ok particularly youthful and beautiful.

In addition to her astonishment, He Siyu’s beautiful eyes seemed to be shining with complex emotions that Song Xu Yi could not understand, for a moment, Song Xu Yi felt that He Siyu seemed to be somewhat displeased with her, but when she looked again, He Siyu had already let go of her hand that was pinching Song Xu Yi’s cheek, and her gaze was already full of smiles as before.

Song Xu Yi inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief and let go of the doubts in her mind.

“Here’s a present for you ——” Song Xu Yi took out the latest MP3s she had bought: “I’ve downloaded some English speaking and listening, and some good songs… “

“Congratulations on winning first place in the technology competition.”

He Siyu looked at the MP3 in Song Xu Yi’s hand.

It was the best brand on the market, and He Siyu had heard her classmates discussing that the price of this brand was close to a thousand.

It was clear that she was happy to see Xu Yi, but probably because she cared too much, she could not help but compare the gap between herself and Xu Yi.

He Siyu pursed her lips and took the gift from Song Xu Yi’s hand, tossed the basketball to another companion, and then pulled Song Xu Yi to sit on the steps to the side.

It had been 38 days.

This time, she hadn’t seen Xu Yi for 38 days.
She counted the days every day and could only study and exercise desperately to compensate for the longing in her heart, yet Xu Yi reappeared as if nothing had happened.

Xu Yi’s world was so vast that she was just a part of it, but her own world was so small that she had nothing but her home and Xu Yi.

He Siyu was resentful.
So without even realising it herself, she gave Song Xu Yi’s face a squeeze, but when she saw Song Xu Yi’s slightly frowning brow, He Siyu subconsciously let go of her hand: she couldn’t let go…

He Siyu hid all her negative emotions in a flash.

She lowered her eyes, as gentle and pure as she had ever been in front of Song Xu Yi: “I bought you a dress and it’s at my house, do you want to come over tonight and pick it up…”

Once again, Song Xu Yi shook her head, sighed and whispered to He Siyu, “No, I’m going to the next city with Mr.
Zhao on a business trip this afternoon, you can send the dress to my home in a couple of days—— “

Song Xu Yi winked at He Siyu, “I’ll lie to my dad and say I’m coming to sleep at your house tonight, don’t say anything——”

“I know I’m too busy to spend time with you these days,” Song Xu Yi remembered the knowledge points she had read in the parenting book and felt some weakness in her heart: “But I can’t help it, my career is just starting…

He Siyu’s eyes dimmed.

Looking at Song Xu Yi’s heartfelt face that was so close at hand, He Siyu pursed her lips and lowered her head: for a moment, she wanted to pinch Song Xu Yi’s face again…

“It’s okay,” He Siyu spoke, yet the voice that came out was gentle and apprehensive: “Then next month, on my birthday, you…”

“I won’t forget your birthday,” Song Xu Yi hastened to express her loyalty, her head resting on He Siyu’s shoulder, hugging He Siyu’s waist soothingly, feeling the beautiful lines of her waist without a trace of fat under her palm, thinking about her recently gained belly, Song Xu Yi made up her mind to lose weight, and turned to He Siyu in sugar-coated mode: “My family Siyu is so beautiful and outstanding, it’s an honor to be your best friend, I won’t forget my family Siyu’s birthday even if I forget my own…”

Even though she was used to Song XuYi’s sweet talk, He Siyu could not help but blush when she heard Song Xu Yi’s sugar-coated words.

With her head hanging, she whispered softly and followed Song Xu Yi as she discussed her birthday plans, smiling lightly every now and then, this was the way Song Xu Yi was used to seeing He Siyu, but the rest of the students were shocked to see her like this: He Siyu was not cold, but she was not warm either, everyone thought she was just so distant, but they never thought He Siyu would have a moment to smile so happily….

Li Qing, who had skipped class to watch He Siyu play, secretly gritted her teeth when she saw the happy atmosphere between the two that no longer seemed to interfere with the rest of the crowd.

In the midst of He Siyu’s anticipation, her birthday finally arrived.

He Siyu and Song Xu Yi made up for their previous regret of not going to the amusement park for He Siyu’s birthday and went to the amusement park with Auntie Wang and Officer He.

Song Xu Yi put on the dress that He Siyu bought for her.
She had to say that He Siyu had a very good eye, Song Xu Yi looked extremely well behaved and cute in this dress, and somehow intentionally or unintentionally, He Siyu also put on a dress of the same color, all the way over, He Siyu was bright and beautiful, Song Xu Yi was clear and cute, the two of them attracted the eyes of countless people.

All four of them played in the amusement park until the evening.
He Siyu looked particularly happy throughout the day, her flowery smile made the red mole at the corner of her eyes seem to shine, and her beautiful face, which was pure with a hint of charm, was so beautiful that people could not take their eyes off it.
Song Xu Yi even exclaimed to the system several times, “Siyu is so beautiful!”.

Feeling like an extremely qualified parent, Song Xu Yi used Song father’s camera to take countless photos of He Siyu throughout the day, which she planned to develop into a photo album for He Siyu.

At around 7pm, the whole amusement park lit up and music started playing on the Ferris wheel.

The highlight of the amusement park was the Ferris wheel, on which you could see the whole city at night.

Auntie Wang was afraid of heights, so Officer He waited with her below while Song Xu Yi and He Siyu queued up to sit in a small compartment.

To the sound of soothing music, the Ferris wheel slowly rose and gradually reached its highest point.

Song Xu Yi urged “Siyu to make a wish”, while holding her camera and taking pictures of the city’s bright night scene, not knowing that He Siyu, who was making a wish, was filled with happiness and her beautiful eyes were filled with her…

“The flashy city, the lights of thousands of houses, are not as good as you.”

“I hope that every year from now on, every year will be like today, as far as I can see, I will have a home and you——”

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