Chapter 103

(3rd PoV) 

The impact itself was just like that of a meteor crashing, the whole arena had cracks running around.
Gold who got directly hit, and even Sukuna too who was the one who used the arts, the tremendous shockwave bared its fang to everything.
Other than Gold who lost all of his HP, Sukuna too who was also blown away by the blast, because she received the explosion in close proximity, she couldn’t keep standing up.
The one that brought this disastrous scene was without a doubt the gimmick that was given to Meteor Impact -Zero Type-.

The gimmick given to Meteor Impact -Zero Type-.
That was,  the 「gunpowder」 hidden beneath the head of a hammer type.

《Finisher》and《Meteor Impact》 too, the destruction of the weapon doesn’t happen after it was used but happens during the collision.
And because of the shock from the impact, the gunpowder that was hidden on the head of a hammer caused a huge explosion.
Though it might have been given a directional blast due to being shaped as a hammer, either way due to the recoil of the explosion the user will also get blown away.
Especially 《Meteor Impact》having more than twice the power of《Finisher》.
Depending on the amount of energy made during the collision, it was made so that the result would occur a huge explosion.


Being blown to the walls of the arena, Sukuna who was buried in rubble stood up.
What Sukuna received was nothing but only the blast and the recoil from the collision.
In the first place if you combine a Kijins tough status and the defensive effects of 《Kikoku no Mai(Dance of the Wailing Ghosts)》, naturally she wouldn’t die from it.
Right now while her HP was slowly being healed by the auto heal, Sukuna sat on one of the rubbles.

The Fight ended.
Silently, the result window only praised Sukuna’s victory.

(Sukuna PoV)(edited)

「Uheee~….I’m tired」

I concentrated too much.
Clapping my hands I cancelled Kikoku no Mai, I equipped Kagenui in exchange for the no longer Meteor Impact -Zero Type-.
It was fun.
Somewhat in some way, its clearly just my 3rd 1v1 but, my battle with Gold was really fun.

『Fuu, man you got me, I give up』


Gold who should have once completely disappeared appeared behind me as if it was normal, I reflexively let out a loud voice.

『Oh, nice reaction』

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「Even though you lost your HP, how in the world are you normally still alive?」

『Well well,  I just respawned okay.
Even in your world, there should be something like avatars right?』

Well, he’s probably like the guide for the trial, so it won’t be strange that he was alive.
And either way these 12 knights, all of them revive whenever you get in the dungeon, the one that Gold said about his body being a virtual body, he might think of it the same as us players with our avatars.

『In the first place fighting「me」was not in the plans.  That’s why, well, my abilities are reduced in half.
But still, I never thought I would lose though….』


『You and that smug face of yours…..oh well, A loss is a loss.
Either way you cleared the trial after all.
But for now, listen to me.
I’ll tell you what will be happening to your world』

From what Gold said, I naturally nodded.
It had gotten way more heated than I thought that I forgot about it but, I still have something I’d like to ask him.

『The labyrinth’s gate, it would close up about two hours when its about to break down.
Can you guess why?』

Listening to Gold’s question, I groaned as I thought.
The gate will break down, which means that what’s going to break is going to break, Gold’s Master….which is Siren, their invasion would no longer be stopped I think.
Would the monster overflow from the labyrinth, or that the valued monsters they are talking about will appear, I don’t know which but, at least I know that if we don’t do anything about it an equal tragedy will fall on us.
If we are to avoid that….thinking about it, the most simple one is this I guess.

「It’s to get enough time to run away from the monsters?」

『That’s right.
I don’t know how many others like you who have the key but…..for the key to display its effect, you need to be inside the labyrinth within those 2 hours.

「So the time limit is 2 hours is it?」

「Well, if those 2 hours have passed then, it would just spew out the monster to your world at the same time.
And naturally, to either one of the towns where the gate is」

So which town with a gate will it be……Which means that the best one would be Zeronoa, and the worst case would be that they would be spewed out at the Town Of Beginning.
If it comes to that, I shudder upon imagining.

If the monster suddenly appears at the Town of Beginning then….
That town being the place where others start out, no matter how much they struggle, it’s a place filled with the weakest players.
To make it more easier to understand,  if a metal bear or a kirabbit, if even if just one of these get is then it would be enough to cause a disaster, the players at the Town of beginning are that weak.
And of course there are NPCs too, there might also be strong players who came back to the Town of Beginning but, those are the minority.
In conclusion, if we don’t prepare for that then we can’t avoid a huge disaster.

『8 years ago too, and the one before that too.
You guys failed the final subjugation.
What happen to your world when that happen, you know it well right?』

「…… Yeah」

I had a serious face as I nodded but, I totally have no idea.

Cause you know, I’m still just a beginner who just started out this game.
I just finally reached my 4th week here, and moreover I’m focusing my all in just advancing through the next town.
I sometimes chat with the Kijin players at their board, it may be that I might be one or two steps ahead in terms of the story quest related to Kijins but, on the contrary I mostly haven’t had a chance to take a quest from a normal NPC.
Mostly it’s just me talking with the lady employee of the guild.

Regarding the world lore, it seems that you can relatively know about the deep lore of it if you get along with the NPC.
That’s why, there might be people who might have info regarding the previous invasion.
However, I don’t basically research stuffs like that, so I don’t know.
Just maybe, during the previous invasion, there might have been a really huge disaster.

「Hey, about this Key.
Do you give this out whenever you pass the trial every invasion?」

『It doesn’t always need to be a key but…..every time a trial is prepared』

「Is there a limit in its amount?」

『None at all.
But, up till now during one invasion, if about 5-6 were able to get it then that would be considered good enough』

Well, honestly I thought it would be like that.
NPCs, unlike players, they have their life to live in this world.
They won’t do runs in the dungeon just to gather up items, and they don’t recklessly do dungeon attacks with dying as a premise.
And among them, to think that there would be more than 5 who were able to pass the trials is surprising.

「Is there like a limit how many can fight at the same time?」

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『At least a party of 6 is not the limit….is I want to say but, I haven’t seen a greater number than that of who passed the trials so I can’t really say anything about it.
Just that, it’s not an opponent you can win with just 6.

「Which means that…..there is a chance that it’s a raid battle」

Raid battle.
In WLO, its 5 parties with 6 members which totals 30 players at the same time, that type of battle.
It’s been more than a month since the release of WLO but, the general idea of Raid battle has been confirmed but, the raid battle itself hasn’t occurred yet.
It may be some sort of Event, or something that would be unlocked if you advance through the main story, there are theories like that I heard from Rin-chan but, arriving up until this point I was finally able to take a glimpse of it.
At the closing of this time’s event, depending on the situation…..

However, the fact that Gold knew about parties as if it was normal was quite a bit of a surprise.

At the adventurer’s guild, NPCs can normally register parties, so the general idea that 1 party consists of 6 members has taken root.
However, that is only regarding our world.
To Gold who should be from another world,  it shouldn’t really have to be that one party has 6 members.

That’s right.
Despite Gold being a Knight of Siren who should be from a different world, they mysteriously know about our world.
Like with 「Sukuna」 or with Shuten.
And moreover, before we fought he said something about the flow of time in this place and our world is different but, despite that he clearly declared that the 「Previous Invasion」 happened 8 years ago.

Hmm, I feel like he is hiding something.
But I don’t know what it is right now.
This game, don’t all of the strong NPC have some sort of secret aren’t they.
Like Kohaku, Shuten, or Gold.
If you totally don’t feel like saying it at all then can’t you stop being so suggestive!

As I was somewhat ranting, I remembered something important to ask about.

「Hey, Gold」


「Why are you telling me, who is supposed to be your enemy, this much info? If you want to make Siren’s invasion a success then, shouldn’t you just go hack and slash without saying anything? 」

Well, as long as he is placed as something like a guide to the trial, then that might be a bad thing to do.
But I’m honestly just curious.
Why is Gold…easily telling me this info? It made me think so because, it was as if he seemed like he just wanted to give us out this Key and info.

『Nn…..hmmm, let’s see.
I guess it’s fine to tell ya』

Gold was kinda putting off airs, and then he sat on one of the rubble and started talking.

『You see, Sukuna.
I’m against this invasion』


『Well, it’s basically just that it’s not like everyone approved of what our Master wants to do.
To be honest I’d like the invasion to fail this time but…..
Even so if I just went ahead and directly helped you guys out, it just doesn’t feel right.
After all, in the end I’m a knight of my Master.
That’s why, I decided to at least appear like this』

After saying that, as if he had nothing more to say he showed his back towards me and pointed towards the exit.

I’m hoping that you guys would be able to beat that guy』

Saying that, red polygons burst out as he quietly disappears.
Don’t just easily go disappearing you know….

It seems that he naturally respawned but, he might have been rather forcing himself to maintain his avatar.

「In the end I feel like he was able to avoid the topic」

Anyway, I was able to clear the Trial, I got the privilege to challenge the monster that Siren would be sending.
I decided that I will talk about this info with Rin-chan as I let my body went through the exit that Gold pointed. 

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