BTOG 127 – in jail

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September 19, 2021


Result check times.
I’m finally back at WLO.


“I can’t say I don’t understand why this is necessary…”

I muttered to myself, lonely on the cold stone pavement.

It’s my fault.
I know that.

But couldn’t you have made it a little more ….compassionate?


“…You don’t need to put me in jail.”

“Don’t laugh!”

Yes, I was sitting in a jail cell in the city of beginnings.

“I finally got my login restriction lifted.”

As I ate some bread for breakfast, I reported my irrepressible happiness to Rin-chan.

Yesterday, I enjoyed playing Zero Wars for the first time in a long time, but I still had too much energy because I didn’t move my body.

Well, VR games also not really giving you real exercise either, but it’s all about how you feel about it.

“Yeah, I know.
You can’t wait to dive in, can you?”


“I’m expecting a visitor this evening, so you’ll have to leave around 6:00.”


“I’m going to relax a bit and then dive.”

She said sleepily, leaning back against the sofa and start dozing off.

Well, it cannot be helped.
It’s 06:00 am now; I’m sure she still wants to sleep.

Since Rinne is basically a home-centered gamer, and her mornings are usually slow, aside from when she’s doing the quest with me.

I didn’t want to wake her up, so I quickly laid down on the VR machine and dived in.

And that’s how I got up and quickly logged into WLO in about 20 minutes.

I was rolled rather roughly on the cobblestones and had to feel the indescribable experience of kissing a cold stone.

“The charge was a one-sided attack on an NPC.”


“Damn it… I cannot even deny that!”

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In short, my attack on the little girl …or to be exact, to Melty in disguise, may have been treated as a crime.

Or perhaps, I do hurt an NPC because of my fight with Kohaku.
The battle with Kohaku itself was on mutual consent, so I don’t think it’s counts as a violation of the rules.

“I should just treat this as a new experience, I guess?”

<“↑ I lol-ed.>

“Stop making fun of me.”

It’s not like it’s totally flat!

“Well, I’m free now, do you guys okay with me checking the results of the raid battle?”

How much HP Sukuna cut down by herself?>


[Ars Nova, the Great Dragon of Waves], It was the strongest enemy I’ve ever fought.
…Although the power difference is still too high if we compared it to Kohaku or the True Dragon of Apocalypse, it was at least strong enough that I felt it would have been impossible to defeat it without [Furious Rage].

Nevertheless, now I feel a strong sense of gratitude that it brought back memories and emotions that I had forgotten.
All the tremendous anger I had at the time was gone, and I was honestly satisfied that I had defeated Ars Nova.

More than anything, I could feel the thrill of unleashing the strongest art of the [Bare-handed Fighting] skill, [Zekken Yui].

That blow that had been empowered by the [Furious Rage] would probably destroy the giant dragon, even if it had its full HP.

The power of the [Zekken] is equal to the full-course [Jyuju Sakura] if it lands directly.

[Jyuju Sakura] can shave 80% of a single HP bar without any attack buff.

The buff from the dead skill would multiply my damage by ten times, or simply put, the damage [Zekken] unleashed will be equal to 8 layers of HP bar.

Even without detailed calculations, it was clear that it had the power to one-shot the dragon.

There was a part of me that wanted to see that kind of violence again.
However, I was also sure that such a day would never come again.

“Right… my status is not even decent right now.”

“How to put this… well, I’m now cursed as the price to use that [Furious Rage].”

It’s not as bad as it was then, but my avatar still has black cracks all over it.

Status Abnormality: Kishin Corruption.

This is a curse that punishes those who have lost themselves to disaster and is a sign that the power of the Kishin has dyed their bodies.
All status values related to magic skills will be reduced to zero, and the maximum HP value will be halved.
In addition, all arts cannot be used, and all skill effects are nullified.
It is said that method to cleanse this lies in a place with a strong connection to Kishin.

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There you have it, the curse I’m under.

In other words, I have zero MP, no magic attack, and no magic defense right now, and my HP has been reduced by half.

Personally, I still think it’s merciful that my physical skills aren’t sealed.

It’s a shame that I can’t use the gravity attribute of the Yoiyami because it requires MP consumption to activate.

Also, I don’t know where is the place with the strong Kishin influence, but I think I need to get this over with as soon as possible.

“I look like a lizard…”



I need to check my level and money.
Well, I could see the status without logging in, so at least I know my level.

“I’ve got my level up from 77 to 86.”

I guess so, I don’t know if this comes from MVP bonus or the raid itself gives a huge amount of EXP, but this is the second biggest prize in this Dragon subjugation.

By the way, Iris I got is about a million.
It’s not a small amount, but it’s a bit of a letdown because Gold rewards are much higher than this.

Even so, the huge amount of experience more than makes up for it.

“I’m grateful for that because leveling is becoming quite difficult.
Well, I guess the next step is to check the event ranking reward.
After that, we will check the raid boss reward.”

Because Rin-chan and I had been working endlessly to get into the event ranking.

“In Server IV, I’m in second place, and Rin is in first.
It seems there’s a difference of 2 points… well 1st place is more suitable for Rin-chan anyway.”

“The rewards are the same up to 5th place.
Anyway, I’d already been happy with four revival potions and accessories they gave me.”

In this event, apologies have been distributed to all players due to the incompetence of the management about the explanations related to the skills I triggered.

The item that was distributed is the centerpiece of this event, the revival potion, which was supposed to be given out only to the top players in the event ranking.

In addition to the apologies revival potion, the top-ranking players also received revival potions for their ranking rewards, so their efforts weren’t wasted.

By the way, the rarity of the revival potions is Epic.
It was a genuine exotic item, with rarity even higher than high rare.

As for accessories, I got a pair of earrings called “Stardust Earrings”.
When equipped, they raise your agility by 20.

These were distributed to the top 100 players in the rankings, making them a very powerful accessory.

This marks the third accessory I’ve gained, along with the choker given to me by Wanda and the hairpin given to me by Shuten.

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I’m going to use it with care.

There are also attribute crystal vouchers, rare mineral vouchers, and so on.

It looks like I’ll be able to exchange stardust shards for another week or so.
Overall, I’ve gotten a lot of things through this event.

I got a lot of money from Gold, got a lot of normal to rare items from the shard exchange, rare items from the ranking rewards, and gained experience from the raid battles.

And most of all….

“I got Named [Soul] as drop item.”

“That child is named monster, right?”

It could be an MVP reward, or it could be the last attack bonus.

The reward is immediately thrown into my inventory, so I don’t know which is which.
But the fact remains that the dragon is treated as a named monster.

By the way, I was also given 30 bonus status points for defeating the Named.
And since I cleared solo raid, I got both bonuses for solo and raid bonus points.

However, the Soul of this Named seemed to be a little different from the other souls.

Item: Apostle’s Soul, Utahime.
{song princess/diva}

Rarity: Named

A soul of great power, dropped very rarely by the Apostle of Utahime.

This item cannot be used to create new armor but can be used to strengthen it.
Armor strengthened with this item will be forced to become Rare: Named.


Perhaps you can call this a mass-produced [Soul].
It does not inherit the characteristics of the giant dragon Ars Nova.
It is just a mass of power.

And this serves as a strengthening material, not the main material itself.
Of course, if you use it, the item will be transformed into named equipment.

And, it’s an item I welcomed.

“I think I’ll use it to strengthen my red wolf armor.”

< Shouldn’t you use it on a weapon?>

“No, Yoiyami will suffice for now.”

And there’s still room to improve my weapon.

All I had to do was gather more money and collect a rarer item, and eventually, I could make a stronger weapon than what I currently have.

However, there is a reason why this is not the case with the red wolf costume.

First of all, I’ve never been able to obtain any materials that can strengthen the Red Wolf Armor.

Not even the materials for the High Rare class were compatible with the Red Wolf costume.
There is no need to talk about anything less than that, and on the other hand, the drop from the red wolf itself is too little for strengthening.

I wanted to use this item that I had acquired for my red wolf costume.
For me, it’s my favorite equipment that I can’t let go of anymore.

As a side note, [Lone Moon Camelia] is equipment that cannot be strengthened, so I never even consider using this [Soul] on it.

“That’s why I will need Konekomaru’s help once again.”

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“I’m curious about the origin of his name.”

Konekomaru is probably on Fias, or perhaps he has gone to Griffith?

But I don’t need to catch up with him right away because I can ask him via friend message now.

Well, I just logged in and haven’t even sent a message yet.

“As for the rest, I got a lot of materials for Ars Nova.
I’ve also got a few titles, though they don’t have any significant effects.”

The [Soul] was a bit of a disappointment, but a lot of the materials were dropped from Ars Nova.

I got quite a bit of material like scales, shells, claws, fangs, and horns, and I hope I could make something out of this.

Well, I guess I’ll leave it to Haruru to turn this into a weapon.
Coincidentally, yesterday my viewers and I just talked about what kind of weapon I should use next.

As for the titles, I got five: [Traveler of the Starry Sky] [Apostle Avenger] [Hero of the City of Beginnings] [Kishin’s Beloved Child] and [Seven Great Disasters.]

The Traveler of the Starry Skies is a reward for being in the top five in the event ranking.
It didn’t have any particular effect.
It was more like an event participation award.

The two [Apostle Avenger] and [Hero of the City of Beginnings] were, of course, rewards from the Defeat the Apostle Battle.
Both have the effect of raising the favorability of NPCs, but that’s all they do.

The two titles [Kishin’s beloved child]  and [Seven Great Disasters] are titles related to [Furious Rage].

It seems that the [Kishin’s beloved child] considerably raises the affection rate of Oni folk.
I didn’t know the conditions for obtaining it, but it’s obviously a title related to my rampage.
They announced something like that, didn’t they?

The [Seven Great Disasters] is a bad title that is imposed on those who activate dead skills.
When equipped, it gives NPCs an intimidating feeling and lowers their likability.

However, it was rather annoying since it will give you a 1% all status boost when you equip it.

Speaking of which, with the big update that came in after the battle the day before yesterday, you can only equip up to five titles.

It’s a good measure to prevent the jumbled mess of titles that will be stacked on each other, but on the other hand, it also forces you to think about your equipment and your title effect.

“Well, that’s it.”

“Oh right, I also got a rare skill.
Let’s see….”

“Hi, excuse me for interrupting your fun…”

Someone suddenly called me from behind while I was having an idle conversation with my viewer.

I turned around to see a nice middle-aged man in a knight’s uniform.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Kyle.
I’m the head of the neighborhood guard in this town.”

“Pleased to you, I’m Sukuna.”

I offered a handshake from behind the bar, and he firmly received it.


A note:

I was put in jail (><)

It’s no surprise that harming a naive NPC girl would get you thrown in one…

Don’t worry.
It’s not a serious development.

Just laugh it off.

Tl note:

I did not translate Utahime meaning because it had a fat chance to be the name of boss NPC.

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