Trolls are strictly prohibited, anti is NG.
Love your blunt weapon and projectiles.


253: Anon nana fan

Nana’s mood has been good lately.

254: Anon nana fan

I think she’s gone soft.

256: Anon nana fan

What do you mean by “soft”?

Well, everybody says that but it’s true she’s starting to laugh a lot.

257: Anon nana fan

She regained the heart of the human…

Like, seriously.

258: Anon nana fan

It should be noted her in-human movement does not change at all.

259: Anon nana fan

Nana’s extraordinary shooting skill is just a talent, after all?

261: Anon nana fan

It’s not just her shooting skill that unusual, you know?

262: Anon nana fan

Because she’s a natural-born monster in this world.
{Kaibutsu – monster – Rin’s former nickname is inherited?}

264: Anon nana fan

She said he could see the path of the wind in today’s stream.
It seems like she’s already reaching the realm of abnormality.

267: Anon nana fan

You know… when people make crazy moves like they’re breathing, it made me feel like I can do them too.

269: Anon nana fan

And then it fails, and you’re like, “Why?”.
That’s the ironic part.

270: Anon nana fan

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

I’m sad that she doesn’t interact with other streamers much.

271: Anon nana fan

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273: Anon nana fan

She doesn’t stream at night, even though she’s been streaming longer than most others.

That’s why she can’t help it if she cannot spend time with other streamers.

274: Anon nana fan

>> 262

Rinne said [maybe human]

276: Anon nana fan

Even her best friend is not sure… (confused eye)

277: Anon nana fan

What do you guys want in Nana’s one-month streaming anniversary?

280: Anon nana fan

Special Endurance Zero Wars 4

281: Anon nana fan

Special Endurance delivery

282: Anon nana fan

Special Endurance Eating Challenge

283: Anon nana fan

Special Endurance World Craft

284: Anon nana fan

Special Question Corner Only Stream!

285: Anon nana fan

Special Question Corner is NoGood because I can’t show my face.

287: Anon nana fan

Special Question corner won’t come.
It’s just my wish.

290: Anon nana fan

Well, it seems that HEROES will appear in the next WGCS qualifying round.

292: Anon nana fan

>> 287

If you want a question corner system, the video is better organized so that you may request in turn.

293: Anon nana fan

This time its Battler, right?

So my guess is Nana won’t be participating either.

294: Anon nana fan

Oh right, Nana is a pro gamer too.

I forgot.

296: Anon nana fan

If you’re making money playing games, you’re already one.

298: Anon nana fan

So, it’s confirmed that Battler is an all-star?

I’m pretty sure it was VRS this year.
{VR Shooter}

Though I wanted to see Nana appearing in a VR fighting game too.

301: Anon nana fan

>> 298

Rather, from what I’ve seen of Nana lately, it looks like she’s more likely to go nuts on VRS.

302: Anon nana fan

I’m afraid she’s going to headshot everyone at the maximum range of her weapon.

304: Anon nana fan

But there’s only a week left, and she hasn’t practiced at all.

She has been streaming WLO from morning till night.

306: Anon nana fan

>> 304

Maybe they were originally designed to fight without Nana.

The lineup is terrible.

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307: Anon nana fan

Wait lol

Waitwait lol

Suppa{tln: can be read as Super} is a member.


308: Anon nana fan


309: Anon nana fan


310: Anon nana fan


311: Anon nana fan

Is Rinne serious?

312: Anon nana fan

This will be exciting, lol.

313: Anon nana fan

LOL, that’s cheating! Right?

314: Anon nana fan

Suppa, who?

317: Anon nana fan

>> 314

You don’t know…?

318: Anon nana fan

>> 314

A monster that has been the number one player of Zero War VR for a year since it was first released.

Rumor said it was some kind of tool prepared by the management.

320: Anon nana fan

No, wasn’t it really AI?

323: Anon nana fan

I didn’t think I was a real person

…is what I would say if I never saw Nana.

324: Anon nana fan

After having my common sense destroyed by Nana, Suppa does look like a human.

326: Anon nana fan

No, there is another possibility that this is different Suppa …

327: Anon nana fan

>> 323

Humans really can do anything if they want to.

329: Anon nana fan

Nana comes out

Suppa also comes out

Suddenly I’m looking forward to Butler so much I will have trouble sleeping at night.


Named hunting has been hot entertainment for the WLO player community lately.
Thanks to the existence of special equipment for dwarves, Nana has been helped a little bit.

Battler is the name of the event, not the game title.
It’s the name of the WGCS qualifying tournament next weekend.

Tl note:


I believe I had explained this before? But just to be safe…

If you play too hard, people will call you cripple in Japan, well maybe equivalent of ‘crazy’ for us?


They add projectiles, lol.


Pretty sure this is a new name in this series.
I tried to google it only to find out that it was a twin-headed behemoth from yu-gi-oh or Galactic scientist Doldora from Fiveman.
The description is still not clear enough for me to decide between the two, so I will leave it as it is.

The most probable one? Doldora, from the way the author writes its kana.

Phew, this is why I hate, yet I can never skip this kind of chapter.
There’s always a hidden detail that the author will definitely use later.

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