Villainous Poor Student (9)

The results of the mid-term exams will also be out on Monday.

Song father was a model worker, arriving at the office early in the morning, yet he was a little distracted at work this day.
He looked at his watch several times and waited until it was almost time for lunch before he quietly called the teacher with his newly purchased mobile phone: “Teacher, my family’s Xu Yi took this exam…”

Song father had a heart full of words of apology ready in his mind, yet the teacher’s voice on the other end of the line was also a little wavering.

“She did very well on the test this time.”

Song father breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that since the teacher had said so at least Song Xu Yi should not have regressed from last time, and said modestly, “Thanks to the teachers’ teachings I know my own child well, like those tutors we hired before, who always blindly praised Xu Yi’s intelligence, that’s why she was a bit inflated…”

“She’s really smart,” the teacher sighed quietly, “she placed third in her class this time…”

“Thi, third…?” Song’s father suspected he had heard wrong, and his next words were clogged in his throat, his eyes widening.

He fell into a long silence with the teacher, and only after a long time did he break the silence by speaking softly, “And do you think——”

“We are adults who have to set an example and teach our children to do what we say” the teacher sighed softly, “Since you have promised the child you will have to do what you said.
As for the rest, we’ll have to wait until she fails to make the top five in her exams later——”

Song father hung up the phone in a trance.

He called again to ask about Song Han’s results and heard that Song Han had passed her exams and as before, Song father ordered his secretary to prepare a gift for his daughter, he knew Song Han’s preferences and gave Song Han a set of newly released children’s books, but when it came to Song Xu Yi, Song father was in a difficult position…

“Buy Xu Yi a Grandpa God of Wealth!”

After much deliberation, Song father met the secretary’s wry eyes and decided to give Song Xu Yi a big Grandpa God of Wealth.

Isn’t she starting a business?

Businessmen, they still need to believe in a little feng shui…

Song Xu Yi also received strange looks from her classmates on this day.

The students in class F6 were not particularly good, and by default Song Xu Yi would be one of the bottom ones, as everyone was in the same exam room, Song Xu Yi was the first one to hand in her papers in every exam, and when some students next to her saw her writing her papers, she usually just swept them and filled in the answers, so everyone thought that she was just muddling through the questions.

No one expected Song Xu Yi to get the third highest score in the class.

The students who have outstanding results in primary school may not be outstanding in junior high school, and in junior high school, the whole school will be re-grouped once again, and generally the top 5 students in the class will have a high chance of going to Class A.

Song Xu Yi was a little embarrassed by the stares of her classmates.
After all, these children were just children in her mind, and she had no intention of competing with them for their grades.

She had bought an ice cream for the girl after class to cheer her up, but to her surprise, when she saw the ice cream that Song Xu Yi had given her, the little girl cried even more, and even swept the ice cream that Song Xu Yi had bought onto the floor!

“You came here on purpose to provoke…”

The little girl was crying her heart out, Song Xu Yi shrugged her shoulders, in a trance, she realized that not all little girls are as cute as He Siyu, and she didn’t want to stick her warm face in the cold, so she didn’t bother with her anymore.

Soon it was time for school to end.

Song Xu Yi returned home with her report card in her hand and was about to ask her father to honor his promise when she found him sitting in the living room after a rare early shift.

“You both did well in your exams, here are the presents.”

Song Han was the first to open the box, and her eyes immediately lit up when she saw a whole set of books inside, while Song Xu Yi thought that Song father was giving her books too, thinking that she could pass them on to He Siyu, and opened them carelessly, but she didn’t expect to find a smiling, solid porcelain Grandpa God of Wealth inside!

Song Xu Yi followed her father to the study again, holding the heavy Grandpa God of Wealth.

The youngest daughter was thin and fair, holding a Grandpa God of Wealth that was bigger than her whole face, and followed the study with small steps, looking comical and cute.

When Song father looked at his little daughter, he suddenly felt a sense of laughter in his heart, wondering why things had come to this point.

She is obviously a child, but she is so determined to start a business, and what is even more ridiculous is that he actually agreed to her…

“I lose this one! I’ll find a way to get you permission from your teacher for the next half term, so you can have more free time,” Song father looked at Song Xu Yi for a moment and took the lead, meeting Song Xu Yi’s smiling eyes and then deliberately making a face: “But if your final exam results drop…”

Song Xu Yi hurriedly raised her hand and swore, “I will never drop my grades!”

Song father rubbed his brow.

He remembered what Mr.
Zhao had said when he had called him earlier, praising Song Xu Yi’s “promising future”, and how serious and sure he had looked when he said he wanted to help the girls in the mountainous region…

He was really getting old!

Song father sighed sadly and stroked Song Xu Yi’s head, agreeing to do so.

With Song Xu Yi’s father’s help in getting some time off, Song Xu Yi’s life was much easier afterwards, and her whole mental state had clearly recovered.

He Siyu, on the other hand, had been exercising with Officer He for the past year, and even though she was sneaking out with Song Xu Yi at night, she was in a much better state of mind than Song Xu Yi, and her height had also risen, and she was already almost a head taller than Song Xu Yi.

As a reward, Song Xu Yi followed her father’s example and gave He Siyu a set of fairy tale books.

Song Xu Yi didn’t have time to go to the bookstore to pick out the books, the set was bought from her own website, the vendor sold them at a very high price and the advertising slogan was written in a very catchy way – “The most bizarre and beautiful fairy tale adaptations, outstanding fairy tales that will make you crave for more.” Song Xu Yi took a glance at the catalogue, which contained the most famous “Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales” and “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”, and when the books arrived, Song Xu Yi didn’t even look at them, and carried them directly to He Siyu.

He Siyu had great trust in Song Xu Yi, so she spread out the books and read them.
She read the books quickly, and inexplicably always felt that the stories were not right.
When she reached a certain point, He Siyu immediately turned red, as if she had been burned by fire, and closed the books and bit her lips to do her homework, but her eyes drifted to the books from time to time…

Song Xu Yi didn’t notice her expression either.
It wasn’t until the next night when the two slipped out again that Song Xu Yi noticed He Siyu’s disorientation on the bus.

“Siyu, what’s wrong with you?”

He Siyu had always been calm and collected, and this was the first time Song Xu Yi had seen her in such a trance-like state.

He Siyu bit her lips, her pretty eyes glanced at Song Xu Yi, and she spoke hesitantly, her voice very softly: “…Xu Yi, why did you buy me such books?”

Song Xu Yi was stunned before she remembered that He Siyu was talking about the set of fairy tale books she had bought, thinking that He Siyu had probably not read any leisure books and that was why she was confused, so she explained, “These books are usually used for recreation, but you can also learn some knowledge, develop some good morals and a love for life…”

“Can you really develop good character?” He Siyu frowned, still seemingly a little puzzled.

“Of course you can, fairy tales are actually full of philosophies,” Song Xu Yi thought that she had nothing to do now anyway, so she elaborated with her, “You’ve read Snow White, right? Her stepmother was jealous of her, so she fed her poisoned apples… This story tells us to always be kind and brave in the pursuit of happiness in order to win a good life…”

He Siyu pursed her lips.

She found that the story from Song Xu Yi’s mouth was not the same as the one she had read.

In the story she read, the stepmother fell in love with Snow White at first sight and deliberately poisoned the king in order to have her, then captured her and stayed day and night in the palace’s big luxurious bedchamber doing all kinds of exercises…

When she thought of the fancy descriptions in the book, He Siyu subconsciously blushed.

She realized that it was the book she was reading that had gone wrong, but she didn’t want Song Xu Yi to know that she had read such a book, so she could only bite her lips tightly and lower her head.

Song Xu Yi was still talking, “You watched the Little Mermaid, right? The Little Mermaid used her voice to exchange magic from the witch in order to pursue her love…” Song Xu Yi sighed as she thought about what happened to the Little Mermaid when she finally turned into a bubble: ” This story tells us not to learn from the mermaid, not to give up everything for love, life is more importantly——”

The version He Siyu had read was not what Song Xu Yi had said.

In the version He Siyu read, the witch had long coveted the beautiful mermaid and proposed to keep her company for a year when the beauty asked her for her magic.
The poor mermaid falls into the witch’s hands and is locked up in a cave all day long… Finally, after a year, the mermaid forgets the existence of the prince and lives happily ever after with the witch at the bottom of the sea…

“You get it, right?” Song Xu Yi concluded, “In short, it’s okay to read these books, they can inspire one’s thinking and develop one’s writing skills, but one shouldn’t trust them completely…

“Got it!”

“Xu Yi, what’s your class’ homework for today, I’ll help you write it later…”

He Siyu nodded seriously and changed the subject stiffly.

But in her heart she made up her mind: when she got home tonight, she would stuff these shameful books under her bed and never read them again!

Time flew by, and soon another two months had passed.

The final exams were coming up.

Song Xu Yi did not expect something like bullying to fall on her lap either.

A few days before the exams, He Siyu was asked by her teacher to stay behind and say that she would take part in a physics competition.
Song Xu Yi waited for her for a while, and when the two of them went back, it was already dark, and in a certain alleyway, they were stopped by five girls.

Song Xu Yi looked at the uniforms of the four tall girls, who seemed to be students of the vocational high school.

“Get out of the way!” A girl with dyed yellow hair seemed to be the boss, she pushed He Siyu aside and glared fiercely at Song Xu Yi, “I heard that it was you who deliberately humiliated my sister Li Qing?”

“I’m telling you, you better behave yourself, if you dare to insult my sister again, I’ll make you suffer!”

Angry at her sister?

Due to having Song father’s permission to take leave from time to time, Song Xu Yi didn’t know her classmates very well.
At this moment, looking at the little girl wearing her own school uniform next to the yellow-haired girl, it took her a long time to recognize that she was the little girl who was placed fourth in the class and was angry at her and cried…

“Oh, so your name is Li Qing!” Song Xu Yi suddenly realized, and once again lamented to the system in her heart: really not all girls are He Siyu! Unlike Song Xu Yi, who was working hard in secret to get better grades, this little girl had actually found someone to threaten her opponents…

Song Xu Yi also did not expect that her simple words would stir up another hornet’s nest.
Hearing that this opponent whom she had been thinking about for a long time actually did not know her name, Li Qing’s mouth deflated and her eyes immediately turned red.

“You’re bullying my sister!” The yellow-haired girl burst out in anger: “Refusing a toast only to forfeit…”

The yellow-haired girl raised her hand——

Song Xu Yi frowned.

Naturally, she would not stand here and wait for the yellow-haired girl’s slap to come down.
In the last world, she was at least an Alpha who had gone to battle and killed insects, and her fighting skills were deeply rooted in her memory, so when Song Xu Yi got serious, the aura in her eyes that flowed from the mountains of blood was incomparably frightening…

The yellow-haired girl met Song Xu Yi’s eyes and froze for a moment, but a hand suddenly reached out diagonally, He Siyu pressed the yellow-haired girl’s arm back and broke it, and ruthlessly used her knee to hit her stomach——

“Scratch her face for me!”

The yellow-haired girl fell to the ground in pain, she was so used to being a bully in this area that she never thought anyone would resist her, so she forgot about Song Xu Yi and called for the other three girls to surround He Siyu——

Song Xu Yi didn’t expect this to turn into a four-person attack on He Siyu!

“Stop fighting!”

Song Xu Yi and Li Qing kept persuading them to stop fighting, but no one listened to them, and the five of them were almost struggling for their lives –

If He Siyu hadn’t been there, Song Xu Yi would have been able to take care of the four by herself, but He Siyu knew exactly what the original owner was capable of, so Song Xu Yi had to keep her fighting skills to herself in order to keep her persona intact…

However, there were four of them, and He Siyu was still at a disadvantage.

No one would have thought that He Siyu, who looked so calm and cool, would be so aggressive in a fight.
Although she was a little weak against four people, she put up a defiant stance, and even though she was bleeding from the corner of her forehead when she hit the wall, she did not show any weakness, and took advantage of the gap to pull out a knife from her school bag and held it up in front of her.

He Siyu’s breath was slightly panting, blood sliding down her pretty face, but her expression remained cold and clear, her beautiful eyes like ice and snow.

One had to admit that at this moment He Siyu carried a dangerous beauty, dark, beautiful and inviting to sink into.

Li Qing, beside Song Xu Yi, seemed to freeze for a moment.

Seeing the knife in He Siyu’s hand, a few of the girls who were enraged sensed fear as an afterthought: this pretty girl didn’t care about her face or her life!

This fear unloaded the four girls’ anger instantly.

While He Siyu fights for her life, these four girls have theirs, and there is no need to end up in an unmanageable situation because of a single exam.

Not knowing who was leading the way, the four girls started to retreat towards the entrance of the alley with Li Qing in tow.
It was only then that they realised that some of their joints hurt when they touched them, much more than when they were usually beaten up, but they didn’t know that Song Xu Yi was responsible and that they would be in pain for at least half a month afterwards.
From then on, they were a bit more afraid of He Siyu and never dared to come to this area to make a fool of themselves…

However, this was all for later.

At this moment, Song Xu Yi hastily dragged He Siyu to the street clinic to treat her injuries.
Looking at He Siyu, who was in a mess, Song Xu Yi was heartbroken: “Don’t be so impulsive in the future, they actually just wanted to scare me…”

However, He Siyu, who had always been obedient, did not listen to Song Xu Yi this time.

Her pretty eyes lifted and she gazed earnestly at Song Xu Yi, “I would still do this again a second time…”

“They want to hurt you, Xu Yi!”

I’d rather die than watch you get hurt…

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