aken aback by the honest reaction? Even though there are still just a few tens of watchers, the comments were quickly being filled.

He too, put it and non-offensive comments.

『That’s great.
Ah, welcome to the first timers.
Well then let’s start with the stream.
You can call me Sukuna.
Yesterday the people from the stream with Rin-chan-..Rinne, then you might know me』


The words that came out of the streamer――Sukuna who said it said rather calmly, taking those words in, took some time to chew in.

Rin-chan? starting from those, was associated with the name Rinne which is from 『HEROES』, and from the incoming comments, the girl right before him was a player that is just becoming a pro gamer.

He knew that info of a newcomer coming to 『HEROES』.

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Just that, he is not that interested in Esports, he stayed just a fan of Rinne who live streams.

And furthermore, the live stream where Sukuna appeared, even though he was fishing through the other newcomers, he totally didn’t see it.

(S-so regretful….I see, so she actually live streamed yesterday)

Among the few viewers there were already a few Sukuna fans, he mourns over the fact that he missed it.

(But though….she has equipment that matches her level.
Since she has an iron club that means she has a blunt weapon skill? it’s rare for a girl to have it)

Getting a grip on himself, he once again took another look at Sukuna’s equipment.

Iron plate equipment and chainmail, having trousers with a belt means that there is also a chance that she has a throwing skill.
Equipping that is only for equipping throwing items, as it status is the same as trousers.

And her weapon is an iron club.
Ogre tribe might be popular among females; it is rare for them to use that, good or bad the looks of her equipment, you could say that it’s unrefined yet reliable.

(You can say unbalance i guess but….that sure is nice)

Jumping on to the feel energetically, she instantly killed a pack of wolves.

Sukuna who precisely aimed for the weak spots or soft spots killing them in one hit, she continues to converse to the comments as if it was nothing.

(She is too good at fighting.
What was that right now? is she putting most of her points on her dex or something? Smashing a wolf’s head that fast is….)

And moreover whenever she found a prey, the glint in her eyes immediately changed into that of a wild beast, when you thought that she instantly defeated them, she just quickly went back to her pretty eyes suiting her appearance.

It was as if I was having a delusion of her being possessed by something.

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(She will rise up.
There is no mistake)

His veteran experience as a viewer felt Sukuna’s potential in his spine.

After that, she suddenly muttered about destroying the human body and laughing at it and then getting excited in a sudden boss battle.

Becoming totally addicted to it was, in a way, it was natural.

「Now then, it will start again on 1 right?」

The farthest in the game, the clan 《Ryuu no Kiba -Dragon’s fang-》.

He who is the creator supporting that clan is, readied his equipment and started moving.

And that was to meet the new player who has the undefeated named boss monster materials…..
an excuse to hold himself back on getting in touch, or basically to become Friends with Sukuna.

Fortunately, his specialization right now should be very helpful to Sukuna.

If it goes well, then he should be able to make something from the named materials.

「Though It’s not my rule to be over optimistic though」

It is always those who take action who will have the chance of opportunity.

While holding some greedy thoughts, He ran through from their headquarters at the 4th town 《Fias》to the Town of Beginning.

His day mostly consists of watching live streams and making equipment, inside the game, he is the most elite loafer.

Right now the top player who was supporting the front line in the backstage too is nothing but a fan.

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