tal was used, but I was impressed by its dim metallic blue color.

“I call it [Ice Mace – Mk.III] It’s a one-handed mace with the ice attribute.”

“Ice attribute! Then you can go and strike the boss weakness, right?”

“Yeah, the attribute damage still passes normally.
But since I don’t have a high number of STR like Sukuna, it’s broke my armor before I could finish the fight.
Though it certainly effective to raise the attribute attack to a certain point.”

“Oh, I see.
Doesn’t that mean that attribute damage itself is nullified?”

Physical damage is the damage calculated by using only weapon attack power, while attribute damage is the additional damage calculated separately.

For example, let’s say you have a weapon that deals 10 physical damage when you hit it normally.
If the weapon is given an ice attribute value that allows it to deal 10 attributed damage, it will deal a total of 20 damage.

Against an enemy whose weakness is the ice attribute, this ice attribute damage will be twice as powerful, and the total damage will be 30.

On the other hand, against monsters that nullify the ice attribute, only the physical damage will be taken away, so the damage will only be 10.

I guess what Meguru meant earlier was that water and ice attributes won’t get amplified against this boss.
However, water and ice attributes themselves still can be used normally.

If you want to gain an effect from an attribute weapon or an attribute attack, you need to prepare higher-ranked water or ice attribute.

By the way, blunt and slash resistances affect the calculation of physical damage, and they fall into the physical resistance category.

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On the other hand, these resistances are not affected by attribute attacks, so it is very effective to use attribute attacks against monsters with physical resistances.

I don’t have the means to use attribute attacks, so I have to use the brute force method.

“Attribute weapons are beautiful…”

“It’s a specialized weapon that has an attribute value.
Mine was created using attribute crystals based on ice metal.
It becomes a bit fragile as side effects, but it won’t be so weak that it would break from using it normally.
So, it’s fine as long as you’re not using it as a defensive weapon.”

“My [Yoiyami] also has gravity attributes, but that one only will increase or decrease physical damage… so it’s fresh to see an element attached to a weapon.”

The crimson jewel that Meneas gave me was used as a material for the [Yoiyami], and I also have a water dragon crystal I got in Trillia, but I haven’t used that one.

“It’s rare to see a gravity attribute.
Where did you get such an item?”

“It’s from the rewards of Stardust event’s monster house.
It’s a type of item that requires MP to use, and I’m currently cursed, so I can’t use it.”

By the way, the gimmick of [Yoiyami] is not its gravity attribute.
Haruru had used many rare materials for this gimmick, and I think it could play active parts against the Volcano Golem.

“I see… by the way.
I heard that you headed to oni village to break that curse?”

“I don’t know if I can break it, but I guess that’s what I’m planning to do.”

My MP, magic attack, and magic defense were almost nonexistent from the start, so the curse gave me practically no penalty.

But as my viewers mentioned, my looks are rather pitiful, and I can’t bring the full potential of [Yoiyami] like this.

“If we can defeat the boss, the demon village is going to be frenzied.”

“I’m also looking forward to meeting everyone.”

“And that everyone is for sure were waiting for you to Sukuna.
Well, for now, let’s focus on this.
Please take a look at the bottom of the valley.”


As I was talking with Meguru around the bridge, I followed her advice and looked down to look at the bottom of the valley.

There was nothing special about the valley except the magma flowing about 100 meters below.

“There’s a hole that looks like it could be something.”

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“You see it? That’s the hidden passage that leads to the Volcano Golem.”

“I see, that’s a cool hidden passage.”

I wouldn’t normally think of going there, but there’s a passageway in a place where there’s definitely a hint of something.
There is a foothold that you can just about land on, so if you can land there, you can probably get inside without any problems.

There are no tricks.
It’s just a hidden passageway that any careful person can find.

And I love this kind of thing.

“By the way, how are we going to get there? At this height, you’ll die from falling damage, right?”

“There is an item called a [Float Crystal] that is sold in Griffith.
It is a disposable item that can nullify falling damage during non-combat situations.
We’ll use that this time.”

“That’s convenient, but it sounds like an effect that could be abused.”

I took the crystal that Meguru handed me and looked at the hidden passageway below me.

“So, let’s do this!”

“and kill the boss!”

After watching Meguru jump into the valley floor without hesitation and land on the platform of the hidden passage, I also jumped into the valley depth.

The hidden boss, Volcano Golem.

I smiled, unable to contain my excitement at the perfect opponent for my current self.


The recommended difficulty level for defeating the Volcano Golem is four or more level 70 players.
The average level of players in Griffith is around 55, so Meguru had difficulty gathering companions to fight with him.

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