Villainous Poor Student (10)

Song Xu Yi froze for a moment not daring to look directly at the stubbornness in He Siyu’s eyes and looked away.

Was she angry?

When He Siyu looked at Song Xu Yi’s appearance, her body stiffened and she bit her lips tightly.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to listen to Xu Yi, but this is what she had in mind: no one was allowed to hurt Xu Yi.

“Don’t be angry,” He Siyu didn’t feel wrong in her heart but she couldn’t stand the thought of Song Xu Yi coldly forcing herself to speak softly in accordance with the aggression in her heart: “I can’t stand by and watch you get beaten, if you don’t like me fighting with them then I’ll stop fighting in the future and run with you …”

“Too cute!” Song Xu Yi didn’t say anything but the system in her head started shouting again, “Xu Yi you’ve really raised a good cub!”

Song Xu Yi sighed and bit her lower lip.

It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t moved.

He Siyu’s emotions were frankly laid out in front of her, bare faced and straightforward; she probably considered her as her best friend.

And the reason why she approached her was with an obvious agenda.

She should stop approaching her with the intention of ‘sensitizing the villain’.
She treated her as a good friend, so she should trust her more and do everything she could to be good to her.

Song Xu Yi made up her mind and lifted her eyes to look at He Siyu without missing the look of aggression in her eyes, Song Xu Yi felt even more guilty and whispered “I’m sorry” and hugged He Siyu’s rigid body——

“I shouldn’t have said that, I was just too anxious.
I’m actually really grateful to you for helping to fight,” Song Xu Yi extended her hand and carefully linked a hook with He Siyu: “If you’re in danger in the future, I’ll risk my life to protect you…”

He Siyu tried hard to purse her lips, yet the corners of her lips still involuntarily hooked up.

Xu Yi was always so clever and could quickly dissolve all her unhappy emotions.

He Siyu’s eyelashes twitched for a long time before she reached out and hugged Song Xu Yi’s body in the same way.

“Okay, let’s make a date ——”


As for the knife that He Siyu carried in her school bag, there was a tacit agreement not to mention it again.

Everyone understood that the marks of a childhood of suffering would not be removed so quickly, but Song Xu Yi was confident that He Siyu, who had grown up in a healthy environment away from the devilish village, would one day let go of her nightmare.

The matter did not pass so quickly.

The injury on He Siyu’s face could not be hidden from the adults.
Song Xu Yi told her father that she had been blocked in an alley, highlighting the fact that He Siyu had almost been disfigured to protect her, she had originally wanted her parents to take more care of He Siyu, but she had underestimated how much her parents thought of her, since Song Xu Yi had been abducted once before, any small matter concerning Song Xu Yi had become a top priority in her parents’ mind…

Li Qing’s behaviour was also a result of her parents’ pampering.
Li Qing refused to apologise, while her parents indulged her, and the two families were at odds until the end of the school year, when Li Qing’s family decided to transfer her to another class for the next term, and that was the end of the matter.

After learning that He Siyu had risked her life to protect Song Xu Yi, Song’s parents also began to treat He Siyu as though she was their daughter, especially since He Siyu had good grades and a good temperament and was a typical good student, and Song’s parents secretly thought that He Siyu could bring Song Xu Yi back to the right track, not knowing that He Siyu was more fierce than anyone else in protecting Song Xu Yi.

At the same time, Song’s parents wanted to strengthen the girls’ ability to deal with bad guys, so they enrolled Song Han, Song Xu Yi and He Siyu in martial arts classes.
Song Han went to practice every now and then, Song Xu Yi only went once at the beginning of the school year and never again, but He Siyu worked very hard and went to train almost every class…

In such days, soon the winter holidays passed and a new semester came.

The results of last term’s final exams were released long ago: Song Xu Yi came third, while Li Qing was affected by her mood and fell to the top ten in her class at the end of the term, and was transferred to class F9.

This semester, Song father and mother are focusing more on their two children and less on Song Xu Yi, as Song brother is about to take his entrance exams and Song Han is about to take her mid-term exams.

Song Xu Yi is happy to be at ease, so she softly persuades her father to help her take time off work, and spends most of her time at her own company.
Her platform has been out of Huacheng, many businesses have offered to move in, she also began to plan the courier industry to speed up the transport, but the development of things always face a variety of problems, the uneven quality of the vendors led to a large number of fake goods on the platform, and even the emergence of vendors run away, the platform underwriting the evil pieces of □ □ .

“We have to crack down on fake and shoddy products or the platform will be ruined by these vendors,” Mr.
Zhao approached Song Xu Yi with a frown, “I bought my son a composition book from a bad review shop the day before yesterday for a price higher than any composition book on the market, and guess what? After ten pages or so it turned into some kind of comic…”

Song Xu Yi did not expect such a development, and went over to look at the shop, and after seeing the name, her eyes widened: this… seemed to be the same shop where she had bought the fairy tale books for He Siyu…

The link to the fairy tale books had been taken off the shelves and the shop was selling composition books again.

Song Xu Yi was thinking about the punishment plan for the fake shops, but her heart was not sure, especially when she remembered He Siyu’s question on the bus, and the more she thought about it, the more wrong she became, fearing that the children’s books He Siyu had received were also some kind of products that sold dog meat on a sheep’s head.

Because of this matter, Song Xu Yi could not calm down for the whole day, and finally decided to ask He Siyu directly, and ran upstairs to class A1 to look for He Siyu.

He Siyu’s grades were improving rapidly and she had become the top student in the school at the end of the year.

When she saw Song Xu Yi, Li Qing gave her a blank stare.
Song Xu Yi did not want to bother with the young girl, so she ignored her and stood at the door to call out to He Siyu.

The teacher of class A1 did not allow other students to enter the classroom, so Song Xu Yi stood at the door and shouted at them, but He Siyu sat inside the classroom by the window, Song Xu Yi shouted a few times but she did not hear her, a small girl by the door looked at Song Xu Yi with a smile: “Don’t waste your effort, many people want to know Siyu, send flowers and chocolates and toys, but Siyu never pays attention to those people, although you are cute, but Siyu is very cold, you’d better give up…”

“Are there many people who want to know Siyu?” Song Xu Yi’s eyes lit up and she smiled as she gossiped with this girl through the window, “So who does Siyu play best with in your class?”

Song Xu Yi only wanted to gossip about He Siyu’s friendships, but her question seemed to have struck a chord with the girl, who frowned and took a moment before stammering, “Siyu is a very nice person, she will answer all the questions people ask her about topics they don’t understand… she’s friends with a lot of people——”

The implication of this statement was that Siyu didn’t have any best friends in the class at all.

Song Xu Yi wrinkled her nose and went on to ask, “Then… are there any handsome male students who like to play with Siyu?”

The little girl’s spirits rose this time, “You don’t say, not to mention our first year’s, the third year’s side…”

“Xu Yi——”

However, before the young girl could even speak, she was interrupted by a voice, and He Siyu walked over at some point.
She stood in front of Song Xu Yi, her face pretty and cold: “What are you talking about?”

He Siyu didn’t know what was wrong, seeing Song Xu Yi and that girl chatting happily made her feel inexplicably harsh.

“Talking about you!” Song Xu Yi didn’t notice He Siyu’s emotions and thanked the girl graciously, meeting the girl’s surprised look and pulling He Siyu’s arm aside, curling her lips up into a smile, “I heard there are a lot of young boys who want to play with you…”

He Siyu’s tightly pursed lips relaxed a bit, wrapping Song Xu Yi’s somewhat disheveled hair around the back of her head and speaking softly, “They’re all irrelevant people.”

“Did you come to see me for something?” This was the first time Song Xu Yi had taken the initiative to come up to the 4th floor to look for her, and according to her nature, there must be no reason for her to come up to the 4th floor.

Song Xu Yi was distracted by the gossip and only then did she remember the purpose of her visit upstairs.

She was a little embarrassed, yet seeing that class was about to start, Song Xu Yi couldn’t care less about being coy and stumbled over her words, “Just… just those fairy tale books I gave you, I wanted to borrow them for myself and read them——”

He Siyu’s eyebrows jumped.

Fortunately, Song Xu Yi was nervous and did not observe her expression, only hearing He Siyu’s apologetic voice answering, “Some time ago and Auntie Wang did a big cleaning, many books were sold as scrap, if you want to read any of them, why don’t I go buy them for you…”

“No no!” Hearing the news that the books were lost, Song Xu Yi was relieved, but still a little uneasy, and tried again, “I just want to know the ending of ‘Cinderella’…”

“Cinderella ended up wearing the crystal shoe and marrying the prince, and lived happily ever after with him…”

“So!” Hearing that He Siyu knew the true ending of the story, Song Xu Yi completely put her mind at ease: what He Siyu saw should not be a magical reform work that hangs on a sheep’s head and sells dog meat!

And that’s when the bell rang, Song Xu Yi waved to He Siyu and hurriedly ran back downstairs——

It was only when Song Xu Yi ran past the staircase and lost sight of her back that He Siyu let out a long sigh of relief and loosened her clenched palm: fortunately, after she knew that the fairy tales were wrong, she found the original versions and read them again…

The matter of fairy tale books was soon left behind by Song Xu Yi.

The busy time flew by and soon it was July.

As Song brother got into a major university and Song Han got into the city’s First High School, Song father happily held a promotion banquet for the two together, and He Siyu, who was on summer vacation, was also invited over.

At the dinner table, Song father did not miss any occasion to persuade Song Xu Yi to give up her business, and sighed as he looked at Song Xu Yi: “Xu Yi, ah! Do you want to get into First High School? Siyu is a sure bet to get into First High School, you have to work hard, you can definitely get in too…”

When He Siyu, who was eating a dish, heard Song father’s words, a bad suspicion suddenly sprang up in her heart, and she subconsciously looked at Song Xu Yi——

As expected, Song Xu Yi nibbled on a shrimp ball without a care in the world: “I don’t want to go to First High School.”

“I want to go to Yu Hua High School.”

Although the educational resources were good, the school rules were far less strict than those of First High School.

At Yu Hua International High School, as long as Song Xu Yi took her exams on time, the teachers didn’t care if she was in the classroom or not.

He Siyu knew that Song Xu Yi was doing this to make it easier to skip class to settle things at the company, but knowing that was one thing, after hearing Song Xu Yi speak like this, a strong feeling of powerlessness welled up in He Siyu’s heart…

Song father smiled helplessly, obviously knowing what Song Xu Yi meant, he sighed and patted Song Xu Yi’s head, agreeing to Song Xu Yi’s words.

The colorful confetti floated down from above the hotel, the huge several-tiered “Golden Rank” cake was pushed out of the room, and a group of people gave Song brother the latest keypad phone, MP3…

In the midst of all the flowers and celebrations, He Siyu bit her lower lip.

For the first time in her life, she was unaware of the importance of money.

He Siyu’s grades were good enough to go to Yu Hua High School, but she could not afford the high tuition fees…

Even though the two of them will not be in the same high school, she can still visit Xu Yi at the office from time to time…

But what about later?

When Xu Yi gets richer and richer, will she still be able to catch up with Xu Yi?

He Siyu was sure that Song Xu Yi would be successful in her business, that Xu Yi would earn a lot of money, that she would be surrounded by friends who were as rich as she was, and that she, herself, would only be one of her most ordinary friends…

The mere thought that she would be distant from Xu Yi made He Siyu feel like her heart was being clenched by something and she couldn’t breathe…

She bit her lower lip and hung her head, and in her afterglow she saw Song Han, who was smiling and cutting a cake, and suddenly remembered what her mother had told her before she died.

“Your father is a particularly rich city man, he said he would come back to marry me, I married He Biao, I guess I won’t be able to marry him when he comes back, but you are his daughter, he won’t ignore you, when he takes you back, you will be the great lady of the city…”

What happened to her real father who hadn’t come back to the village for so many years?

He Siyu originally hated her own father deeply, because he had never returned, and that was why she and her mother had suffered so much in the village.

When she first left the village, she intended to find her real father and ask him for clarification, but He Siyu had been extremely satisfied with her life now for a year, and Auntie Wang had often advised her to be kind-hearted, so He Siyu had not thought about finding her real father for a long time…

He Siyu had not thought of recognising her real father at this time.

But after so many years of not coming back, what if her real father was dead?

She was his legal heir to his fortune, and if he really was a rich man like her mother said, then presumably he had left an inheritance…

After she inherits the estate, she will be able to live a better life with Officer He and Auntie Wang, and have the capital to catch up with Xu Yi!

He Siyu took a deep breath, she couldn’t forget, remembering the photo of a man with “Xu Hongjiang” written on it that her mother had once hidden but He Biao had burned in a fire, and pursed her lips slightly.

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