”Hey, Aki? ”

”Hmmm? ”

”You really don have to stay here, you know. I can just ask the ladies to be with me. ”

”You mean Ella and Risa? ” Aki asked.

”And Johnny, too! ” I added.

”Right. And Johnny, too. I keep on forgetting that he is also a lady. ” He smiled.

”No. Like I said, I want to be the one taking care of you right now and besides, I am already on leave. So let this most amazing and good-looking guy take good care of you, okay? Let me continue to play the role of your knight in shining armour! The Great Damascus Lee is here to protect and serve The Mighty Kira! ” He added with flair.

They both ended up laughing.

”Fine. Whatever The Great Damascus Lee says! ” She chuckled. ”Thanks again, Aki. Youve always been very kind to me. I really don know how to thank you. My words may never be enough to let you know how grateful I am to have you in my life. ” She mused.

”Oh? Is that so? But my dear Mighty Kira, there are ways to thank me and I will be telling you those in a few days time. For now, lets first decide on what to eat. Im sure you
e hungry as a wolf! ”

”I want some soup. Or any soft food. I don think I can eat something heavy and solid for now. Just decide for me, will you? ”

”All right then. Let me call Chef Jacques. And you, stay in bed. ” Aki left Kiras room to call Chef Jacques and call Tom to buy the prescription.

Leaving her all by herself, Kira started to think about the events that happened.

”Sigh. How dare that bastard Mitch! Its a good thing he is being dealt with right now. And those motherf*ckers who dared lay their filthy hands on me?! Urgh! Bastards! ”I hope you all rot in hell. F*cktards! ” She screamed to no one in particular.

I wonder how Luisa is doing right now. Oh that poor girl. Dear God, let her get through this bravely and in one piece. Heal her so she does not develop any form of trauma. Shes already been through a lot losing her parents at a young age and being in the system. God, please.

She was lost in her own thoughts when Aki entered the room again.

”A penny for your thoughts? ” He then went to her side and kissed her forehead. He comfortably sat himself beside Kira.

”Nothing, really. Im just grateful that those bastards are locked up. Im also praying for Luisas fast recovery and that she may not develop any form of trauma from the abuse she experienced. How long before she regains consciousness? Did Doctor Oh mention anything about that? ”

”Even Doctor Oh does not have an answer to that question. Rest assured, Kira, they are all doing their best for Luisa. Don worry, I will personally pay for her hospital bills and her therapy once shes awake. Okay? ” He planted another kiss on Kiras forehead.

”Im sure you want to clean up before the food arrives. Do you need help in the bathroom? ” He then added.

With this statement, Kira realized that her body has been cleaned and that her clothes have been changed since that night. Her eyes widened as her head turned abruptly toward Aki. Threatening her neck to break.

”Aki?! Did…did you wash me? Did you change my clothes?! ” She whispered-yelled, blood rushing to her face. Oh my God. I can die of embarrassment right now. Aki cleaned her. Aki f*cking cleaned her body. He saw me naked?! Frack!

Aki turned his head to the side, cleared his throat before saying: ”You
e a smart woman, Kira. Im sure you can put two and two together ”

”F*ck! ” Kira shouted and covered her face with a pillow.

”Did you see everything? Did you wipe me clean? Oh f*ck. I am so embarrassed right now. ” She mumbled through the pillow.

Aki just chuckled and wrapped his arm around Kiras shoulder. ”There now, Kira, my dear. Theres no need to be ashamed. I assure you there was no malice everytime I cleaned you for the past three days. Although, I have to admit, I would have wanted to touch you all over your body with your consent and you being conscious. Id really love to make you feel pleasure like youve never felt before ” He naughtily said. Making Kira want the ground to open up and swallow her right now. She was just mumbling nonsense through the pillow. Looking at her reaction, Aki can help but grin from ear to ear.

God, shes so adorable! Damn this woman. When will you ever see beyond our friendship, ei? He has to admit, she is smoking hot in his eyes. He really finds her sexy. No, she is not your usual model-esque type of woman. Her curves are just right. Her breasts, a good size. Not small but not too big. Her hips are enticingly wide enough giving off that air that shows she will not be having any difficulty bearing his offspring. She is not tall either, nor is she lean. She has just the right amount of fat on her, making you want to just hug her and cuddle her. Damn this woman. Youll be mine soon. Ill do everything I can to make you want to have me as your man. Aki silently mused.

”Oh come on now, Kira. Don worry. Your body is perfect. I love it! Every curve. ” He teasingly said as he tried to pry the poor pillow from the deadly grip of Kira.

”Look at me, ” he insisted. ”Don worry, I won mention it again. ” Then he smirked.

Just as Kira let go of the pillow, she saw the smirk on Akis face.

”Urgh! I hate you Damascus Lee! Get away from me! ” She suddenly got out of the bed to go to the bathroom. But because shes been in bed and unconscious for the past three days, this sudden movement made her feel dizzy and stumbled back on the bed.

”F*ck! ” She groaned.

”There now Kira. I told you, let me help you. No need to be shy. If you want, I can also be naked with you! ” He beamed as he wiggled his eyebrows.

”I hate you! ”

”No you don . You actually love me. Admit it. ” Aki stated as a matter of fact as he helped Kira out of the bed.

Kira just snorted, making Aki chuckle.

”Come along now. Lets get you cleaned up, my princess! ” He then guided her to the bathroom and helped her out of her clothes. He then started removing his clothes as well.

”What the f*ck are you doing Aki?! ” She screamed in bewilderment as she turned around to see a naked Damascus Lee, standing proud and oh-so-sexily right in front of her.

”What? How can I help you shower if I am clothed? Seriously, Kira. ” He scoffed.

”But… ” Damn. Hes so hot. How can I even take a bath knowing that a hot, sexy, muscular and gorgeous man is going to be the one giving me a bath? Ah. He is so sinful. Damn it. His gorgeousness is a sin. F*ck! But I am also thanking all the gods and goddesses for such luck in my life! Imagine, the high and mighty, the Great Damascus Lee is giving her a bath, in his birthday suit, in her bathroom! I really did some great deeds in my previous life, huh? She silently squealed.

Unbeknownst to Kira, Aki was doing his best to control his urges seeing Kira naked in a conscious state. Damn it! He silently curses as his manhood is starting to feel an influx of blood. He tried his best not to think anything naughty but just the mere sight of her naked body mere inches from him is making it really difficult for him to not grab her and take her then and there!

Kira then turned her back to Aki so as to avoid ogling at his sexy body and to hide her now flushed cheeks. She just wanted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible. Shes not sure if her heart can handle such loud beating due to the pressure she is feeling. Sure, theyve spent a lot of time together, especially going to beaches and lakes. So, they
e already used to seeing each other scantily dressed. They even enjoy skinny dipping so being naked in front of the other is not really something that concerns them. But being touched by him while naked? And we
e not just talking about the hugs and caresses theyve shared before. This is something very… intimate. The act of giving a bath between two adults… Oh my God. Can I really go through this without feeling anything? I am a woman, after all. A hot-blooded one at that. And a woman who is about to be given a bath by the guy I like. Oh my. Please heart, do not leave my chest and body? Body, please, do not, I repeat, do not betray me.

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