Chapter 101

As the battle began, Gold’s name was revealed.
《Golden Knight of Glamour(幻惑) -Gold- Lv 99》.
It’s not the max level but, it’s on the border of reaching 3 digits, the knight before me has gone up to that point.
The 9 knights that I have fought up until now, their average level were just about 60.
Considering that, you could say that Gold is incomparably strong compared to those knights.

Step-in, and swinging downward from overhead.
The speed of the slash was rather lax and the moment when I tried to get ready for a counter to match it’s speed, before I knew it, the blade had reached my neck.


The counter can’t make it in time.
I used the attack that I was about to do to hit the middle section of the sword, deflecting it away making distance.

『Hee~, good choice』

「You dare say that」

The slow attack that makes it look easy to counter, it seems that it was a trap to make you counter it.
The placement of the sword changed as it warped.
I thought it was some sort of skill but, I remember this kind of phenomenon.
Most likely this is just pure technique.

『C’mon c’mon! There’s a lot more coming you know!』

「Fu, ho, there!」

『Haha, good good! Aren’t you dealing with it well!』

While carefully receiving attacks incoming one after another, I understood why gold was given something like the title 《Glamour》.
(9: other meaning of the kanji, is bewitching, fascination and can also be illusion , confusion or something) Gold’s forte was his terrifically elegant changing of the speed of his slashes.
You can’t mostly see the signs of it, the speed of the slashes fluctuates so naturally.
When your eyes recognize the attack, the moment when it is calculating the speed, Gold’s slash bewilderingly changes the speed of it.
The moment before your eyes finishes the processing of the information, it has already gotten a new different information.
And the result is, The prediction of Gold’s movement misses.

And that miss in recognition invites disorder in your mind, and increasingly makes you not understand Gold’s movement more.
It is truly glamorous.
You could see the refreshing yet rough personality but his sword skills are really unpleasant, and moreover he is a master of the technique.

Though but still, If I can’t do anything about this no matter how much time passes then that will be not cool at all.
Calmly, and carefully aim for the timing, after dealing just around over 10 slashes, at that moment there is a very tiny opening.(edited)

「Right now!」

While I was receiving consecutive attacks, I gradually lure him to do a big one, but before that  moment, I slipped into his reach.
Too close that I can’t wave my weapon? Nope, that does not matter at all.
I let go of Kagenui, and towards the stomach of Gold’s armor, I drive in a right straight with all my strength.

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Dogoo(sfx)With a large sound, Gold’s body bent 90 degrees, and was blown far away towards the direction of my attack.
I picked up Kagenui, Gold who has his stance broken, I let my speed explode.
And continuing on as if hopping, I swung down Kagenui with both my hands, Gold who somewhat was able to regain his stance slashed upwards and clashed with my attack and caused a huge shockwave.

『O- raah!』

Gold being able to forcefully shove it away, from the drawback I floated a bit and smoothly landed on the ground.
Maybe because he swung his sword from an unreasonable posture, Gold didn’t pursue to attack me.
But still, because I slowly landed, he had already fixed his stance.
Should I do another attack… Seems impossible.
There are no openings, and it’s not like I can predict his movements enough that I can go on offense.

『Cough, damnit…..what in the world is with that stupid strength of yours!?』

「Fufu fufu, I’m a kijin too after all」

『Tsk, these stupidly strong gorillas…..rather that weapon too! It’s way too heavy!』

「Really? To the me right now it doesn’t feel like that at all though」

Kagenui is a weapon that requires over 200 strength that is most likely one of the weapons that requires the most strength as of now.
When this weapon was given to me, at that time my strength could only barely reach the requirement, certainly during that time, this was a weapon that was so heavy that it made me think it was refreshing.
However, in this 1 week my level kinda leveled up nearly 20 and My strength was, I put all of the bonus points on it which went to a crazy number which is 300.
To me right now, This weapon is already classified as 「light」.

「Though saying that, despite Gold’s appearance you don’t have that much strength….」

『Compared to you, most guys lack the strength you idiot!』

「Well…..but still, I know someone else that is more loved by strength after all…..」

The existence that was most loved by physical strength in this world, it made me think of Kohaku who was a power holder.
Right now I know.
Her physical strength without a mistake easily goes over 4 digits.
Even though I have gone over 300, It feels like I haven’t even gotten closer to her at all.

『If I deal with something like that then my weapon won’t hold.
I’ll get a bit serious okay』

I’ll show you that I can deal with all of it」

At that instant, Gold’s figure disappeared.
His figure was, my eyes couldn’t properly perceive it. 

It’s kinda like, the focus won’t match up.
Gold’s speed without a mistake was increased differently from before but, I feel that it’s not only that.
My guess is, I don’t know.
Then let’s stop unreasonably trying to keep up.



At the moment he attacked, I completely only countered to evade the attack.
I won’t aim for a counter.
Properly taking distance, I can only devote myself into observing.
Once again Gold’s figure blurred.
I won’t stop chasing with my eyes.
Just that, I’ll give up to a certain degree.

Suddenly, Gold’s figure completely disappeared.
He completely disappeared from my field of vision, so that means.


「Yo-, and a payback!」

Evading the slash from behind me by doing a side step, and using the momentum to turn around, I threw an iron ball.
It seems that an iron ball was outside of his expectation, the iron ball itself hit Gold.
However his full armor wasn’t just for show, it only pitifully damaged his HP for only a little bit as it bounced away.

『So you weren’t going to block it!?』

「…..I see, I kinda understand it」

There are two reasons why I couldn’t couldn’t properly perceive his figure.
One is, like how he was doing with the change of speed of his slashes earlier, it was also applied to his movements too.
Which means that right now he is so skillful that I couldn’t  perceive it at all, he was irregularly changing his speed by doing stepping while moving to confuse my gaze.
And furthermore, even though comparing to me who had my speed who wears red wolf attire, he probably has more than at least 1.5x more than my speed, and that added to the cause.
I was confused by his full armor but, Gold is more of a swordsman that has a status focused on speed that is close to like that of Rou’s.


As I  reacted by evading from the voice that I could hear from my left, I noticed that the hand he waved wasn’t holding a sword.

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The sword that was on standby was swung ate into my body.
Before it was able to cut through me, I forcefully changed my posture escaping from the slashing range of the sword but, because of a difference of our level, my HP was greatly decreased.

That’s right, the other reason was 「Sound」.
His sword techniques took my attention and I didn’t notice it but, even though he was wearing that luxurious armor, Gold’s movements had no sound.
And moreover, because he was purposely raising a voice before he attacked right from the start, the idea of 「When Gold attacks he will utter something」 was imprinted in my head.
And the result of that I got hit.
Even though I understand the logic behind the technique, the fact that I was hit won’t change the situation.
The sense of sight and hearing.
By confusing two 2 of the five senses, I completely fell for Gold’s tricks.

Now then, what should I do.
the information that I can see won’t help and I can’t judge whether the sound I hear is true or not.
And obviously my sense of smell won’t become a source of information in this high speed battle, and same for the sense of taste and touch.

「So good…..I was waiting for a fight like this」

Licking my lips making it wet, I muttered so.
It was about time that I got tired of hunting small fry monsters.
Even though I had finally found an opponent that I could have fun playing with, not enjoying it would be a waste.

That’s right.
There is no need to worry about it.
Fighting is something you enjoy.
Raise your concentration.  My limit shouldn’t be this low.
First I must solve my sight.

If I can’t see, then I should make it so that I can see after all.

I will not see the change in speed.
If prediction won’t help then there is no need for that.
Just look at the world as it is.
Because if you put all things in your recognition, your vision would infinitely spread.

「Aah, what.
So I can see it after all」

Diagonal to my right, I could 「see」 a sword that was silently being swung.
To smash that incoming attack,  I used my fastest arts.

Straight right to the shortest distance, an arts that can do it the fastest.
It’s so simple that it might be exaggerating to even call it a technique, though it’s an effective move.
It’s basically….
a thrust.

「《瞬突 Shunto(Quick Thrust)》」(9: not sure if I got the romaji right) 


Using the momentum of turning around with the shortest and fastest distance, I thrust Kagenui towards Gold’s throat.
Along with a breaking sound, the thorns of the Kagenui wedged in.
Because it was dealt as a counter the power increased, Gold’s body slightly floated in the air.

「I’m not done yet!」

To deal the thrust my right foot was in the air for a bit and then I stepped with it on the ground with all my strength, drawing in my stretched body, and as if I was forcing out the explosive strength of my right foot, I kicked with my left foot.
A kick like a yakuza kick sank into his body, blowing away Gold’s body that was in the air.
Dogoon(sfx) raising such a sound, Gold was blown away to the wall,  but even still he didn’t stagger as he stood up.
Even so he wasn’t unhurt.
Including the fact that his vitals which is the throat got a clean hit in, the huge dent on his armor tells me the extent of damage.

『Go-….haaa….you sure do….dealt with it…fast.
I thought… that I could, confuse you a bit more…though….』

「Ahaha, It’s been a long time since I received such a clean hit.
That’s why, I’m having so much fun」

『ffu, you battle junkie….Well, Fighting is fun after all.
I admit it, Sukuna.
Looks like I could enjoy fighting with you way much more』

Those words, unlike to the easy going Gold from earlier, his way of speaking was different and was sincere.
Along with the trembling pressure, Gold’s state changed.
A golden aura emerging from his armor.
That was probably like my Garou(ravenous wolf),  a buff that strengthens yourself.


I exhaled, closed my eyes and opened it.
From now on is a battle.
The same time Gold put on his aura, I too traced a form of stance with both of my hands.

Kijin exclusive rare skill 《Oni No Mai (Dance of the Oni)》.
I offer you《4th Formation, Kikoku no Mai (Crying Oni’s dance)》

『Starting now I will get serious 』

「Yeah, me too, I’ll show with all I got」

Unlocked by reaching 300 strength, The 4th formation of Oni no Mai.
In contrast to Gold’s pure and beautiful aura, I put on an overflowing dark red aura.
I turned the emotions that I couldn’t back into a smile, and gazed at the Golden Knight. 

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