The weapon’s size is not automatically adjusted by the player’s height, but the size can be set at the time of creation, like the difference in size between the [Yoiyami[ and [Mumei].
While some minor restrictions depend on the weapon type, for example, the minimum size for a two-handed sword, it should be possible to make a sword that fits A-chan’s height.

I wondered why she was using a sword that didn’t fit her, but if it was a gift, it was probably made to fit the previous user’s height, so it was only natural.

“But if it’s not your real weapon, why did you deliberately get into trouble? You know how troublesome Shiny Fox is, don’t you?”

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“That’s why I killed it.
That my way of training.”
“That’s right! You see, Suryuu lost the battle for the rank just the other day.
Of course, she was stripped of her rank and is no longer a Knight of Round Table.”

Hearing A-chan’s amused words, I couldn’t help but turn my head at Suryuu.
She looked away awkwardly, and I couldn’t pursue it since I still felt guilty about my earlier blunder.
Just as the atmosphere was about to become indescribable, A-chan suddenly retorted.

“That’s why I did what I did!”
“I’m sorry.”
“Good grief.
There’s no need to be so down about that.
We’ve already decided on the date of the next monthly battle for the rankings, and if you lose and fall, you can always win the next time and take it back.”

So that’s why Suryuu is training like this, and it’s not my place to worry about her.
The only thing I can do is to support her.
Please work hard and become strong.

“So, you’ve come to the Lost Forest to train?”
“That was my intention.
And I’ve heard that the number of monsters appearing in this forest is increasing, so I’ve spent the last few days leveling and training.
I was hoping that the glowing fox would be the culmination of all our training, but it seems that Suryuu is still not ready.”

A-chan scolded her regretfully, and Suryuu nodded as if she had given up.
I could feel the aura of [It’s not over yet…] emanating from her entire body, but I decided not to mention it.

“Yes, you said earlier that there were more monsters, but… do you know anything about this forest anomaly?”
“No, I’ve only recently arrived in this village, and today was the first time I fought monsters in the forest.
I only thought that this forest had a lot of monsters unusually.”

A-chan asked me, but I didn’t have any information to answer her question.
She then put her hand on her chin and pondered.

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“Hmmm, I see.
I’ve heard that the number of monsters has almost doubled in the past few days.
It’s fine for us since we could go back from the dead, but this situation is very troublesome for NPCs since for them, death means their end.”
“Yeah, that’s probably the case.
I wonder what’s going on?”
“Looking back at the black dragon incident of the other day… I believe there’s a reason for this, but ……”
“We’ll have to wait and see.”

Something strange happened in the Lost Forest.
Apparently, from the way A-chan talks about it, it might be quite a problem outside the forest too.
But there is no sign of it at all in the oni’s village.

While the three of us tilted our heads, we concluded that there was no point in thinking about it now, so we decided to head for the oni village.


A note:
A chain reaction because someone is spreading youki throughout the forest……, the ecosystem was disrupted by the monsters that trying to escape…
I wonder who in the world is responsible for that… {tln: I KNEW IT.}

TL note:

Tln1: it’s a Master-Servant Yuri relationship, just a more complicated one.
Don’t have the energy to even describe it.

So… be honest, guys… was my English… is that bad?
I read the comment from the last LDM chapter, and that one particular comment shocked me.
I always use Grammarly to double-check my translation, it might not be the best assistant there is, but I thought that was sufficient… was it not?
Anyway… please tell me that comment practically stuck in the back on my mind.
I do try to improve bit by bit every day, but if that’s still not enough, time to raise the effort one step higher.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks to the time you guys gives me to resolve my burnout, I think I can go back to my usual schedule now.

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