Chapter 100

Author: with this its the 100th chapter

We reached the hundreds. 

I hope for your continued support even after this. 


『That name and that race.
No way you are-…..』

「……what are you talking about?」

Is the golden knight mistaking me for someone else? He stood up and the carefree atmosphere he had earlier disappeared and put his hand on the handle of his sword.
With his aura the air trembled.
I could feel my cheeks rattling.
This knight…he sure is strong.

Was it for 10 seconds that we glared at each other? The one who stopped this tense situation was the knight who abruptly started it.

『….No, it’s different.
What a m i s l e a d i n g  n a m e  you have.
I thought you were the reincarnation of her 』


「Aan? You, even though you have the same race, you have no idea?」


Even if you ask me looking so doubtful, I don’t know anything I don’t know.
Even if we have the same race, I’m a player and I’m not purely a kijin.
I heard a lot from Kohaku regarding Kishin, so I know moderately about that but, even Kohaku didn’t really have a reaction like that after hearing my name too.
Even Shuten, that part doesn’t change.

Now that I think about it, I suddenly remembered something.
if I remember it right, during the first day when I fought the knights of Siren, Hash.
She should also, If I’m right, said something about my name too.
I’m sure it was…….『greeted by a strong one’s name』 was it?

「Hey, the 《Sukuna》 you knew, was that person strong?」

『Nn? Let me see….it’s true that she was strong, but that one had an oni always be her side which is really really strong after all』

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「A really really strong Oni?」

A strong oni like a monster, a really strong oni that even our Master couldn’t win against.
Obviously you know the name Shuten right?』

So that name came out at this moment is it? I hold back myself from wanting to say it, and go with the flow of his conversation.
Just like as If I was a kijin that was born in this world.

It seems like the knight before me, he doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate whether I am a player or not.
Though in the first place I’m not even sure if he knows the existence of the players.
Even so, if he misunderstands that then, that itself is better for me.
That way maybe I can get more info.

「……I know.
After she is like a god to us」

「I see.
Well, That place and this place has a different flow of time so, I don’t really know how long has it been since I was able to fight that person but you know….the fact that you don’t know about means that 「There is a reason why it must not known」 」

「I see.
Well, you have a point.
anyway thanks」

「I’m kinda the same too but, you too sure do take things easily.
Well, if you can ask your grandpa or granny about it then they might tell you about it」

I thought that Kohaku might have not just said anything about it but, thinking about it properly, it’s not like Kohahu herself might not even know about it.
After all, even Kohaku among the kijins, she is one of the 「young」ones.  So actually her not knowing about it might be a possibility.
And then at the same time…..the fact that Shuten said nothing about it purposely, is without a mistake a true fact.
Well, I don’t really know when I will be able to meet her but, if I do, I’ll try asking her.
The one who had the Sukuna as name same as me, about the oni who was together side by side with Shuten.

『Now then, I’m not here to talk something about that so, let’s get on main point』

「Please do」

『My name is Gold.
I’m one of the 12 knights serving Siren-sama and the 2nd placed strongest.  And why is someone as strong as me here… you know why?』

「Its for the trial isn’t it?」

He clearly looked a bit smug when he asked it, though I just answered without thinking too much about it.

『Well, you’re half right.
But also the other half of it has a different reason.
Before you fight, It’s my job to tell you about the one you guys needs to defeat』

「The one we need to defeat….?」

『That’s right.
In the first place, this labyrinth you see, its a huge hole that was made to invade your world,  and the god on your side forcefully closed it up in the shape of a gate.  But the hole is too big to be completely closed up so that it can’t really be closed up at all.
Even a god has limits to their power.
Even right now, after 3 days the gate will probably break 』

「Fumu fumu」

What he is saying is the reason for the existence of the gate that was in the middle of the town.
I don’t really get it but, that one was by the god on our side…..most likely the God of Creation, kinda made it to prevent the invasion.
If I were to say it in other words, the monsters inside the gate are the ones supposed to come and invade our world isn’t it?

『That’s a good point.
Those monsters you see, it’s nothing but a defense system that was born from the resource of our Master’s power.
Since it connected to your world so they only took a similar appearance to the monsters of your world.
Well, if it’s just a defense system then us 12 knights too are the same 』

defense system, what are you protecting? Is it your master?」

『Nope,  what they are protecting is just one monster.
You see our Master, for the invasion she sent that monster.  And that monster was one of the most valued and favored, the one I said earlier, the enemy you guys need to defeat』


I’d like to sort out what we talked about.
About the gate, it’s a closed up hole that Gold’s master made so that they could invade this world.
The labyrinth’s Monsters, they are something to protect the monster sent by the master,  and they are a defense system born from the power of the master.
The only enemy we need to defeat is just that one monster.
Something like this I guess.

「hmm…..that means that you guys came here to invade, and since that entrance got closed up, you were waiting for it to be torn open up right?」

『To be blunt, it’s as you say』

「Then, we only need to find that monster within 3 days and defeat it by then, is it?」

『Not like that.
What you guys need to do is that you must make a lot of people clear the trial as much as you can』

「Hold it right there, coming up to this point, we are back in that topic?」

The words I said which I was quite confident about were denied right away, I felt a bit down.
Something like this is out of my skill set.
Rin-chan help me.

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『My Master you see, Master fully understand that if we start invading your world it’s guaranteed that the gate would be closed.
And obviously, we would hide our precious monster where no one can get in contact with it 』

「Ah, you certainly got a point there」

But from what he has been saying, this master of his…….though I think it’s most likely Siren but, it seems like this is not their first invasion.
And to the point that no matter how much they invade, every time they were probably somewhat repelled back.
And while obviously, they probably understood that the situation would become like this, in fact it also happened this time too.

Ah, I see.
I just noticed it now.
This time we players in this game are the ones to clear the dungeon but, up until now the NPCs must have the same duty.
Not like us, those NPCs who only have one life.
To defeat that precious monster that Siren has.
Most likely Kohaku too.
Or maybe the one I met at Fias….Melty too.

『But an area where no one can get into,  creating something crazy like that obviously has a price for that.
It’s not like you there is only merit in everything』

「So you mean that there is a demerit?」

In WLO to get a really big return from a power, there is a suitable risk in it.
《Garou(ravenous wolf)》is something easy to understand.
It’s the type where the merit and demerit is easy to understand.
The 《Judgement》 that Rin-chan used too, to activate it there was a suitable price and condition imposed on it.

And of course it’s not like all things have demerits.
For example, like equipment, as long as they are not cursed they can only just give merits.
If its equipment that was made from the extent of your resource then, it can be permitted to be no matter how powerful it is.
My 《Moon Camalia -Solo》 is a good example.  That hair ornament that incarnates the soul of the named, it has this crazy ability of 「SP consumption halved」, there wasn’t any demerit looking demerits in it at all.

Well, if I were to say it in other words, if you use something not that great of a material then, if you put a demerit on it then, you might be able to make it so that it would produce more effect than the materials you used.
And of course, that’s why cursed equipment have their abilities raised up so they could display great power.
Either way, this rule doesn’t only apply to this world but also to Siren who lives in a different world it seems.
And the moment they entered this world,  they might have been put in the same rules.

『The demerit my master has is, just a little bit before the gate gets destroyed she can only release the different dimension.
Just that, to get to that different dimension, there is another condition.
And that is――』

「Is to clear the trial, is what you’re saying right?」

『To be accurate, is having the proof that you have cleared the quest, when the time has arrived you would be forcefully transferred to the different dimension 』

Releasing it just before the happening, most players shouldn’t be able to get into it.
And moreover you need the proof that have passed the trial or else you won’t be able to fight, it’s like there are two restrictions that it can’t really be a demerit I think.
Though, if he says that as long as you pass the trial then you will be able to certainly go to the monster’s nest, then the restriction works out balanced……is it?

However with this the mystery is rather solved.
But the mystery yet had more mysteries in it that we don’t really know about , and there are mountains of things I want to ask about.
Unfortunately, it seems like he is gradually reaching his limit after all.

『Hahahaha, looks like we can get along really well.
You really understand me well』

「Yeah, cause you’re so easy to understand….」

『….Just in case, this trial has different variety you can choose from.
It will be boring if a melee fighter like me fights against a magic user after all.
Just that, warriors like you, just hast to be with this sword』

With one hand, Gold drew out the great sword that he was carrying.
The handle of the sword was gold itself but, the blade part was blue.
Though as one its pressure is kinda light.
Mostly likely it’s a different kind of metal, my instincts told me so.

『In the end, I’m just a muscle brain.
Talking directly with fists is way faster.  And moreover I’d like to directly fight against you』

Well, I thought it would come to this either way」

I drew out the Kagenui I was carrying, and kept up my guard.
I can’t put down my guard.
After all the strength of the knight right before me who calls himself Gold, is incomparable against the other knights of Siren that I fought up until now after all.

「There are a lot of things I want to ask but….for now let’s do it」

『Yeah, If you are still alive then I’ll answer』

There weren’t any more words exchanged after those.
After one breath, the sword and the metal club clashed.
To the resounding sound of hard metal clashing, the curtains to the trial had opened up. 


Author: Muscle brain vs muscle brain

It was the same for Nana who was also excited to fight rather than talk. 

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