BTOG 129 – Laid-back stream

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September 23, 2021


Relaxed streaming atmosphere.


“The question is, which one I should capture? the World Tree Cave or the Ancient Ruins of Flame?”

As I landed in Fias, I consulted with my viewers about my next plan while restocking items at the NPC store.

“I’ve heard that the easier one in terms of difficulty is the World Tree Cave.
But as if in contrast with the difficulty, its area is way bigger.”

“Yeah, that’s what I heard.”

It’s a huge tree that rises in the northeast of Fias, and it looks like it’s at least 2,000 meters tall when you look at it.

The top of the tree is completely hidden in the clouds, so we don’t even know how high it is, to begin with.

That was the huge tree that synonymous with a superpower in any game, the World Tree.

Its dungeon’s diameter inside the hollow part of the three is bigger than Fias.

“The ancient ruins are located in the permanent scorched earth, but we went close to it once in the past stream, right? You know, it’s where the Slime reside.”

“I’m using it as the material for [Yoiyami], I love [Kagenui], but this child is also cute.”

I softly patted [Yoiyami] that been hanging in my back.

With the required strength value of 295, the attack power is more than 100, not to mention its gravity.
This child is an excellent Kanabou.
{Oni club, I should add a picture of Kanabou}

Furthermore, Haruru said that there was a certain gimmick set up in this weapon.

“a powerful gimmick is still sleeping on this child.”

“Hmm, maybe?”

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< It’s really crazy that it requires almost 300.>

“I didn’t know how much big sword weighed, and my sense is probably a bit off since I’ve only been using heavy weapon since I got that Heavy Metal Gauntlet.”

Ah, but the Kanabou I brought from Trillia is quite light.
I’m sure it was made from a material called light steel (karuhagane).

Since there’s a high-ranking metal called Over Heavy Metal beyond Heavy Metal, there probably exists a higher-ranked material in the light steel category.

“Well, I could raise my STR to 400 if I invest all my bonus points.”

“Is this some kind of animal powerhouse championship?”

If you invest all the status points you gained up to level 100 to one stat, you will end up with a total 500 point increase in the said stat.

By the way, I’m getting 60 more bonus points than most people because I’m defeated the Named in two categories, solo and raid.
In my case, since I started having Meteor Impact at around level 30, I’ve been focusing my stat on strength and dumping all my points into it.

When you consider the fact that the Oni race is 1.3 times more likely to increase their physical skill status than other races, it was inevitable that if they specialized in one status, the number would be quite high.

And I still have 45 points from the nine levels I gained in the Defeat the Apostle event and 30 points from the named bonus, so I can now raise any of my stats by 75 points.

I’m getting to the point where I’m overloaded with STR.
I guess it’s time to open a new door.

“Well, against this kind of enemy, the performance of the equipment is a bit excessive.

< you’re not talking about weapon performance, are you?>

The defensive power of the red wolf set is still viable around these parts, but on the contrary, I think Yoiyami is overkill.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to tackling the new dungeon.

“There are still strong enemies waiting for me that I haven’t seen yet!”

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“There’s no blood in WLO, okay?”

This is a very wholesome game, so there is no bloodshed whatsoever.

There is some red particle scattered, though.

< There’s no blood.>

“Not necessarily true, I’m just aiming for the part of the fight where I can take away the most mobility of my enemy.”

This is a habit.
I know that if I destroy one part of the body, it will usually become immobile, so my body will move on its own to destroy the part that is easiest to aim at first.

Even if it’s not a vital point, breaking the arms from the foreleg will slow them down, and crushing their thighs will have an even greater effect.

Basically, aiming at the base of the limb is recommended because their movement will increase the pain, but it is difficult because the base is easy to protect.

Also, in games, even if you break a bone or something, the target won’t be able to move it, but it doesn’t hurt.

In the end, the quickest way is to crush the arm from the front so the opponents cannot hold their weapon.

< Sukuna’s Lesson about Human Destruction.>

< I’m also aiming for the vital point, but the only person capable of destroying it is Sukuna.>

“By the way, if you want to destroy a human opponent without a weapon, the easiest way is to use Newaza rather than directly hitting it.” {Newaza: Judo grappling tech.}

“Uh, you see… Rin-chan has always been a bit of a target.”

She was the daughter of a millionaire.

She was often targeted by thugs both inside and outside the school.

Of course, there were plenty of bodyguards, but it was my job to take down those who were lucky enough to get past them.
In other words, I was the closest thing resembled a bodyguard.

There were plenty of people who showed me how to do self-defense, so I knew how to neutralize them.

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“It’s not easy being rich, is it?”

< She’s something beyond the word ‘rich.>

< Rinne’s on a different level.>

< She’s the richest gamer in Japan, and her wealth purely coming from playing games.>

< I’m not even jealous.>

“For now? I guess you can say that.
Though I have a lot of money saved up, it pales in comparison to Rinne’s.”

Although I have inherited some money from my parents, I am a person who has a rather large amount of savings.
To be more specific, I have over eight-figures.

After all, for the past six years, I’ve lived my life with no expenses except for food, rent, utilities, and minimal living expenses.

I’ve never been sick in my life, I’ve never had any hobbies until I started playing this game, and I’ve never owned anything that I could accidentally break.

Anyway, I had a lot of saved, and all I did was work multiple part-time jobs, and I was making about 400,000 yen a month.

Since I earned that much money, I never had a food problem even though I consume more food than a normal person.

“But Rin-chan also not a big spender.
Even today’s breakfast was convenience store bread and nutritional jelly.”

I don’t mind as long as I get enough to eat, and Rin-chan is not interested in food.

Rin-chan herself is a very good cook, but she rarely did.
In fact, she’s the type of person who considers meals a waste of time because she can use the time to cook to play video games for hours on end.

Rin-chan, in particular, unlike me, has good fuel efficiency, so if she drinks one jelly drink in the morning, she can be active for half a day without any problem.

But that’s not enough for me, so I have to buy a lump of calories in the form of sweet bread.

“Sweetbread is good, you know? I like them because they are tasty, and they also have a lot of calories.
I ate seven of them this morning.”

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< She’s had about 3,000 calories this morning.>

That’s rude to add such a trait to my profile.
And it’s not on purpose, and it’s not my fault that I have bad fuel efficiency.

“I don’t know anything about cars.”

I have a driver’s license, but I don’t know enough about cars even to know what kind of car I’m driving.

Square, round, flat, big.
That’s how you can tell the difference between cars, right?

“It’s been a bit of a dull day; do you want to go to the dungeon soon?”

“Let’s start the journey for the Oni village! Let’s go to the ancient ruins as we decided before.”

“Oh, you bet it will.”

I stocked up the cold tomatoes for the first time in two weeks at an NPC store on the way to the ancient ruins of the Flame.


In her previous home, Nana’s house doesn’t have any furniture except when she uses it for daily necessities.
A futon, some clothes bought for her by Rinne, and a few valuables that fit in her bag.
That’s all there was.

Since she’s a super minimalist like that, she has quite a lot of money saved up.
However, in front of Rinne, that was nothing.

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