Chapter 102

(3rd PoV) 



As the both of them raised their yells, their weapons collided.
What stopped the exchanges should have been Gold who fell behind in strength.
The moment Sukuna understood that Gold would lose the clash, to soften the force she let her body be blown away by the blow.
Landing softly and without making any sound, Gold who closed the distance pursuing Sukuna, there was an incoming object that would pierce through the visor of his helmet which obstructed him.
The identity of that object was a throwing knife the Sukuna threw just before she landed.
Sukuna’s strong point was that she can also fight in another way than just melee combat.
100% hit rate which is a transcending technique.
Because she had weaved it together with her godly throwing techniques, she could show her true abilities.

Even though with just trying to deflect away the throwing knife, Gold’s sword was deflected away from the unimaginable heaviness out of the throwing knife.
That was normal.
As for why, what Sukuna threw was, after Haruru made Kagenui, she made these precious and the only 5 throwing knives made out of over heavy metal.
Casting aside the intricate moldings and its slashing power, specialized only in piercing.
This weapon that was already close to looking like a kunai, if it hits directly then even a steel armor would be drilled through.

Though she wasn’t able to make Gold drop his sword, Sukuna had already put on a stance for interception.
It was a chance she made after going all through that however, all she could do was get her guard back again.

The both of them were on their guard at the highest degree.
Though it may be like that, the both of them aren’t weaklings that it would make the 2 of them hesitate and make them unable to move.



As the both of them let out a chuckle, they once again clashed.
Bearing clear killing intent, to defeat their enemies.
The fight had already went over 10 minutes, however ever since Sukuna had directly kicked Gold, the both of them had not once received a clean hit.

(But, I’m the one in disadvantage here)

Gold muttered so inside his thoughts.
The aura he activated, was without a mistake a move that you could call a trump card.
The skill name was 《Singing Canary (Kinshijaku no Utagoe)》.
It’s effect was 『Excluding HP, MP, SP, you could make any status value equal to that of your highest status value』.

Gold has most of his status focused on his agility, and its max value is nearly twice as much Sukuna base speed.
Even if you include the speed increase from her Red Wolf Attire, Gold’s agility makes Sukuna’s agility left in the dust.
The reason why he has a status specialized on agility is simple.
As long as the agility in status is directly connected to the 「speed」 of all action, His sword skills that allow him to manipulate speed makes agility indispensable.

Currently, Gold’s 《Singing Canary》made his strength equal to his agility.
And that judgment wasn’t a mistake, you could say that Gold has enough confidence to say that.
The 《4th form Kikoku no Mai (Crying Oni’s Dance)》that Sukuna has activated, Gold knows what it is that’s why he was confident.

The 《Singing Canary》is a  Skill that Gold uses is a status dependent skill that is used to strengthen oneself but, on the other hand it’s a skill that has no use to those who had status that was balanced out.
It has no effect that normally it would buff you to get over your limits.
In the end it’s effect is just limited to just making one status on the same level,

However, even considering that 《Singing Canary》it has an equal advantage.
And one is obviously that if you have a specialized type of status then it’s effect would increase equal to that which is purely an advantage.
And another was, the skill’s time limit.

Buffs are originally something that doesn’t last forever, especially the ones that have strong effects, or those 2 types of self buffs depending on the skills, if it last at most at 10 minutes then that’s considered good.
The ones that Sukuna has like, Garou(ravenous wolf) or Oni no mai (Dance of the oni), because they are powerful they were set so that they would last around 5 minutes.

And in contrast to that, 《Singing Canary》 is aimed for long battles which are set to have 30 minutes which is a very long time limit for a skill.
And that Skills extraordinary activation time was originally given to Gold because of the role he was given but, right now you could say that it was the time that was necessary for this moment right now.
That’s right.
Why is it that a buff that lost a long time is needed? The answer to that was the skill that was activated by the laughing Kijin right in front of him.

(Just how many monsters did she kill to be able to charge that much?)

It was so repulsive that it was chilling, seeing Sukuna continue to wear the bloodstained like dark red aura, Gold thought so.
Actually, including the clean hit Gold did at the beginning, Gold’s attacks hit many times.
Even though Sukuna’s reaction speed has explosively gotten better, there was still the difference in their level, the difference between their base status and the difference in their techniques.
Along with the increased attack power, even just a graze should have given equal damage to Sukuna.
However, as if sneering that effort, Sukuna’s HP had already recovered to its max.

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That’s right,  that itself is one of the effect’s of the《4th Form Kikoku no Mai》.

During activation, for every 10th second it would recover 1% of the max HP, an auto heal.

It was because Gold had fought against a Kijin, who he doesn’t know what their name was, had used it, So he has knowledge regarding that skill.
And of course, he knows the condition of its continuation.

Kikoku no Mai’s activation time is calculated by 《The number of creatures killed x 5 seconds》.  Which basically means that for every 2 its 1% healed.
During the time the dance wasn’t activated, for every -living thing- only she has killed, her HP would endlessly heal itself.
The monsters that Sukuna had been killing up until this point, their wailing voices are, it had become her own power.

(And the fact that it’s not only that is the problem)

That’s right.
Kikoku no mai’s auto heal, in the end it’s just one of the effect.
Kikoku no mai also has another one, an extremely troublesome effect existed.

That was, Strengthening the toughness.
If said in other words, raising the defense power itself.
Whenever Kikoku no Mai was activated, every attack dealt to the user would have the damage reduced by 10% and multiply the value of their toughness by 1.5 max.
And this one has a max of 500 killed.
For every 100 it adds the multiplication by 0.1 to the toughness buff.
( 9: basically increased defense by 10% per 100 killed) Sukuna who had exterminated several monster houses up until now, it was natural that she received the max buff.

Wearing the dead’s griefs, a technique that makes one dance for eternity.
And because of that it was named 《Kikoku no Mai》.
(9: kikoku means wailings of restless ghosts) Aimed for super long battles, it is a self strengthening buff for continuing battles.

「Fu, fufufu, fufufufufufufu」

It seems that something is fun as Sukuna laughs.
While having her pupils dyed in deep deep and deep red.
Deep, deeper and much more deeper.
As one continues to soak their body in the wailing then, then their body gets closer to be that of an oni(demon).
The swaying and trembling pupils, silently narrows down.

(What a monster)

Seeing the cold yet deep red eyes that look at you as if seeing through everything, Gold mutters so in his thoughts.
His figure of holding the sword was, it was as if he was a brave knight challenging the oni(demon).
It was as if Gold had an illusion where their positions were reversed, Sukuna’s pressuring existence made him to be so.



Giiiiin!(sfx) raising a dull sound, Gold’s word collided with Kagenui.
Before the scene that was already repeated so much that one does not know how many times it was, Sukuna was just laughing as if she was bewitched.

It was as if everything was at the palm of her hands, feeling omnipotence that shouldn’t help.
To see.
To hear.
To feel.
To understand.
It was not only her 《Eyes》.
It was as if all her five senses was reborn, the world’s info overflowed.

It was like the chains that had been shackling her body had come off, a refreshing feeling.
Her confidence had grown stronger, sharpened to the point of piercing.
It was something she hadn’t tasted ever since she was born, the joy of being released.

――You will someday understand it.
The freedom of the Virtual World.

“What Arthur said that day, I think I understand it a little bit”

Ever since Sukuna started this game, All she did was nothing but 「the things she can do right from the start」.
Fighting and also her throwing was one of them.
Sukuna had only put it in the physical activities of this avatar, the things she can do normally.
There was no passion in it, no joy in it.
All she could feel was a little bit of the refreshing feeling of going on a rampage and the fun of being able to fight which does not happen ordinarily.

The phenomenon of having 「obstructing the information from sight」, was as shocking as cataclysm.
Because her eyes are good, during her battles she mostly relies on the information from what her eyes perceived greatly, and she assembles her battles through that.
When the time when most of the information became unreliable, inside Sukuna, she was much more disturbed than she thought and was bewildered.


[10:25 AM]

A knight stronger than herself, when she was trifled with their techniques.
What Sukuna chose was not escape nor resignation, it was growth.
Unlike the 「zone」 , which is raising one’s concentration to be able to perceive way more faster objects, that she had displayed during the apocalypse battle.
Sukuna changed the way how the sense of sight itself perceives the world.
If It were to be said in other words, it was as if the 1st person point of view had changed into something like an overhead view, widening one’s field of view.
It was nothing like, the old and rusted thing called growth.
This was already, something close to evolution.

Sukuna, for the first time, had experience crossing over her own limits.
To her who had been shackled ever since being born and living up to this point, she can’t help but feel so pleasant.
Happily and joyfully, Sukuna laughed.

The reason why she used Kikoku no Mai too, was because she wanted to continue and keep on enjoying this enjoyable battle, it was like an emotion like that of a pure and innocent child going to the amusement park.
With Rasetsu no Mai( Dance of the Man-eater) or Moroha no Mai( Double edged dance), No matter who wins 「It would end right away」.

Sukuna right now was, as each 1 second passes by she accomplishes such a thick growth.
And even with this, The Knight named Gold was stronger than Sukuna.
That technique, that experience.
Until she absorbs all of it, she won’t let this fight end.

Really, he sure is strong)

That was really, a time of happiness for her.

Even so, the time to end will come.
10 minutes, 20 minutes and then 30 minutes.
Finally the 《Singing Canary》 that Gold had worn had died out.
That meant that Sukuna had survived a long time such as 30 minutes,  and that Gold wasn’t able to defeat Sukuna in time.

Though Sukuna’s HP might have continued to be healed by the effect of Kikoku no Mai, there was 30% of her HP reduced.
Gold’s HP was, the 2 HP bars became one, and that last bar had 50% damaged.
The both of them were not fully injured yet at the same time the both of them were not undamaged.

『Ha, with this level difference, you sure did a good job surviving it』

「…..Is it the end already?」

『You passed the test already you know.
If it’s the you right now then you should be able to deal with that guy plenty enough.
Just that……』 Sadly and then as if displeased, Sukuna’s shoulder dropped, and before her, Gold once again raised his sword.

『But if you want to continue then, I’m fine being your opponent』

「Aha, this just has to be it」

Seeing Sukuna laugh so innocently as if a child was given a toy, Gold too also had a smile beneath his helmet.
Though still, before they fight Gold has something he needs to do.
Gold incarnated a big golden key, and passed it over to Sukuna.

『For now accept that.
That is the key you need to get to the different dimension I said earlier』

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「It’s literally a key isn’t it」

『What’s important is not the appearance you know』

Making sure that she opened her menu card to put the key in, the both of them readied their weapon as they liked it.
They won’t do something like a cheap surprise attack.
If they did that then, this fight would be stained.

『Here I go』


Gold who put on a new aura of silver and, Sukuna who still was wearing Kikoku no mai.
The final exchange had begun.

(I won’t think what kind of buff that Aura does.
Since either way when I’m using Kikoku no Mai I can’t use other buffs after all)

This buff was different to the one that Gold had been using up until earlier to raise his strength, that’s all she needs to know.
Continuing her defensive posture up until the end, Sukuna put all her soul in countering Gold’s attack.

No matter what kind of trump card Gold plays, Sukuna too also has only one, a trump card that she had been hiding up until now.


The golden Knight howled.
The one who moved first was Gold.
In just a single breath’s time, the body which wore the silver aura, to the point that she couldn’t perceive, The distance between him and Sukuna was closed up.

Up until now is within expectation.
There is no need to be in a hurry.

The problem is right after this.
Just how Gold will do his move, If I predict wrong then I’ll …..
The moment that She thought that, Sukuna noticed it.

(This guy….is not going for any prediction at all!?)

From the state of how Gold was going to swing his sword, She couldn’t see any particle of hesitation at all.
Swinging with all his might, he plans to do his fastest attack that is impossible to evade nor counter to defeat sukuna.
In a way, it was as if it was resurfacing the return of the fight against Aria.

Sukuna who had mixed predicting his attack a bit before, at that point, for just a little, she was late.
The counter won’t make it in time.
Then all she could do is evade.
The moment her concentration reached its extreme limits, in the world where everything is laughably slow,  Sukuna using her super fast thinking and reflex, she sought for the means to escape from this crisis.

However, The Knight of Glamour had showed it’s true self from this point on.
Sukuna who pulled back half of her body to stray away from the trajectory of the sword, Gold’s sword went still.
That was just like a scene in a video.  The sword that swung in high speed downwards, without any indication, it decelerated and stopped .

(For real-…!)

The stopped sword, as if leaping it went to hunt for Sukuna’s neck.
His spirits and attitude too, it was all a trap to lure Sukuna.
So up until this point, he hid this technique.
Imagining the smug grin that Gold will absolutely have beneath his helmet, Sukuna grit her teeth inside her mind.
She might be able to evade it really barely.
However, Sukuna’s posture was already broken.
If there was yet a 2nd pursuit then, it won’t change the desperate situation.

Then! I Don’t care if I have to give up one or 2 of my head!

(I swear I will make that face cry!!)

Sukuna completely ignored the incoming blade, and used her trump card.
Right now, what Sukuna was holding wasn’t 《Kagenui》.
It was a pure heavy metal made two hand mace 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》

With the entrance of Kagenui which was way more stronger and easier to use,  this weapon which was thought to be kept forever in the storage, right now, it came to be spear to fulfill its duty.

The one being what was called Sukuna’s 『Trump Card』, was a certain arts.
That was the《Blunt Weapon》skill’s most strongest arts.
Without a mistake you could say that it is an attack that literally holds the power to be called a certain kill attack.

And that name was 《Meteor Impact》.
Granted upon the one who had raised their 《Blunt weapon》 mastery to 500, the final and the strongest strike.

It’s ability was, completely a superior version of 《Finisher》. 

Basically, sacrificing your weapon to release the greatest and strongest last attack.
From merit to demerit, Everything from 《Finisher》 is exceeded, the extremity of high risk and high return.

This arts was without a mistake the technique which was origin of the name of Haruru’s work 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》.
No, Haruru made it only for this skill to be used on it.
the 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》.
And as for why, Sukuna exchanged weapons from Kagenui.
Meteor Impact -Zero Type- falls behind from attack power, durability and required strength compared to Kagenui, the reason she changed weapons, obviously there was a reason for that.

The day when Sukuna purchased Meteor Impact -Zero Type- from Haruru.
Sukuna who was struggling to even carry the weapon, Haruru secretly whispered it to Sukuna’s ears.

――”That weapon….I have put a certain gimmick in it…..when you use it……please make sure to make it as grand as you can okay…..

For a very long time she wasn’t able to use it, the last gimmick.
This is only the time she can use it.

(Haruru, be sure to look)

The gallant figure of the weapon you made.

「《Meteor ImpaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAct》!!!」

The moment Sukuna howled the arts as she swung.
Along with the thunderous roar that would explode your ears, the world exploded. 

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