Villainous Poor Student (13)

He Siyu’s face was a little white.

The Song Xu Yi, who had called out “Sister Siyu” in her dream, still seemed to be close at hand.

Every cell in her body seemed to be trembling, and her mind still seemed to be filled with the pleasure of the dream, and some long-suppressed desire came out of her heart…

He Siyu did not feel like sleeping any more.

She rolled out of bed, gingerly washed up and waited in front of the dormitory building almost as soon as the dormitory aunt opened the door, and He Siyu ran out of the building.

The rest of the students had just woken up and the track was empty.
He Siyu ran several laps around the track and then stood expressionlessly at the edge of the track, panting.

The sky was ablaze with sunlight, spreading behind countless skyscrapers and then a red sun peeking out from the rugged hollows of the buildings and rising.

It had been a long time since He Siyu had watched the sunrise in such silence, and the gradual brightening of the light reminded her of the village that she had almost forgotten.

On countless days when life was worse than death and she couldn’t sleep at night, He Siyu would look out of the broken window at the sunrise rising from behind the distant mountains, a sign that she had managed to survive another day…

But was this really the way to resign oneself to fate?

He Siyu was unwilling to stay in the devilishly silent village for the rest of her life, so she deliberately approached the young girl from the city who had been abducted from outside the village.

The little girl from the city stumbled and told her about the life outside the mountains, which was a beautiful sight that He Siyu could never dream of.

He Siyu had some doubts that the little girl was lying, but her words still planted a distant dream in her mind.

If that world the little girl spoke of was real…

He Siyu decided to take a chance.

On that stormy night He Siyu hid a knife in her sleeve, which had been sharpened day and night.

He Biao started beating her again as usual, but in her mind she had already decided that when He Biao fell asleep, she would stab him in the chest! Then she would take advantage of the rainy night to escape from the village and find her real father…

He Siyu had had enough! Even if she fell into hell, she still wanted to fight for her future.

However, He Siyu did not expect Song Xu Yi to appear outside her window that day.

She was like a light that suddenly shone in, carrying her out of the filthy darkness of the mountain village and helping her usher in a new, happy life that she had never dared to imagine.

It was because of Song Xu Yi that she had become the person she was now.

He Siyu was so glad that she had met Song Xu Yi, but she also felt that she did not deserve to meet Song Xu Yi, that she was so full of darkness, that she had almost killed someone, and that she did not deserve such close treatment from Song Xu Yi.

She was so desperate for Song Xu Yi’s goodness that she tried with all her might to disguise herself in front of Song Xu Yi, to hide herself humbly, to be the way Song Xu Yi liked her.

Yet… the lust still grew day by day.

He Siyu did not know when, perhaps when the thought of kissing Song Xu Yi was first born in her, or perhaps earlier, her feelings for Xu Yi had changed.

In fact, she may have subconsciously realised it a long time ago, but had never dared to admit it: how could she, who seemed sunny but was full of filth, be worthy of tarnishing the light in her heart?

Xu Yi deserves the best of everything in the world, and that is not something that someone like herself can give.

But last night’s dream had finally lifted the final veil, and the extravagant hope had arisen in her heart.

——She wanted to hide Xu Yi from other people, to do everything she could to make her hers by any means possible…

What a nasty thought!

Sadness and despair filled her entire chest.

He Siyu bit her lower lip and laughed out bitterly, but the pain in her body was not as great as the pain in her heart.


The morning exercise bell was about to ring, and gradually students were running out of the dormitories and onto the athletic field.

The flow of people was like a winding river, countless people rushing in…

In her lifetime, she might meet countless other people, yet He Siyu knew beyond doubt that among the millions of people, none of them would ever be like her.

He Siyu raised her head and suddenly felt that the early morning sunlight was a little blinding, even stimulating her eyes to become a little moist.

The light was so warm, just like the person she was holding in her heart…

Xu Yi, I really, really like you!

Song Xu Yi was extremely busy during this period of time, as she was planning to promote the arrival of vendors in the new province, and a series of arrangements had to be rearranged, so she was so busy that she could only sleep less than five hours a day, not to mention taking the initiative to contact He Siyu.

It was only on the day of He Siyu’s birthday that Song Xu Yi noticed something strange: she had given He Siyu a new mobile phone and taught her how to send text messages, so it was logical that He Siyu should contact her more often, but after ten days, Song Xu Yi did not receive any calls or text messages from He Siyu.

Maybe Siyu was busy too!

After all, Siyu was now a high school student, and it was almost time for her final exams…

Song Xu Yi didn’t think much of it, for fear of disturbing He Siyu’s roommates, Song Xu Yi sent a text message at 0:00 on He Siyu’s birthday.

“My most lovely and beautiful Sister Siyu, happy birthday!”

But Song Xu Yi didn’t expect that almost as soon as the text message was sent, He Siyu’s phone call came through.

“Sister Siyu, happy birthday!” Song Xu Yi answered the phone and lowered her voice: “Aren’t you in your dorm room? Will answering the phone disturb your roommates?”

“Thank you,” He Siyu’s background voice on the other side of the phone was a bit noisy, and the sound of a car honking could be heard faintly: “I’ve taken off work and I’m not staying at school tonight.”

“Oh, then say hello to Uncle He and Auntie Wang for me!” Song Xu Yi thought that He Siyu had returned home and replied in passing.
She wasn’t prepared for He Siyu to call, and suddenly didn’t know what she could say after that sentence, so she could only awkwardly find a topic:

“Have you been very busy with your studies lately? Don’t overdo it.”

“No, I’m not busy.”

“Oh, then you should eat more, you lost weight again last time I saw you.”

“You too, don’t stay up late all the time.”


“It’s very late, you should pay attention to your rest, go to bed early and don’t play too late,” noticing that He Siyu seemed a bit distracted, after a few words of dry chat, Song Xu Yi was about to hang up the phone, when suddenly he heard He Siyu on the other side speak softly: “Xu Yi, what kind of person do you like? “

“You have someone you like?”

Song Xu Yi froze, thinking that He Siyu could not have asked this for no reason, and her spirits lifted.

She hadn’t expected He Siyu to ask such a question.
However, when she thought about it carefully, she didn’t find it strange; He Siyu was at the right age to be in love and it was extremely normal for her to have someone she liked, but Song Xu Yi was just a little curious about what kind of person He Siyu would like.

He Siyu was silent for a while, seemingly a little shy, and replied as obediently as before, “I won’t let it affect my studies.”

But acquiesced to Song Xu Yi’s words.

“It’s not a matter of it affecting your studies,” Song Xu Yi lost all sleep for a moment and became even more curious, “I want to know what kind of person you like.”

“She’s the best person in the world.” Song Xu Yi heard He Siyu on the phone answer softly, and seemed to change the subject a little sheepishly, “What about you Xu Yi? What kind of person do you like?”

Song Xu Yi didn’t expect He Siyu to be so persistent about this question, but thinking that He Siyu had shared her little secret with her, it seemed that she did have to share it with her as well.

“I’m still young! Only fifteen and don’t really have a crush on anyone.” Song Xu Yi coughed dryly, somehow her cheeks burned a little, frowned and thought for a moment before adding, “But if I had to choose, I would like someone who is good looking, who treats me well, who is motivated, who has no bad habits…”

Song Xu Yi said a template of someone that most girls would like.

He Siyu’s side was visibly silent for a moment, seemingly pondering something, before speaking again after a long time, “I know.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about me,” even though she knew that He Siyu was a smart girl with opinions, but thinking that falling in love makes people drop their IQ, Song Xu Yi still admonished uneasily, “Siyu, you’re so good, you’re still young, I’m not against you falling in love, but you can see first, you might be able to meet someone better…”

“There’s no one better than her,” He Siyu laughed softly, her voice a little bitter, “And… she doesn’t like me now either.”

Now Song Xu Yi was exploding!

“There’s actually someone in the world who doesn’t like you?!” Doesn’t this mean Siyu is in an unrequited love?

Song Xu Yi was heartbroken and angry: “Then you shouldn’t like that person either, she’s so blind…”

He Siyu’s voice was a little softer: “I’ll try my best! I’m not good enough for her either…”

This was obviously still unrequited love!

Song Xu Yi was heartbroken, however a young girl’s feelings are always poetic, He Siyu was telling her because she trusted her, Song Xu Yi had never experienced such emotions and was in no position to stop He Siyu’s feelings, besides it was still He Siyu’s birthday…

“Anyway, you have to take care of yourself!” Song Xu Yi sighed in her heart and admonished in a serious manner, “You are still young.”

While saying this, Song Xu Yi made up her mind that when He Siyu went to university, she would introduce her to more talented people for her to choose from, so that she would not be hanging on to this crooked tree…

Song Xu Yi chatted with He Siyu for a few more minutes before she hung up the phone in worry, and she didn’t feel like sleeping.

“Xu Yi, you…” the system in her head suddenly spoke up.

“What’s wrong?”


“Siyu is still young, don’t worry too much, perhaps when she goes to university, she will soon forget about this relationship afterwards…”

The system softly reassured, it thought about it, some words still did not come out: although this world’s He Siyu and the villain of the previous worlds grew more and more alike, the He Siyu was kind of the one the system and Song Xu Yi watched growing up, He Siyu was gentle and obedient, a good young person that everyone praised, she also did not show her liking for Song Xu Yi at all, perhaps it was overly worried.

“I hope so!”

Song Xu Yi sighed, feeling like a poor old mother who was worried about her child’s early love.

The sound of “beeping” kept coming, and only after a few seconds did He Siyu hang up the phone.

During this period of time, she had been suffering immensely, feeling that her feelings were a blasphemy to Song Xu Yi.
She had not dared to contact Song Xu Yi, fearing that revealing her thoughts would lead to Song Xu Yi’s distance… yet every day she subconsciously checked her phone countless times, expecting to receive a message or call from Song Xu Yi.

Sure enough, Xu Yi called on the first day of her birthday.

He Siyu had a million things in her heart to say, but they were stuck in her throat and she could only listen greedily to Xu Yi’s voice.

She was happy that Xu Yi didn’t have someone she liked yet, happy that Xu Yi cared about her emotions… but felt more and more despicable because of all these emotions.

“Hello, your tattoo is done.” The tattoo artist behind her spoke softly, interrupting He Siyu’s contemplation.

The tattoo artist found this young girl particularly strange: she looked very young, but had a calm and cool demeanour that was completely at odds with her age, probably because she was so beautiful that the tattoo artist did not even dare to look her in the eye too much.

She had come here to have a person’s name tattooed on her body.

He Siyu looked up gently, looking in the mirror at the spot where her scar once stood on her left shoulder.

The tattoo artist’s work was very good, the light pattern of flowers surrounding the word ‘Xu Yi’ was like a tangled mess of things that could not be revealed to the outside world.

He Siyu lied, she lied to her teacher and said she was not feeling well and took time off work.

Because she wanted to give herself a gift.

On the day she turned seventeen, with sadness and despair: she had her beloved’s name tattooed on the scars of her former life.

Perhaps it was a secret that could never be told.

Xu Yi healed the wounds in her heart, but carved the deepest mark on her own heart——a mark that she may not dare to let her know for the rest of her life, in the name of love.

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