu…..let me see.
Since it is a named material, rather than letting go of it, I should hold back my tears and make it for free.
And I shall also prepare the other materials」

While saying that, he is holding back his tears, the smile on Konekomaru-san’s face is not breaking at all.

He probably assumed that I would be bargaining, though I think that as long as he gets to use the red wolf materials then it doesn’t matter what the price is.

While thinking that It’s good that I went for it, I also answered with a smile.

「then that’s a deal.
So, how are we supposed to do this…..?」

「ah, first we should decided the contents of the 《Contract》」


「When we decide the conditions and toll then we make a 《Contract》 , it’s the system to stop unfairness from crafting.
For example, to stop the crafters from running off with the items or selling it off to others.
Other than it won’t be uselessly used up items I guess.
On the other hand, the client-side something like not paying up too.
If you don’t follow it then you will be marked as a 《Criminal Player》, and rarely it also has restricting power that you can’t just break」

“So there was that kind of system”, I was quite impressed with it.

It’s not like it’s rare but, between people there is always some sort of trouble happening.

With the point of being able to stop it to a certain degree, I think that it’s quite an effective system.

When you broke a 《Contract》due to a circumstance you can’t help with, the both could agree and report to the admin and have it pardoned.

By the way, the reason why most contracts get broken is because of not paying the deferred payment contract.

That’s why, to raise the trust during a transaction is that they basically pay in advance.

And of course, when the case is that the crafter cheated it, then the admin would confiscate their item and their money.

「Since there is no payment this time, the conditions are mainly the treatment of materials and the time limit.
Though there might be time due to being a day-off, I’d like to go back to my workshop so I’d want 2 days.
Just in case, including the preparation day, is 3 days fine?」

「I’ll leave the time limit to you.
Since I don’t know anything about creating….」

「I see, that helps.
regarding the materials, since you gave it all to me, after making it, I will give everything back one time.
and after that, I’d like to consult which materials I’d like you to give me.
since its written with the precise number of materials, don’t worry since the creation itself is 100% systematically done, so it won’t be a waste」

Originally, with the design too, you could immediately create it if you go with the default option that the game has prepared.

The reason they don’t do that is not rather because it has something to do with the crafter, but it seems that it’s because there is a problem where it would only give out the least effects.

Thinking about the design, changing the combination of the materials they use, and with that, the equipment they make is way better than the default.

「I see……so it looks like there is some really proper rules with it, creating is」

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「Though it’s not just gathering the materials yourself, and making it and then sell 」

“but still it’s fun so I do it”.
Konekomaru-san said as he once smiled again.

「Ah, but…..since I’m streaming and your face is shown, won’t there be players attacking you and stealing the rare materials?」

「Haha, there is no need to worry.
There aren’t idiots who are going to attack me who is from among the frontline players.
Even though I am like this, I’m a member of a famous clan, I’m the main support with crafting to the farthest frontline after all.
And attacking me is not just making an enemy out of my clan.
Though in the first place you can’t steal materials through PK 」

Laughing at my worry, Konekomaru-san said it while having a face full of confidence.

「Then, I will leave the rest to you」

「Yes, leave it to me.
I’m sure that I will show you an equipment that won’t be a shame in the name of the Named」

Safely making a 《Contract》, lastly registering as friends, Konekomaru-san left for the 4th town with all the red wolf materials.

In a few hours after watching the subjugation video, running to the Town Of Beginning, and then going back again to his base.

It might be because Konekomaru-san had that much passion that he was able to become a frontline class crafter player.

「Phew…..well, then let’s buy some iron club」

『good job』

『you did a good job』

『Iol when you did your business smile during the negotiation』

「I have done the serving industry part time job for a long time but, it sure is different with negotiating」

Though it may be different because of the avatar but me who was tense than I imagined with a man that makes you think that he is older, I breathed out and entered the equipment shop.

Different from when I visited yesterday, quite a number the 2nd wave of players who might have gotten some leisure with their money are inside the store.

「Looking at this, makes you understand why there are no NPCs….」

While entering the blunt weapon shop that was incomparably open from the sword, spear or staff shops, I was stumped with the chaos like at the station in the city.

Well, as I thought, the event of buying equipment is a fun moment, so I kind of understand them.

Since I had a lot of fun yesterday too.

While having a pleasant feeling while watching over them, I went to the same one-hand blunt weapon corner.

Actually, when you go over level 20, you are graduating from being a beginner so there is a secret product added to the NPC shop.

And one of them, Rin-chan said 「I’m absolutely sure that you will like it」, she said full of confidence that there was that kind of weapon.

And that is…..

「Tadaaa~, the new weapon that was unlocked after level 20! 《Super Iron Club》! It came back upgraded after 5 hours! 」

Required Strength is 50! Attack power is doubled to 30! And the durability stayed 500!

You could say that it is appropriate with the super attached to the name.

Looking at it, there aren’t many changes but the depth of color increased.

The price is 20k iris.
Well, it can’t be helped with the price.
Since I’m getting my armor for free, I need to use my money for my weapon at least.




『↑ What’s with that unity power』

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『The ogre’s iron club is….』

『It’s the return of the brutal ogre girl』

They might be saying all they want but.
It’s not like I am originally a super muscly commander you know.

「Stop with that brutal ogre girl okay? I’ll cry you know? can’t you make it more graceful?」

『Kill n’ kill evil spirit』

『Angel of Slaughter』

『Strike to death ogre girl』

「I feel like snapping」

I have resolved to remove these wicket tyrant watchers.

Though putting aside the jokes, among the streaming evil looking names, there was 1 name that caught my eye.

『Blunt-type Ogre Girl』

I don’t really have confidence in my age to be called an ogre girl but, it’s not like the others are basically just bad but, this one looks the most direct.

「And so with the authority as the streamer, I have decided the blunt-type ogre girl, I won’t accept any objections!」



『I did it』


『so eeeeh?』

『Blunt-type ogre girl in her Twen-.dpwsua』

『 ↑ H-he died』

『 (This is bad)』

『 ↑you are too reckless….』

「you guys sure have no mercy!?」

Even though it’s not like I was mad because I was teased for my age.

By the way, I think that Rin-chan doesn’t really care about it too.

While resenting the viewers that says whatever they want, this moderate bantering feels comfortable.

「Now then, since we have gotten our weapon, and our death penalty is gone too, we should just buy items and go the the north plains! Let’s aim for 《Cave of Trials》!」

With a bravado like voice, I ready up myself, and I walked towards the north gate.

Our aim is the 《Cave of Trials》.
Right past the north plains, the dungeon connects to the 2nd Town 《Dualis》.

With the noisy viewers, I took a new step forward.


Author: From the few previous chapters before, that crafter player succeed with his RTA.

Sukuna easily gave his materials to him because she liked the look of the equipment he made, and that she confirmed that rinne was on his friend list in a glance.

As he had a lot of backings, Sukuna too has rinne backing her up(one sided).

Konekomaru: 「I finally got the friend registration that I have wanted to get」

He is a handsome middle aged man, who is married.
He likes making personal connections.

His wife is also in WLO, he is someone who became a crafter player to make equipment for her.
However his wife , just like him, is also a crafter player.
They are a couple resembling each other.

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