ated with certain restrictions.”


“Yes, you can’t equip it unless you have 500 strengths.
This is not because of the weight of the equipment, but because of the equipment restriction required by the material itself.”

I’ve never heard the term “equipment restriction” before.
This is the first time I’ve heard the term “equipment restriction” used in this game.

It’s often misunderstood, but you can still equip an item even if you don’t have the required strength value.
However, if you equip more than the required strength value, you will not move from the spot.

So the uncle went to the trouble of clearly stating that it was an equipment restriction probably means that if you don’t have strength over 500, you can’t even equip it.

“The [Kikoku no Tsumugi] is a special uniform used for the oni tribe’s battle garb.
There are only a few demons in this village aside from Kokuyo-sama who can handle it.
It’s a piece of equipment that can only be worn by those who have been chosen.”

“Decisive Battle Garb… that’s sounds so cool.”

“Ha ha, is that what you think? Well, yeah, it’s not something you see often, for example, Kokuyo-sama in Battle Garb is very noble and beautiful, you know?”

I immediately imagine Kokuyo switching from her usual simple kimono to this luxurious jet-black kimono.

Indeed, she will be so cool.

“By the way, doesn’t this effect disappear if you use it to strengthen other armor or something?”

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“There’s no problem.
This one is easy to use as a material.
It will bestow strength restriction to the equipment, but the effect of raising the status of the oni race should not disappear.”

“Oh, I’m glad to hear that.”

Uncle’s words give me some relief.

I finally found out if it can be used to strengthen the red wolf attire, I know that it can be used as material by putting it in my inventory, but I don’t know if the effect will persist.
My doubt is cleared out now.

However, the possibility of not using it as upgrade material was never actually crossed my mind.
I had the feeling that the [Kikoku no Tsumugi] was attracted to the red wolf costume.

“You want to use it to strengthen that equipment?”

“Yes, because we’ve been fighting together for a long time.”

I hope it works.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.”

Perhaps he knew what I was thinking.
The uncle nodded his head without any shred of doubt.

“Oh right, what’s about your strength values? It’s not going to do you any good if you can’t equip it even if you do make it.”

“Oh, right, Sukuna, did you have such a strength specialized status?”

“oh—about that, don’t worry.”

If I put all the bonus status points I have now into it, my strength value would actually be well over 500.

So, I wasn’t worried about that part at all.

“Hmm, well, I don’t know what your status is, but I think you already decided.”

What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t know when I could cut in, so I just stayed silent.”

“How honest.”

She had been looking for a chance to get into the conversation.

The happy expression on her face made it hard to believe that she had been so tormented just now.

“This is the only reward for yabusame.
The chief of the village has instructed that this Tsumugi will be given to those who can get a perfect score, so both Meguru and Himiko should work hard.”

“Do you think anyone can get it?”

“Yeah, as long as you get a perfect score, anyone can have it.”

“I see.
I’m motivated.
Sukuna, would you be willing to teach me?”

“I’d love to, but I’m not sure it would be much help.”

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“I’d like to get at least a hundred points.”

“Since you can only get 12 points.”

“Ueeee Sukuna, your cruel words are killing me.”

Leaving Himiko pretend-crying with her hands over her face, I put the [Kikoku no Tsumugi] away in my inventory.

The words “Epic” shone brilliantly on the menu card.
This is the first time I got the Epic Rarity item, which might be the fastest among the players.

I also confirmed that I could use it to strengthen my Red Wolf Attire, and there’s also the “soul” that I got from the giant dragon.

I’m sure I’ll be troubling him if I contact him at night, so I’ll talk to Konekomaru tomorrow.

“Please feel free to come to visit me again.”

“I’ll take good care of it!”

“Thank you for showing me this valuable item.”

“The sweets were delicious.”

As it was getting late, we left his house, and since there was nothing special to do, we decided to break up.

With high hopes in my heart, I finished the long day.


A note:

To put it simply, the [Kikoku no Tsumugi] is not supposed to be acquired at this time.
There are several ways to acquire it other than getting a perfect score in Yabusame, which can be called the regular route.

However, that route can only be taken once you reach the triple-digit level, so horseback archery is the only way to get it now.
That’s why Sukuna is definitely the first one

to get them.

In addition, each race has its own special enhanced equipment.
If you’re an elf, you’ll get magic-specific equipment, and if you’re an elf, you’ll get balanced equipment.

In addition, the status of the Sukuna, when I calculated it properly, the muscle strength value was over 450 without bonuses.
So, if you add the bonus, it will be over 500.
I’m sure it’ll be something like “I need to train because I don’t have enough stats.

TL note:

Ok, we are going to discuss Tsumugi because I made my translation deliberately incorrect this time.
Tsumugi is a cloth that people will use to make Kimono and not a Kimono as a whole.
However… I had difficulty putting it into the sentence, so I left it as ‘cloth.’

Here’s the link for proper explanation.

tln2: Momoga (Ainz Ooal Gown) actually have a world item dedicated to himself.
But that’s another story.

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