Chapter 15

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Though it might have been just for a few hours, I stretched out my stiff body, and went down from the VR machine.

It might have been because I have used that much concentration, my head was absent-minded for such a long time in a while.

Even when I was working like mad, I didn’t feel tired up till this point.

Construction work might be different but, in a normal servicing industry job, it was unexpectedly relaxing excluding peak times.

After properly checking my body, as I went to the living room as my footsteps made some sounds, there was a delicious smell in the air.

「Rin-chan, what are you making~?」

So you logged out.
Its early lunch, no, a late breakfast is it?」

「Waa, its beef stew.
How long will it be done?」

「About 10 minutes」

「Then I’m going to prepare the table」

Rin-chan mixing up the pan wearing an apron.

I’m sure that she knew that I was going to log out so she made some meals for me.

Getting plates at the shelves for the two of us, I arranged them on the table.

Since I’m the Beef stew with bread faction , I also prepared some bread rolls, since Rin-chan eats cereals, I didn’t forget to put milk on the table too.

「Thank you for the meal (itadakimasu)」

Our voices piled up, and started eating our a bit late breakfast.

It seems like Rin-chan also made some gratin other than beef stew, so in the end it became a western meal.

I like both Japanese and western food, but since western has a lot of calories, I eat them a lot.

That’s why a lot of my favorites inclined more to the western meals, and Rin-chan knowing that, her cooking repertoire naturally inclined more to the western meals.

「For now, congratulations on defeating a named monster.
I saw the stream.
As I thought it was a good idea to invite you」

Rin-chan smiled as she said it.

The reason that I was able to have that enjoyable battle of a time was, there was no mistake that it all thanks to Rin-chan inviting me to this game.

「Rin-chan, Thank you.
For always thinking about me」

「It’s not something you have to thank me for.
Compared to what you gave to me, it’s a trivial matter」

Even though this was a celebration, for some reason it kinda got gloomy.

Did she sense that? Rin-chan quickly changed topics.

「And so, what was the result with Aria?」

「Since I took a screenshot….let’s see, it’s this one, look, look」

On the phone that I passed to her, I transferred the screen shot from inside the game.

After Rin-chan interestingly looked at it from start to end, she nodded as she understood what it was and put down the phone.

「So, what is it that you wanted to ask me?」

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「As expected of Rin-chan, sure is straight to the point.
Rin-chan do you know about Named items?」

「Yes, of course I do.
I don’t have one myself but, one of my friend has it」

As I thought, There were other players who had obtained a named item as I predicted.

「This Rarity: Named, It is not written on the official site right? Just what is it?」

「Including that, I shall explain what named is.
Named Boss Monsters――nicknamed Named including 《Aria》who you have fought, are boss monsters of each field which was hidden officially.
Though it was hidden, if you play the game then you could easily find it out.
There are types of Named, from investigation they are separated in about roughly 3 types」

According to Rin-chan, Named boss monsters are divided among three types which are 《Solo》,《Party》, and《Raid》.

Firstly, the point that you have met one, 「escaping and intruding」choices are systemically sealed.
Nicknamed 《Barrier》.

I didn’t notice it but it seems that during the battle with Aria the red wolf, that 《Barrier》was activated.

There are only a number of people decided inside that 《Barrier》, and that division is separated into 3 types from what Rin-chan said.

For example, Red wolf of Isolation -Aria- is a monster who has a 《Barrier》 limited to Solo.
That’s the reason why you are forced to do an inescapable one-on-one battle.

Though even if you run away, I don’t feel like you can run away from someone with that speed and unlimited stamina….

In the 《Party》division you can only go up to 6 people from the same party.
Same with 《Raid》then 5 parties of up to 30 people.

Regarding Named Boss Monster’s 《Barrier》, right now there is no mistake that this is the right rule.

In short, you could imagine that a《Barrier》is like a boss room on the field.

In exchange for not getting assistance , no one will be able to interrupt you.

Just what if someone came in during the final climax of the fight with the red wolf….thinking about it, it is a system I’d agree to.

「So, about that named, whenever it is defeated for the first time, an item called 《soul》 will always drop.
And that is the first subjugation bonus, Because of this a heated war for the last attack is-…..ah, well this part is not needed.
For now, 《Rarity: Named》is that 《Soul》 itself, equipment made with that can’t have anything else.
Since it’s hidden by the developers then you won’t know from an official site, and the high rank players too are hiding the the details so going through walkthroughs might not help that much 」

「hmmm….so basically it’s a super duper rare item」

「fufu, well, yes it is.
You’re not wrong」

Looking at me who gave up on thinking, Rin-chan had a face saying that it would turn out this way.

Rare item to make equipment.
Something that most high rank players don’t have, always dropped the first one who defeated it.

If you understand that much, then that should be enough.

「Ah, that’s right, Rin-chan.
I think that it was written at the screenshot but, when I won, there was a status point too」

「Now that I think about it, there was.
how much?」

「I think it’s 30.
About 6 levels of points」

「30….I see, so solo named also has points.
The named that were defeated up until now are just 2 types of a party division but all the members participating at that type also got the same bonus as Nana.
Just that, it’s only for the first time」

「a one time bonus…..well I guess that’s natural」

Since if you could get a status point everytime you defeat it, then you’ll become the strongest player in an instant.

「Obviously it’s the same for the same monster, even if you defeat 2 types, other than the first time, it seems that there was nothing.
Just that, maybe if you fight named on different divisions you might get it.
I’ll leak this part to the investigation clan 」

「I’ll leave that one to you.
Nn~, beef stew is delicious」

It’s my cooking after all」

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I was at least able to hear things that I wanted to know, so I stuffed my cheeks with the piping hot beef stew.

I like beef stew.
And of course a normal stew too.

I like all kinds of stews but I especially have something I can’t turn over for these 2.

「Ah, About the named’s reward, other than the 《Soul》, it’s fine to leak them.
In the first place WoLO’s sales talk is live streaming so there isn’t that much meaning in hiding the info.
Though it’s also fine to hide it」

「Though it was sudden, I also had quite a show stream too.
Even though it was just 100 in the beginning, before I knew it there was 10,000.
By the way, what do you mean by WoLO?」

「WLO’s rough abbreviation.
Since it got popular among streamers, it just established itself」

I’m not that good with english so I don’t have the proper pronunciation, so the point is the feeling.
It should be fine to read it just like that.

「Ah, that’s right, regarding the red wolf materials.
Most likely if they are early then at afternoon, a creator player should be getting in touch with you 」

「Fue? why?」

「After all it’s the materials of a monster that hasn’t been defeated you know? Moreover it is from the Named, which has high quality, and also its Solo subjugation so there should be a lot of it.
It’s the nature of a creator to use materials that they haven’t used, to make something」

“It’s the same with gourmet seeking for delicious things”.
Rin-chan said

I’m sorry but that example looks easy to understand but hard to understand.

「I see…I wonder what I should do?」

「I think it’s fine to choose a player you trust.
If its a player that can handle a Named material then, at the moment, its limited only to the high level players at the front line」

If your creator level is low then you can’t use strong monster’s materials.

It’s cliche but it’s a reason you can agree with.

I’ll decide by myself.
Since I think that it’s bad If you keep carrying me」

「I’d happily do it you know?」

「Ahaha, I know」

Returning a smile to Rin-chan who spread her arms wide to welcome it, She too returned back a smile.

「Ah, that’s right, since you have 6 hours of death penalty, that means your level is 21 right? Actually in the town of beginning-….」

「Wow! then-…」

It was a conversation filled with WLO topics but we comfortably enjoyed the time until noon stream.

Making sure that Rin-chan logs in at 12 for her stream, I tidy up the plates and took in the laundry.

Finishing most of the odd jobs, I logged in WLO a bit before 1.



The Status transition from the story.

They are status transitions from「New equipment and new skill」to 「Red wolf battle reward」.


PN: Sukuna

Lv: 13

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Race: 《Ogre Tribe》


Money: 17820 Iris


HP: 195

MP: 15

SP: 104

Strength: 61+15

Toughness: 44+20

Dexterity: 74+2

Agility: 67+2

Wisdom: 6

Magic Resistance: 6

Luck: 34

Remaining Status points: 0


Weapon: Iron Club

Head: Iron plate Hachigane

Body: Chain mail

Arm: Iron plate gauntlets

Leg: Trousers with belt

Shoes: Iron plate Greaves


※ It is possible to choose a new skill

《Blunt Weapon》: Mastery 35

《Throwing》 Mastery 20

《Detection》 Master 0

《One Hand Mace》 Mastery 0

[9:21 PM]

PN: Sukuna

Lv: 21

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Race: 《Ogre Tribe》


Money: 48690 Iris


HP: 299

MP: 25

SP: 156

Strength: 82

Toughness: 65+20

Dexterity: 100+2

Agility: 88+2

Wisdom: 10

Magic Resistance: 10

Luck: 50

Remaining Status points: 65



Head: Iron plate Hachigane

Body: Chain mail

Arm: Iron plate gauntlets

Leg: Trousers with belt

Shoes: Iron plate Greaves


《Blunt Weapon》: Mastery 55

《Throwing》 Mastery 40

《Detection》 Master 10

《One Hand Mace》 Mastery 5

《Ravenous Wolf》

Looking at the stats are level 13 at that time, the original bonus point from leveling up 8 times + the bonus from the named first time reward which is 30, in total 70 points.

But, During the Aria fight she was already 14, so the 5 points on are all inserted into dexterity.

To be honest, you don’t really have to remember all the values.
Just that, I think that there are people who like to see numbers increasing, so I had it put here.

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