in my hands.

I wonder how much time has passed.
We have been fighting each other that much, I felt that much.

fighting an overwhelmingly stronger being which is the red wolf, I have been burdened with the biggest handicap.

And that is, not really the status difference which is easy to understand.

The most problematic point, the same with everyone else was 「SP」.

My body right now is clearly that of a low level player, if i attack, evade or jump, it’s important that I manage my SP that reduces whatever I do.

However, it seems that the red wolf before me seems like it has no concept of SP, making me think that from the never ending action of his.

If I fought normally then my SP would have been used up, If I won’t be able to move, it’s obvious that I would be cut down.

Though, If I don’t attack I won’t be able to defeat him.

The fighting style I chose in this fight, a rather simple style that I can’t help but settle with it.

Basically it’s, it’s nothing but counter.

Seeing through all movements, in the most little opening, putting in the least damage.

So that my SP won’t run out, so that I won’t be hit.

Just thinking of only that, a conventional method of hunting stronger opponents.

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Giin(sfx), a sound of a hard object hitting something hard resounded as sparks appeared as I ward of the claw attacks, I can’t help it but a smile appeared on me.

My SP was enough thanks to me changing my strategy.
The regeneration exceeded the consumption.

And the wolf before me has no choice but to take a hit and away tactics, a rather thirsty situation.

With the wolf having the nature of living with 4 legs, it’s not that they are good in melee combat.

The fact that they could produce a 「speed」that 2 legs couldn’t produce and combined with their fangs and claws make them dangerous, they could exhibit absolute strength with it.

That’s why Aria the red wolf is, can’t choose being melee with me right now which is the worst possible choice for me.

Consecutive attacks with no intervals that I can’t keep on warding off, that choice that could shave continue shaving off my SP.

The only melee attacks that Aria the red wolf can do is, slash with its front legs, bite, tackle, and tail whip.
He can only do those at most.

One of the reasons that I could keep warding off the attacks from stronger opponents, is because of that simple reason.

Though if you are saying that you could easily take him down like that, then the answer is no.

For example, a charge with enough momentum will have enough power to instantly kill you, and he can ignore the inertia from suddenly stopping from moving fast, and then after that is a consecutive rush attack and tails whips that are a big threat.

It seems like the burden is big so he can’t keep on using it all the time but it greatly reduces my SP, If my focus breaks then I can’t escape from certain death.


Faking a rush by suddenly stopping right before me and biting two times.


Evading by bending my body, and bending my knees to avoid the 2nd attack.

The Jaw from the bit it forced it to, forcibly using the iron club as the axis of the somersault, I kicked it’s chin.

gachin While hearing a rather painful sound of the fangs hitting each other resounded I repaired my posture.

The wolf that recovered from the shock when I kicked it’s chin slashed at me as I repelled it away with my iron club.

「So much fun…..」

The strategy I have that uses counters has a big flaw in which it won’t work as long as the opponent doesn’t attack.

Of course it’s not like I can’t attack but, just as I said there is a huge difference in SP that I can’t cover up.

When I was trying him out in the beginning, a huge amount of SP was used and then all it could do was at most do 10% damage, If I do that all I could is 30% damage and then I would run out of stamina and die.

But if the red wolf decided to wait for me to attack, it’s not difficult to imagine that it would repeat in a draw.

But this fight is not like that.
That’s why Aria decided to put up with it.

Not a massacre but a strong one’s composure.

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Just to have a fair fight.

「Then, let’s keep it up!」

Catching the claws that were swung down by attacking it with my all, I once again furthermore sank into my senses.

No stagnation in the accelerated thoughts, vividly seeing the colorless world.


This exchange was just like a stinging death match with a sword on your throat.

The emotions of joy that I unintentionally let out rules over my brain.

But, chill up, my mind.
Don’t mistake me for someone else.

Stopping the desire of my rampaging violence inside my chest, I just focused on receiving.

This is a fun and enjoyable fight but, the end is not that long.

His remaining HP is less than half, the red wolf having his HP bar turn yellow took a big distance.

The wolf shook its body, and the moonlight pupil turned red.

The glaring eyes captured me, and the red wolf took a step forward with it’s foot.


Feeling a chill, In reflex, I raised my iron club, and I ward away the red wolf’s claw that reached me way faster than I had expected.

It’s not that his strength increased, with the increase of his speed the power probably also increased.

The claws that I couldn’t perfectly ward off scratch my cheek, and I confirmed that it shaved off around 10 percent of my HP, making me feel a shivering chill on my back.

「You’re the best! Aria!!」


Going with the tension, I unintentionally swung my iron club but it was repelled by the wolf’s tail when it rotated.

The same timing as I landed the red wolf rushed at me like a bullet, with the repelled iron club, I swung it down.

GOH with a terrible sound and the direct hit I did as I swung it down greatly shaved off the red wolf’s HP, but the backlash gave me an unimaginable numbness on my hand.


Agonizing from the numbness, the wolf aimed to bit at my neck, as I shamefully crouched to avoid it.

「Looks like I don’t even have time to falter!」

The blood dyed eyes glared at me.

Our fight was reaching the climax.

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