Bloom Girl


he second rank , Nimrita is always been smarter than her.

_Team Against the motion

As expected, Biraj is the team leader.

” I can understand your concerned Ms. Nimrita, but blaming it all on the online game is completely unreasonable and naive. Many online gamers have succeed in life, infact they have earned too. And in case of suicide, it relates with the mental health, I mean we too demand , but we never thought of suicide mission whenever our demands got rejected. So its base on persons mindset not the online gaming ”.

I stood up . Biraj turned and looked at me.

I said : ” okay, why about those multi billionaires who makes money by luring the youth through online game app ?. Literally they are distracting and destroying the Youths. They are tainting the youths mind . Indeed, their physical health are deteriorating too. They spend hours sitting infront of a monitor, a smartphones or a tablets. Instead of using their precious time on some valuable stuffs ”.

Biraj looked stern.

Pijush said, ” For your kind information, Multi- billionaire game developer job is also about marketing.

They will do any advertisement, to boost their economic growth. But that doesn mean they luring the youth. We too, play online games but we knows how to manage our time. Ill give you some relevant example , Many beauty brands do several advertisement , but you choose them according to your satisfaction, right?. So same way, we choose our time, game and sometimes to win a competition too . Your allegations are more like of personal trait rather than social trait ”.

Sir martin is overwhelmed by the heated debate argument . He said , come guys …go on…

Shruti said , But don you think that, all these things which have occurred are problematic. They should banned the online game app. So that.. none of these problem would surface again. Destroying the originator is best option ”.

Pijush asked , ” you mean the companies ? ”. As if he was shocked by Shrutis remarked.

Shruti replied irritatingly , ” I mean the online game app ”.

Everybody laughed.

One guy defend again,

” Yeah ….and then what, unemployment rate will be higher, and do you think, Our country wants that . Many employees work in Game developer company and there is also a sole online gaming company. So If these department or companies got banned then there will be chaos in those peoples economic life.

Plus, there are also youth who have earned through the online gaming and have lived there life comfortably ”.

I hovered back again,

” Unemployment will not gonna sour up suddenly. They can choose other apps like communication, or any other based app rather than online games. And you believe that spoiling youth with online game is not social concerned. Everybody can afford to be conscious enough to decide that whats wrong and whats right . Even later on if they do , its already too late. Parents are struggling to raise their children nowadays economically and socially. In todays technology world, it had become more difficult and these distracting stuffs are even putting more difficulties in their road. Both parents of some youth works too. Everybody do not have their parents 24/7 hours a day ”.

Biraj said suddenly , ” Are you implying that we have that excess. There… ”.

Bell rang , and Biraj looks at me annoying and I just lay eyes on him without any expression.

Sir said , ” alright alright.. students, this is impressive both the arguments were justifiable. I really enjoyed it ”.

Everybody clapped.

When we are about to leave, Sir called me, Lily .

I said , yes sir . and went to him.

you were good today . Sir said. I thanked him.

” I guess , you did prepared on this ”. sir added.

yes sir , I did . I replied nodding my head.

” good, keep it up ”. sir said to me. I nodded.

I did prepared ,he was right. It can be seen on my argument. Unlike previous debate sessions , I am not so curious to prepared as much as this debate session because I felt relatable to our village conditions, many village children and youths are getting addicted to online gaming.

After 5 minutes all the students were gone.

When we are about to depart , Riya said to me , ” Is there something going on between you and Biraj ? ”.

I sighed confusingly, ” what ? ”.

Riya replied back , ” No, I just felt like he is angry with you ”.

” And how do you observed that? ”. I asked

” I mean, in the last argument, he seems angry ”. Riya bluffed.

” he is always like that, we have no personal issue ”. I defend . In my mind I doubt it too.

I am on my bed, a thought , rattling around my mind , ” Is he mad at me for not talking the other day, or he is angry because of my debate remarked ”.

After struggling to find answers , for the whole evening , I remind me, for whatever he is angry I don care . Then I closed my eyes.

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