’t get away with saying you’re lucky after all this bullshit….”

“I only defeated an enemy and got it.”

I didn’t expect her to be so surprised because I had only thought of it as a money reserve in a time of trouble.
In fact, there was no particular use for it until this day.

“You know, Sukuna.
There is indeed some high-purity gold in circulation, and there are ways to refine existing gold.
But that’s just a tiny amount.
I’ve never seen a gold nugget of this purity at this size.
I was being modest when I said that, but if you can find the right buyer, it’s an item that can easily exceed 10 million iris.”

“I don’t need that much money.”

The only time I spend a lot of money is when I want to buy equipment or have it made.

I have a surplus of recovery items from events, and I have enough materials from drops thanks to bosses I defeated.

I won’t lie.
70% of my reason did this was because I wanted to see how Sekka would react, but I also wanted her trump card.

“Is that a ‘No’?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but don’t you think it’s strange to pay so much for a single spell?”

“It’s not.
It’s Sekka’s trump card, isn’t it?”

If you think that you can borrow the trump card of a level 200+ NPC, a few million is a small price to pay.

Even if I don’t know what it is, if there’s a chance of getting something really rare, naturally, I want to try to get it.

Especially since the gold itself is valuable to Sekka, and it doesn’t have much use on me.
Considering that, I could even say the price I offer is too low.

After a staring contest for a few seconds, Sekka is the one that broke first.

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“Haaa… okay, I understand.
In the first place, I was the one who said [if I was allowed] even though I don’t need to.


Despite her words, Sekka also seemed to be in a good mood.
Maybe she wanted the gold too.

Sekka pulled two of the three gold bars on the counter towards her and gave one back to me.

“I will have these two gold bars.
One for the material and one for the payment.”

“You could have taken all three.”

“You can’t overcompensate.
One gold bar is the fair value for this trade.”

“I see.”

Since Sekka has said that much, I put the gold back in my inventory.

I’m sure I once heard the saying, [Too much is no better than too little].
Did I remember that right?

Even if she loves money, she still has to draw the line.
I wonder if Sekka had that believes in her.

“Well, watch me.
I’ll make it now.”

“Right now!?”

I was surprised and shouted, but she laughed at me.

I didn’t think she could make it that fast.

“I can make a talisman anywhere.
That’s the privilege of being a top-level sorceress.”

She smiled, and a pale blue magic circle spread out around her.

“[Unravel], [Bind], and [Bond].”

The whisper melted into the air.
At that moment, the gold in Sekka’s hands unraveled into countless threads.

Each time Sekka waved her hands, the golden threads were woven together to form a sign as thin as Japanese paper.

After a minute or so, what was completed was a sheet of paper so small and thin that it was hard to believe that it had originally been a bar of gold.

It was a very beautiful talisman with jet-black patterns engraved on the gold.

“Fuu….., it’s done.
It’s the first time I’ve made one, but I’m relieved it worked.”

“That was your first time….”

“I told you, I couldn’t do it because there’s no way I could get my hand on this kind of material.”

“Right, you did.”

When I received the talisman, I almost dropped it because of its unbelievable weight that didn’t match its appearance.

Was the entire gold bar weight compressed in this talisman?

“As you can see, a talisman is not just a piece of paper with magic on it.
Everything there is woven into this shape from some material.
However, most of them are carved into a light and easy to handle material.”

“But this appearance deception is indeed a surprise.”

“It took most of my MP to weave the gold too.
It was a good experience, though.”

And then I tried to hold various talismans, I found that some of them were very heavy.

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In particular, the [Barrier Art – Black] is the strongest protection spell against even the highest level of magic.
It’s very heavy.

I’m not sure if it’s because the original material is valuable and heavy, maybe something like a gold nugget.

“Take good care of it, okay?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I put the golden spell into my inventory, thanking Sekka, who looked tired yet satisfied.

Now that I had it in my inventory, I understood what kind of effect Sekka’s trump card would have.

Contrary to what it sounds like, [Zekkai]{absolute boundary/territory} this is not a defensive art.

It was something that truly had the potential to become a trump card.

“Now, go ahead and buy whatever talisman you want.”

“Okay, then let me…”

Besides the gold, I still have plenty of money.

I’m going to stock using all the money I have, so I’m going to……!

Just as I was thinking this, Sekka suddenly interrupted and said, “Ah!”

“By the way, non-sorcerer can only have up to ten talismans, so choose wisely, okay?”

“Only now the shocking truth is revealed.”

“Sorry, sorry, I forgot to tell you.”

Was that something you could forget!

Well, it’s true that I secretly thought that if I could use talisman as much as I wanted, it wouldn’t matter what profession I was in.
It seems that talismans don’t require any MP if you just use them.

So I understand that there are restrictions, and I think even the sorceress itself will still be imposed with it.
For example, the number of sheets she could use.

I know you can’t have too many if I consider the game balance, but I will be thankful if you explain it to be much faster.

“I have to choose properly…”

“It’s will test your judgment ability.”

After saying that to me as I began to seriously examine the talisman, while Sekka took out the gold bar and began to rub her cheek and smell it.

I thought to myself, [she’s a weirdo after all] as I seriously considered how to fill the remaining nine slots.


A note:

I wonder if I have written the name of seventh city in the early chapter? I forgot, but if I do, this is the right one.
{…this author…}

I’ll tell you a little more about the effect of [Zekkai].

It is a very useful and versatile [Zekkai] has extremely high defensive power and can also be used as a trump card for attacks.

TL note:

You told us nothing then….

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