the technique I used.
Or is it different.?

“Will it overcome my inability to perform well close-quarter combat?”

“Yes, technically, it’s not that different from what I taught you in the past.”

“True… at some point, I realized, depending on how you use it, it could be used as a killing technique.”

As Toki said earlier, I could kill people just by applying a touch to their vital point.

And that’s not something you want to teach a four- or five-year-old child…

“Nanaka, I don’t think you hate the melee combat either.
And even though you could not settle for the result, but I’m sure you had fun fighting the PK player.”

“Yes, I did enjoy the fight with Rou.”

The only PK player I’ve fought in WLO is Rou, the murder princess.

I didn’t stream my fight with Rou, so she probably heard about it from Rin-chan.

I enjoyed my fight with her, though it got interrupted by the sudden intrusion.

“Since the day you almost destroyed your mother in the real world, you have an unconscious fear of hurting people.
And the fact that you have no mercy for monsters is probably due to the memory of the time you protected Rinne from that mad dog.”

Now that she said it, that’s probably the truth.

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It’s true that I was traumatized by the injury I caused to my mother, and it’s also true that I lost my tolerance for animals because of the time I had to protect Rin-chan.

However, just because someone pointed it out to me, would I be able to change it so easily?

Perhaps such thoughts were showing on my face, but Toki patted me on the head to calm me down.

“It’s okay.
The current Nanaka can easily overcome that fear.
This is because the root of that fear is the trauma of hurting your mother caused by the lack of control of your power.”

“Is it really… the truth?””

“Yes, you overcame control of your powers a long time ago, didn’t you? Now won’t hurt people using it.
You can love butterflies and flowers, but you can also slaughter beasts of prey.
Wouldn’t it be easier if you were self-aware of it?”

I chewed on Toki’s words as if they were an admonition.

That’s right.
It’s been almost ten years since I’ve had this extraordinary physical ability under my complete control, so why didn’t I realize it?

The only reason I hurt my mother that time was because I genuinely couldn’t control the amount of force I used.

And I can do it now, and there’s no way I could ever repeat the same mistake.

I felt the confidence rising up inside.

Toki smiled at me, clasped her hands together lightly, and said,

“Now, even though you have understood it, it won’t be so easy to overcome your trauma.
So let’s practice first.
You need to get used to the sensation of killing people.” {…}


“We can’t do it in this VR Dojo, so I’ll change the location.”

When Toki fiddled with the menu window, the view of what had been a spacious dojo turned into a jungle, and our clothes changed to camouflage military uniforms.

“Originally, this space is an anti-military combat simulation software that I developed to study it.
VR Dojo is just one of the functions of this software.
It should be used this way.”

“Wow, that’s really useful.”

Is it really necessary to study military combat if you’re not a soldier? Well, putting this question aside, the jungle’s design is very well done.
It looks like the Amazon rainforest, very exciting.

“Let’s get started.
Usually, people will use the one vs five mode, but for …Nanaka, I think we’ll start with one vs one thousand.”


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Toki just said something ridiculous with a beautiful smile on her face, then she did something in her menu.

Shortly after that, I could feel a presence in my surrounding.

The peaceful jungle was suddenly dominated by the pressure of a battlefield.

Today, we’re going to skip dinner until we complete this simulation.
Don’t worry, Nanaka can do it.
Even me can clear the one vs hundred mode.”

She smiled kindly, but I could only see her smile like that of a demon.

“Bu-but one versus thous— Hiiii!?”

I was about to protest when a bullet struck me in the foot.

Judging by the ground damage, is it sniper?

Is this seriously “anti-military” training?

“Good luck.”

She handed me the thick survival knife that Toki had just taken out earlier.

And she turned into a light particle and left.

The camouflage military uniform that I wear all holds no weapons of any kind.

Eh? Do I have to fight only using this knife against the entire army??

“Isn’t this too hard!??”

And so, begins the death game against the army, where I don’t even know where the word “guidance” has gone.


A collection of settings that don’t matter at all

Anti-military combat simulation software [Takajou-Style Spartan☆Training]

This is a combat simulation software used only by those who are supposed to protect important people in the Takajou group, especially the main family.
It is mainly used to train bodyguards, but this one is a heavily modified version of the art of killing simulation software that Toki originally created for her own hobby.
There are two modes: real mode and game mode.
You can train with realistic bleeding in real mode and in-game mode.
You can train with restricted bleeding.

In the military combat simulation, there are many stage selections such as jungle, wilderness, and urban battles, and the number of opponents can be set from five to 100,000 and the difficulty level.
In addition, there are many extra features such as VR Dojo, VR Academy, VR Pool, etc.

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