child, Rin and I went out for the first time, and she bought me soft-serve ice cream.
I don’t know if she remembers that, but it has been my favorite ever since…, and sometimes we eat it together when we go out.”

“I see, it’s a memorable food.
I know what you mean, Sukuna.
Myself too, still remember the first time I tasted a beech mushroom….”

“I don’t care about your memory Arthur.
Let me soak myself in this preciousness…”

{like in playboy meaning}

<↑ Alone?>

<↑ Stop pulling me back to reality ~>

They’ve switched from talking about my favorite food to talking about how sad they are to be single.

Soft ice cream is delicious even if you eat it alone, but then again… I only eat it when I have a date with Rin.

I like the strawberry flavor, and she likes the chocolate flavor.

“Do you have a favorite food, Himiko?”

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“I like meat!”

“Yeah, Meat is delicious, isn’t it?

I was relieved to hear Himiko’s simple and typical answer.

“Sorry to keep you waiting!”

While we were chatting, Kurogane, who had finished cooking the meat, arrived with the food on a cart.
It was covered with a lid, but I could hear it making a nice sizzling sound.

“This is the Metal Demon Boar steak! Be careful of the grease splatter!”

When I opened the large lid that was placed on a griddle that was three times the size of a hamburger plate, you’d normally see in a family restaurant, and I could smell the delicious smell of grilled meat.

The metal boar steak on the griddle was an incredibly thick and large steak; it’s over five centimeters thick, the weight probably over a kilo.


“It’s soooo big!”


“It was a big metal boar.
Naturally I will cut it into big pieces.”

“I wonder if I can finish it….”

Said Himiko as she picked up a knife and fork with a slightly tense expression on her face.

It’s a little late to explain this, but hunger in WLO is caused by your hunger status in the game.

Even if you eat a lot of food in the real world before logging in, if you are hungry status in the game is activated, the hunger will not disappear.

However, many items can satisfy your hunger, so as long as you always have portable food with you, it won’t interfere with your activities.

Well, that’s why Himiko said she was hungry earlier.
She was in a state of hunger.

As for the amount of food I can eat, theoretically, I can eat as much as I want.
Therefore, any place should finish whatever food is presented to them.

However, when your status becomes full, at least you won’t feel hungry.
And it would be quite a task to eat a lot of food when your hunger is satisfied.

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“If there’s too much, I’ll eat it.
You can eat as much as you can, Himiko.”

“Sorry, Sukuna, …but that exactly what I’m planning to do.”

“Will your stomach be okay?”

The two of them looked at me with both gratitude and bewilderment, and I also ran my knife through the metal demon boar steak.

The meat was as soft as tofu, and the juices were bursting out.

As soon as I put it in my mouth and took a bite, it exploded with flavor.

“Hmmmm! This is delicious!”


“…..Sister? ……she is dead ……!


I like it.>

Despite the accident of Himiko dying from the overwhelming taste, all three of us ended up eating the huge steak, which we estimated to be about three kilograms each.


A note:

It’s nice to eat food you like, isn’t it?


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