The guy who rides a horse and shoots the target with a bow

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“Well… it’s time for sightseeing!”

“It was really dangerous, okay?”

It’s not like the curse will be infectious…, but it’s also true that it’s harmful because I was burning Hakuyo’s skin earlier.

Thanks to the bracelet I wore on my right arm, I didn’t get the stares I had received earlier.
They have been staring at me as if I’m something dangerous.
So at least, now, my youki has been properly suppressed.

Even so, they still get occasionally scared.
I guess it can’t be helped.
I still have cracks all over my body.

“I need to start to run some errands… but… not much time left for me today.”

It’s already getting late in the evening.

I have to finish my stream by 6:00 today, so I guess I can only look around the village for a bit.

Maybe she should mention it periodically.>

“There’s nothing else for me to do here.”

I’m doing it now because it’s fun, and I didn’t know how close could I get to the viewers when I first started.

But now, streaming has become my job.
Well, my quota is five times a week for two hours each, so I’m way over my quota for that.

“By the way, it’s been almost a month since my first broadcast.
It seems like it was a long time ago, but time goes so quickly.”

<↑ I did.>

<↑didn’t even bother to hide that he is a regular.>

“It’s really frustrating that her direct marketing made me become a bludgeoning oni girl.”

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“What? I’m always doing my everything in a neat and tidy manner.”


“To apologize to neat and tidy is too much… “

I don’t think I’ve done anything vulgar or abusive at all.
…be neat and tidy is hard.

“Then what…? It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy, but don’t you want to call me something other than a bludgeoning oni girl?”

“Well, I’m definitely a rari… a rare beast!?”

<↑ What the other series?>


“I know it sounds good, and it’s easy to say, but …… and what’s a shimoheiya?”

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You all know so much.”

Sniper seems to lose their effectiveness nowadays since now the usage of missiles has become more common, but in the past, it was only infantry, tanks, and fighter planes.

I think I can do a 300 meter no-scope headshot.
If it’s within the effective range of the weapon, I could secure a kill it with one shot.

“Back to the topic at hand, if there’s anything you want me to do for the one-month anniversary, let me know.
I’ll do what I can.”

<↑ I will die!>

<↑ Devil Sugi!> {tln}

<↑ Is there are monsters who did this for real.>

<↑ Rinne did…>

“No, I don’t know.
What does it stand for?”

“Oh, ….maybe I’ve seen Rin-chan play it.
Didn’t she do some huge construction of a castle or something?”

A viewer gave me this information, and it brought back a faint memory.
It must have been a sandbox game, a kind of private garden game.

I remember Rin-chan mobilizing all her followers to build a ridiculous castle.

Oh, it seems I was right.

The title was called World Crafters, right?

People who get into that kind of game get really into it, and people who don’t get into it won’t ever touch it again.
It’s that type of game genre.

By the way, I’m the type who never got into it.
I think there are a certain number of people who would rather fight than create.

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“The VR version is out, right? Then I’ll ask Rin-chan for it later.”

Put it in the library.>

Ask Rinne to teach you how to order it.>

<↑ If I send it to Rinne’s mail, it’ll be delivered to Sukuna, right?>

<↑ Yeah, sure.>

<↑ some people want to send it to Sukuna himself.>

“The story is going on without me… What is the Shinkai anyway?”

“I’ve only done newspaper delivery.
I’ve done some sorting in warehouses, but it’s basically food products sent to retail stores, and most of that is done by robots now.
Besides, I’ve never done mail order.”

I’m not a shopper to begin with.

Actually, I never did online shopping at all, and if I needed something, I could get it at a mass retailer.

When I worked part-time at a warehouse, my job was not to sort packages but to manage the charging of robots, so I guess not many distribution companies use human power nowadays.

It’s a convenient but hard world.

“Um? I hear a voice coming from over there.”

As I was walking around the demon village while chatting with viewers, I suddenly heard a voice coming from my left.

And not just one, it was a rather noisy, boisterous voice.

“Maybe they’re doing something.”

Oh, I see.>

It’s a show.>

Some of the viewers seemed to have an idea of what it is.

The center of the commotion seems to be on the next street across from the house from the street I’m walking on, so I move toward it through the alley.

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As I get closer, I can hear the sound of horseshoes.
I wonder if these are horses.
I don’t hear that many, so it doesn’t sound like a horse race.

As I passed through the alley, I saw a dozen or so players and NPCs.

It was like a training ground with countless targets.

“Oh… It’s… the kind of sports where you ride a horse and shoot a target with a bow.”

A Horseback Archery.>

“I just forgot what it’s called!”

It can’t be helped!

Yabusame is almost extinct nowadays! I’ve only seen it on TV.

Perhaps because I argued with the viewer a little too loudly, some of the audience members who were watching the yabusame turned their gazes towards me.

One of them, a female player from the Oni race, came running towards me.

“Sukuna-tasso! It’s Sukuna-tasso! UWOOOOO It’s the real Sukuna-tasso!!”



I was so overwhelmed by the pressure that I hit her.

I’m sure it didn’t do any damage since I punched her lightly, but it did make a loud noise.

{Teppen Himiko}

“Eh? That was Teppimi?”

I wondered what was going on when she suddenly jumped at me, but it turned out to be Teppen Himiko, who had been commenting on my chat every now and then since this morning.

“That’s right!”


“I apologize for jumping on you, but please don’t look at me like I’m some pervert.”

The woman who stood up vigorously looked a little sad, but she removed the sand from her kimono with a beautiful movement.

Kimono equipment.
My red wolf costume was just a battle suit with elements of a kimono, but hers was a proper kimono just like Kohaku’s.
She also taller than me, which is probably average height for women.

“Once again, I’m Teppen Himiko.
I always enjoy watching Sukuna’s videos.
Nice to meet you!”

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you.”

Player name: Teppen Himiko.

I shook hands with Himiko, who smiled with a very happy expression.

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