BOTG 166 – Himiko and Arthur

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“Sister, I’m a little hurt by your reaction.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t mean to….”

“Well, it’s a lie.”

“Yeah, I should’ve expected that!”

“It’s so fun to tease you.”


Himiko is using ‘-noja’ in her speech, so she is no-ja loli.

Hakuyo also not loli because she’s loli-baba.> {tln! This will take a few paragraphs to explain.}

“What are you guys doing…?”

I’m not sure if Himiko’s outrage at being teased by A-chan piqued the interest of my viewers, but a mysterious debate is unfolding among them.

“So, what kind of relationship do you two have?”

“We’re somewhat sisters.
But I haven’t seen her in …maybe five years.”

“It’s been five years since I left home, so that’s about right.
It’s not that Arthur and I don’t get along, but I don’t have a good relationship with our parents… I also didn’t think it would be necessary to see her, so I left it as it was.”

“Well, that’s very Himiko-like…”

As someone who hasn’t seen Rin-chan in real life for six whole years and was even pretended to have disappeared, I have no right to say anything to Himiko.

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However, even though Himiko hadn’t seen A-chan aside in the game in five years, she was still in such a good mood.
I guess it’s true that they’re not on bad terms.

But both of them have such strong personalities that it’s hard to imagine them getting along.

“So, in short, Himiko run away from home?”

“I didn’t run away from home.
I disown myself.”


I couldn’t help but shout out loud when she said that with a very relaxed expression.

“It’s not an interesting story, so I’ll tell you the short version.
My parents run a kendo dojo, and as you see, I’m not very good at it, am I? I was shunned because of my lack of talent.
That’s why I hated it so much that I couldn’t stand it.

It was about five years ago that I slapped a letter of disowning on them and moved out of the house.” {kendo can also be read as sword art}

“Family matters are heavy.”

< Sukuna’s situation is not that bad, is it?>


You can’t get the sense of heaviness of the story at all because the people involved are so casual about it, but it was a pretty heavy story.

Well, yeah, I guess it’s just a matter of both of them being happy at the moment.

“How do you live, Himiko-san?”

“Well, that part is a girl’s secret.”

“My sister is a writer.”

“Please don’t reveal that in a second!”


“You really love messing with me!”

Himiko grabbed A-chan by the chest and shake her around, but A-chan was smiling happily.

I pity her, but that’s also a part of Himiko’s charm.

“I’ve been in touch with my sister, and I knew that she was doing WLO, also the news that she couldn’t leave this village.”

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“I only gave her my Player Name, though….”

“Well, [Himiko] is famous for being stuck in the oni village.”

“It’s because the board isn’t allowing anonymous.

Ignoring Himiko, who is doing her usual crocodile tears, Seeing how calm A-chan is, I can’t help but think that these two sisters are truly the polar opposite of each other.

Anyway, if she’s been independent for five years, does that mean that… Himiko is a lot older than me?

“By the way, what did Arthur come to this village for? You didn’t come here to see me, did you?”

A-chan gave a straightforward answer to Himiko’s question with a nonchalant expression.

“It’s just coincidence.”

“Just coincidence, is it? Well, now that we’ve met, I think we should have dinner together.
Sukuna, are you coming?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll go.
There’s something I wanted to do too.”

Originally, I planned to sell the metal demon boar materials while delivering wild vegetables.
But since I have so many simple foodstuff items that were dropped from the battle earlier, I think it would be a good idea to turn them into dishes.

“I see.
Suryuu is still following Arthur as usual?”

We were on our way to the restaurant when Himiko suddenly said as if she had just thought of something.

“You know Suryuu, Himiko?”

“She’s been attached to Arthur like a shark for the longest time.”


“My sister was always fondling Suryuu’s belly, and then Suryuu would hit her in the head.”

“That’s right, Suryuu is surprisingly quite violent.”

“I think that was Himiko’s fault.”

Himiko looked completely unconcerned, and Suryuu chuckled.

“Five years ago, Suryuu arrived, and then Arthur–“

“This is where you eat?”

“This place is quite charming.”

The place where Himiko had stopped was a restaurant with a sign that said “Tetsuya.”


“It’s read as Kuroganeya, and pronounced like that.
Hello, is brother Kurogane around?” {both can be read as iron shop}

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I mispronounced the store’s name, and Himiko showed me the correct way to read it, then stood in front of the store and started calling out someone’s names loudly.

I see the store is run by a man named Kurogane, so it is called “Kuroganeya.”

As I was thinking, I heard the sound of footsteps and the door of the store was opened, a huge man from the oni race, almost two meters tall, appeared.

“Oh, isn’t it Teppimi! Do you want to have breakfast?”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Isn’t it okay?  Your buddy was the one who gave that nick you, didn’t he? I think it suits you.”

“It doesn’t!”

Teppimi was a nickname for Himiko, which was created by the residents of the message board played on Himiko’s player name, “Teppen Himiko.”

I didn’t think that an NPC would call her by that nickname.

But Kurogane told me that it stuck in his memory when she told the story of how her complaints were made fun of on the bulletin board, and Himiko told Kurogane this story because she considered him a friend.

That aside.
When he looked at me, he then observed my whole body.
His expression brightened, like ‘WOAH’.

“Oooh, you’re the one my sister was talking about; you are Sukuna!”

“Yes, but… sister? could it be that your sister is Akagane?”

“How did you know that? She told me that you’ve been a big help, which is a big blessing to her.”

With an incredibly refreshing smile, Kurogane affirmed my question.

I only took a wild guess because the names Akagane and Kurogane are similar, and I somehow associated them with macho onis.

As I patted my chest, relieved that I hadn’t made a mistake, A-chan muttered with a serious expression.

“You’ve got three more siblings with a similar name.”

“Ooh! How did you know that, young lady? I indeed have three more siblings, though none of them are in this village at the moment.”

Kurogane looked at A-chan with a surprised look on his face, probably because A-chan’s simple mutter was so accurate.

I might have had a similar expression on my face.

We were surprised, but A-chan looked somewhat satisfied.

“A-chan, that’s amazing.
How did you know?”

“There’s something called Go-Kin{Five Metal}.
I’m sure your viewers know about it.”

“Is that so? Let’s see…”

<↓ Challenge accepted!>

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<↑ Accept it yourself!>

Each one can be read as Kogane, Shirogane, Akagane, Aogane, and Kurogane in turn.>

<↑ Look at that ~>

<↑ Isn’t that foreshadowing?>

<↑ Oohh!>

“So smart.”

I see.
So there are three more siblings.

A-chan didn’t seem too happy to have her words unexpectedly correctly explained, and Kurogane was still tilting his head in amazement.

As we were all admiring our newfound knowledge, although it was relatively unimportant, Himiko intervened and giggled.

“I already knew that!”

Do you want to respawn?”

“No, I don’t want to die.

It’s a joke, a joke.”

“UUuuu ……!”

“Ha-ha-ha! What’s this Tepimi, so Meguru is not the only one you’re getting along with.”

Seeing how Himiko reacts, Kurogane laughs.

And then, without stopping his laughter, he went on to add.

“I don’t want you to stay in the doorway forever, so why don’t you go inside? I’ll make you a nice meal.”

Kurogane then gave me a wink that didn’t fit his huge body.

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