Gathering Place and the Quest.

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November 7, 2021


“Rinne, Nanaka, come back here whenever you have a problem.
We’ll always be here for you.”


“Hmm, it’s nice to have a sweet goodbye, but we’ll see each other at the convention next weekend.

“That’s because… It’s been so long since I’ve seen Nanaka, and I had the feeling that I wouldn’t see her again for a long time.”

“Ugh, I’m sorry.”

“Nana! Wait for me.
I’m going to WLO after I’m done.”

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to start with a full tutorial with me.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.”

The next day, we had a great time at Rin’s parents’ house.

After being noisily sent off, Rin-chan and I returned to our apartment in the morning.

“Today, I’m going to explore the oni village.”

I announced as I stretched out to feel a mild warmth that replaced the morning’s cold air.

My first stream after skipping a day, and I can see the village inhabitants are busy preparing for lunch.

“I hear the one at Zeronoa is even harder, though.”

I’ve leveled quite a bit during the event, and my level is over 80 now.

Because of that, the enemy around here feels like walk in the park, but in reality, the enemy level around Griffith is much higher than Fias.

It’s not hard to imagine many will struggle when they reach here.

“Well, as for me, I have to help the people of this village to get permission to use Moonlight Jewel in 5 days.
In short, I need to do a lot of quests.”

<↑ The Quest itself is quite common.>

<↑ That’s literally an errand, LOL.>

“I’m going to go to the village meeting place for now.
I heard they organized the villagers’ requests there.”

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I thought I would have to go door to door to visit each house, but it seems that the quest, or rather the request, is well managed in this village.

There are a variety of quests, from regular to odd ones.
I’m not sure if I can call it an adventurer guild exclusive to oni village.

“Yesterday, I went to Rin-chan’s parents’ house.
So I wasn’t able to do stream, but I was able to visit my mom and dad’s graves since they are near, so…”

“Well, I’ve been visiting Rin-chan main house every day since I was three years old.
And bout the graves visit, the number of graves themselves is decreasing, isn’t it?”

While walking through the oni village, we talked about what had happened yesterday.

During the stream, unless we were working with someone else, we often chatted like this.
It’s not that much fun for them to watch me work in silence.

“Ooh, is that the building?”

As we walked around looking for our destination, we came across a large building.

The building was made in a Japanese style, the same as the other buildings in the oni village, but it was probably the second-largest building after the Hakuyo’s place.

I entered, and I could see a few players since it was lunchtime.


“Oh, welco…… UWOH!”

As usual, my cursed and cracked appearance surprised the uncle, who seemed to be a staff member of the gathering hall.
He then gave me a curious look.

He analyzed me over from top to bottom, then nodded and clapped his hands.

“Oh, that bracelet.
I wonder if you are the Sukuna-chan that our lady is talking about.
My name is Maruishi, and I’m one of the employees of this place.”

“I’m Sukuna.
What did I do to be the talk of the town?”

“For example, didn’t you get a perfect score on yabusame? And maybe the fact that you were walking with Kokuyo-sama or because people saw you coming out of Hakuyo-sama’s mansion.”

“That’s too many example…”

As the viewer commented, I do look too stand out.
The cracks on my body make me look like I’m the evil one.

It seems that my activity on the day before yesterday has completely become a hot topic as if I didn’t attract enough attention already.

It seems not even Kokuyo and Hakuyo’s sister, who practically hold their position as village leader, couldn’t get a perfect score in yabusame.
Maybe that fact made my achievement even bigger than it should.

“I’m sure you have some business to attend to.
Is it a quest? Or did you come here to read a book?”

“I’m here for the quest.
Is there anything that can help the villagers as much as possible?”

Thankfully Maruishi got right down to business, so I threw him a proper question for it.

According to Hakuyo, first, I need to help the villager enough before I could get my hands on the moonlight jewel to lift my curse.

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“What is your specialty, Sukuna-chan?”


“Excuse me, but may I ask your level?”

He asked me what my level was, and I checked my menu card to ensure it hadn’t gone up since I checked it the day before yesterday.

“It’s now ……86.”

“86! Okay! You’re one of the strongest travelers to have come to this village.”

Hoo, so lv86 is considered high.

That said, it was given.
The level of players around Griffith is probably no higher than 70 at most.

In that case, to say I’m [one of the strongest travelers to have come to this village] is most likely correct.

 “Ah! That’s right, at Sukuna-chan level, you can accept any kind of quest in this village.
In this pile is the quest within the village, and this one is the quest that requires you to go outside the village.”

“I see.
Can you wait for a moment?”

“Yes, that’s fine.
When you’ve decided, please give me a call.”

Maruishi went back to his work.

“Which do you prefer? I’m still undecided.”

“Well then, we’ll go with the majority for now.”

Relieved that we were in agreement, I flipped through the stack of quest forms that Maruishi had given me.

You can find a lot of quests like chopping wood of moonlight trees, helping to process moonlight trees, chopping wood of moonlight trees, assisting in the training of guards, chopping wood of moonlight trees, and….
chopping wood of moonlight trees!

“About 80% of this was about chopping wood of moonlight trees.”

At a glance, more than 80% of the 100 or so quest forms requested to chop wood of the moonlight trees.

And if you took a second look, another job is to go to village residences and chop firewoods.

It makes you wonder if this job is actually that hard?

“I’m not sure if it’s really that hard of a job or not… Some of the outside requests look pretty interesting, but… should I just chop wood for now? You know, it might like people say, if you do the unpopular job, it will give you a better reputation.”

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“Wait, what do you mean by [you can’t]?”

While my mind was somehow determined on chopping wood, a comment intrigues me.

There were so many requests for wood chopping left.
There must be a reason.

“Status, huh?”

I’m not sure what status is needed to chop wood, so I thought about it for a while.

If I were to think about it simply, I think the answer is strength.
When it comes to chopping wood, muscle is the key.

It’s also good to have some dexterity.
In any case, I don’t think I will lack the status to do some wood chopping.

“Okay, so I’ll take the wood chopping for now, and if it appears to be no good, I’ll help with the processing of the moonlight trees.
Excuse me, Mr.

After exchanging opinions with the viewers, I decided to take the wood chopping quest for the time being and called out to Maruishi, who seemed to be doing some miscellaneous work.

When he heard my call, he looked up and came over to me with a satisfied look on his face.

“I see you’ve decided on a quest to take on.”

“For now, I’ll take the request to chop wood from the moonlight tree and help with the processing.”

“Oh, you’re going to do that?”

When I verbally requested the job I was going to take, Maruishi gave a very surprising response.

“Is it no good?”

“No, it’s very much appreciated.
But there are some conditions regarding the chopping of the moonlight tree.
What is your strength level, Sukuna?”

If it was muscle strength, the value would be quite high right now.
I’ve got a lot of extra bonus status points too, and it’s easy to forget that the [Douji] has a physical status correction that would be added as extra status too.

However, I haven’t kept track after I passed the 300 mark.

“Umm, it’s….
over 350.”

“Oh, that’s more than enough! Thank you very much!”

When Maruishi heard my strength value, he looked very happy and said so.
I was also surprised to see how excited he was.

“It’s the name of the most common tree in the forest.
It’s a wonderful wood that can be used as fuel, lumber, and even for armor, but it’s… also very hard.”


“You need a special tool to split it, and it takes a lot of strength to wield one.”

“Oh, so you need to have a strength level of 300 or more?”

I clapped my hands as Maruishi nodded his head as if saying that’s what he meant.

This is the part of the status that you were talking about earlier.
I see.
You don’t need strength to chop wood.
You need strength to hold the axe for chopping wood.

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“Even though the demon tribe has excellent physical skills, it is still difficult to exceed 300 muscle strength without talent.
Even in this day and age, with menu cards that make levels and statuses visible, not many residents have reached that level.”

As Maruishi said, the strength status of the oni tribe is high.
If you don’t take into account bonuses, their base value is 1.3 times compared to the human race.

This means that at level 1, you have 13 STR as default, plus 10 bonus point, but since the demon race is always assigned one of their points to the magic stat by default, the maximum value at level 1 they could have is 22.

If we assume that players and NPCs have an equal bonus of 5 points per level and divide the remaining 278, we can see that if you focus the bonus for roughly 56 levels, you can exceed 300.

In fact, every level up increases your strength by 1.3 points, so you can add 13 points per 10 levels to the calculation.

If you keep doing this until you reach around level 50 or so, you’ll probably get over 300.

However, this is only for the case where can maximize the strength value distribution.

The bonus status points of NPCs are randomly assigned to some extent, so unless you are loved by a God, like Kohaku, your status will not be that convenient.

If you think about it, even if your stats are focused toward strength to some extent, you probably won’t reach 300 strength until you level up to around level 100.

I’ve also spent nearly 40 levels worth of bonuses points on strength alone.

“Is chopping wood for the moonlight tree only possible for a few people in the village?”

“Yeah, that’s right.
There are craftsmen who specialize in this, but to be honest, I’d rather have someone that strong guarding the village.
…still, the need for wood from moonlight trees is plenty, so I want to make use of them somehow.
That’s why this much or less always ended up as a permanent quest.”

So it’s not that this quest isn’t popular.
It’s simply that there are very few people who can chop wood from the moonlight trees.
It’s no use if you don’t have enough stats.

There aren’t that many players who are as focused as I am, and not all players with strength values over 300 come to the oni village.

At let’s say they did come.
I also understand if they choose to take the other quest.

Well, that said, this is the perfect quest for me right now.

“Okay, I’m going to do it will all my might!”

“Oooh, I can feel your determination! Then can you go here first?”

Maruishi then handed me a map of the village with one large red circle on it.

He probably meant that we should go to the place with this red circle.

“First of all, you can borrow an axe here and learn how to chop wood.
It’s a workshop, and the best woodworker in the village lives there.”

“I understand!”

“Well then, good luck!”

I walked out of the gathering center and waved to the smiling Maruishi.

“Let’s go!”

“Isn’t it funny that it feels like we’re going to war?”

I headed to the woodworker’s workshop to borrow an axe, while tilting my head at the viewer, who sometimes gets excited about reasons I don’t understand.


A note:

I did a quick calculation and found that the muscle strength value of the Sukuna was much higher than I imagined.

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