ster that had started to vanish after I crushed one of its limbs was called [Labyrinth Deer], a small deer-like monster.

“As expected, this one attack power is high.”

<↑you kidding!>

“I was wondering if it’s because of my strength too.
I thought I understood the output of this avatar properly, but somehow it produces more destructive power than I expected.”

As long as the physical abilities of the game are not superior to the physical abilities of the real world, I have complete control over this avatar unless it is buffed.

Even so, I have the feeling that the firepower it produces against monsters is far beyond my imagination.
I thought it was because of the weapon’s attack power, but there is certainly not that much difference between the [Mumei] and [Yoiyami].

“It’s okay.
In any case, it’s better to have high attack power.
We’ll have to assume this as the standard, right?”


“Well, that’s just the way I am.”

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< Don’t agree.>

<↑but… gorilla is smart.>

“[Gorina]… That’s not even close to my name anymore, is it? …wait, I heard something.”

While I was making banter with my viewers, I heard something in the distance.
It sounded like a girl screaming for help.

Suddenly, the thought of Rou came to my mind.
When I first started, I rescued a screaming girl in the “marshes of Lawless”** and found out she was a famous PK player, which led me to PvP her.

Well, it’s unlikely that the same situation will occur twice.

“I hear a girl screaming.
Should I go help her?”

< Let’s help her.>

< Let’s help.>

< Let’s regain your humanity.>

<↑She hasn’t lost it!>

<↑but her intelligence is… well, let’s stop messing around…..>

<↑I will pray.>

“Then let’s go save them.
If they’re still alive, that is.”

I can still hear the voices, and in any case, they’re getting closer.

Judging from the footsteps, there are ……12 entities? There are two human footsteps, and the rest are probably demon boar.
There are no goblins or wolves, but there seems to be a deer mixed.

There were two voices, one of which sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it was.
And it seems that the owner of the unknown voice is complaining to the familiar one.

Whatever who is, I’m sure we’ll run into each other soon.

I grabbed to a slightly higher branch and jumped on it, then waited for the screamers to arrive.

“That’s why I said! Don’t attack the Light Fox!”

“Hahaha, even so, we almost got rid of them, didn’t we? Come on, there’s only ten left.”

“No way! I’m already almost out of SP!”

“That’s strange then! Me too!”

“AGHHH! Please no moreeee!”

A young girl in a kimono comes running in my direction with a big smile on her face as if to say she’s having a great time, and a female knight comes running while crying.

I’ve only met these two once, but I know them.

After deciding that it would not be a problem to come to their aid, I threw [Mumei] downward as hard as I could so that it would hit the eyeball of the “Metal Demon Boar” that was leading the monsters chasing the two.

The momentum of moving forward at a considerable speed, combined with the power of the super-heavy metal rod that fell from above, produced a pleasant crashing sound.

The metal demon boar suddenly lost its footing due to the shock of having one of its eyes crushed, and it rolled over heavily.

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In addition, the demon boar and Labyrinth Deer who were running behind were also crashed, and the monsters were knocked down and piled up.

There was no way I was going to miss that opportunity, so I quickly jumped down and gave them a follow-up.

However, Because Mumei collided with the metal demon boar and it was flying to who knows where currently, I didn’t have a proper weapon at hand, and I couldn’t afford to change my equipment on the spot and decided to forcibly break the monster’s neck with my bare hands.

As I was trying to break the neck of Labyrith Deer with my bare hand, a sharp air emanating from my back.

The two who had fled earlier must have immediately noticed the anomaly and returned.

I twisted the Deer’s neck, then took a bit of distance from the monster pack, thinking that I could leave the rest to them.

“[Dual Burn Edges]!”

The female knight uses two swords covered in flames to slash at the immobilized metal demon boar.

It’s a pretty messy sword technique, but in exchange, you can’t read the pattern, and there are a lot of strikes.
I wonder if that type of art gives the fire attribute to the user’s weapon.

While I was admiring the arts of the most straightforward “twin swords” skill using two standard straight swords, I saw another young girl in a kimono holding a sword that was clearly inappropriate for her height.

“[Scattered Sakura – Sever]” {Midare Sakura – Dan}

Every time she swung her sword, the monster’s head would fall clean off.

And that’s not an art.
It was purely a combination of the weapon’s performance and her skill.

In just a few seconds, she was able to remove the heads of all the monsters with her sword, and it was so elegant.

Even though there were no bloodstains on the sword, the young girl, who made a gesture to clean the blood off the sword as a routine, sheathed her overly large sword and took a breath.

Then she turned her serious expression into a happy smile and walked towards me.

“Fufufu, you saved me.”

“Looks like you don’t need that.”

“Gahahaha! Don’t mind the small thing! It’s been a long time, Sukuna.”

As she that, Arthur, the young girl who is the clan leader of the clan [Knights of the Round Table], smiled happily.


A note:

Arthur, the leader of the clan “Knights of the Round Table”, and the female knight Suryuu.
I hope you guys didn’t forget about them.

To my reader:

Sorry… I got pretty burned out…

I want to dish out more chapters, but tbh I think I need to tone down blunt ogre girl a little.

Do not worry, I still love the story, I just have a bit of spite for this author and to myself, this author… he/she keep using Japanese jargon that I need to research before I could even understand what they are saying, and I hate myself for my lack of understanding for this.

So yeah… I got pretty burned out right now.

That said, I still will meet my promise.
I just need to take a little break.

I read some manga and got blue balled by its cliffhanger.
I will translate the novel part into that particular manga, just for fun.
Probably won’t even list it on novel updates.
Because I will be skipping chapters way ahead, it will totally wreck the chapter order if I list it.

Also, don’t worry.
Patreon’s schedule will remain the same as usual, just a bit later.

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