Beyond Friendship: I am the Mighty Kira

CHAP 2: How long have I been out?

”Aki? ”

Kira was in shock when she saw Aki in her room angrily looking at her. Wait. In my room? What is Aki doing here?

Aki is one of Kiras good friends whom she met when she took up her MBA a few years back. They were classmates and the first time they talked, they just hit it off. Eventually, they remained good friends over the years and would spend a lot of their free time together.

”Why are you here? Damn. My head hurts. Frack! ” Kira was still trying to remember the events of the past few days.

”What the f*ck were you thinking, Kira?! Why were you in that pub, alone?! Did you even have the slightest clue as to what those hooligans couldve done to you if I didn get there in time? You were never this reckless before! What is going on in that brain of yours?! The f*ck, Kira! ” Aki angrily bombarded the sleepyhead in front of him who is currently nursing her head because of the drinks and the drugs.

This woman?! Why would she even take a drink from those men?! She is smart and she knows about date **** drugs. And in that pub? What is she even doing there?! Argh! I am so pissed off right now I can kill! I was scared shitless when I saw her in that state. It was a good thing Michael called me and told me that he saw someone who looks like Kira at the pub talking to some shady goons. And it was a good thing that both Vince and Tom were there with him when the fight ensued while I was getting Kira from the group. Damn. I swear I could have killed all of them. They dare drug her?! Why was she even there to begin with?

Whoa?! I admit that I truly love this man before me and I know he cares for me deeply. But whats with this f*cking attitude this early morning? Shouting at me like a deranged lunatic. And oh, those eyes, damn. They are glaring at me, and I swear they are about to pop out anytime soon. If looks could kill, consider me dead. And my headache is not helping one bit for me to get my bearings.

”Aki…please stop shouting. My head is about to burst and you screaming like a deranged lunatic right now is really not helping me at all. Please… ” I implore the man in front of me who was emitting a scary and icy aura. One that screams he is about to kill anyone who dares cross his path. But hey, I am not in the proper state of mind right now to even start a fight with him.

”What happened? And how did you know I was at that pub? ” I further added.

”What happened?! You
e asking me what happened, Kira? Seriously?! ”

Aki shouted with his fists clenched on his sides. He really wants to punch something right now. He also wants to shake the woman in front of him just to get her to her senses. Damn it. I am so damn furious!

”Aki, please. Talk to me in a softer voice. Please. I swear I feel like dying right now. My head is f*cking killing me and my body feels so heavy. I feel like a 10-wheeler just went over me not just once nor twice but multiple times. I wouldn be asking if… ”

Suddenly, Kira remembered what happened that day and how furious she was. Due to her anger, she just rushed to that pub without a plan and regard to her safety. All she knew at that time was to confront that good-for-nothing bastard.

”Oh f*ck! Those bastards! They drugged me?! F*cking dirty bastards. Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh! I swear Im going to f*cking kill them all and make them regret for messing with me! Bastards! ”

”So now you remember? What the f*ck were you even doing there in the first place, Kira? And why were you alone? You canceled our dinner at the last minute only to go there? Seriously? ” Aki was now slowly regaining his composure upon seeing the now fuming woman in front of him after remembering what happened to her that night.

”No. No. It was nothing like that. I was looking for Mitch. That bastard! Did you know what he did to Luisa? The nerve of that dirty old man! How dare he raise his hand on her!!! An old man beating a 10-year old almost to a pulp is not something I can overlook! So when I was at the orphanage yesterday and was told about what happened to Luisa, I was shocked. She was supposed to be fostered by Mitch and his family. And the system did not have any record of Mitch being a total assf*ck! But when I saw half of Luisas face swelling and oh my God, Aki. If you couldve seen her, that poor child. I didn know how many different colors were on her face and the bruises. Oh Aki. ” I dropped my head and covered my face with my hands, shuddering as I remember seeing the poor girl lying on the bed being treated by Doctor Oh. I started sobbing.

Aki sat beside Kira and rubbed her lower back as he gently embraced her. This gesture just made Kira cry all the more. After she cried her eyes out for a few good minutes, Aki started asking her about what happened.

”There now. Tell me what happened exactly. Here, drink some water first. ” Aki prodded.

She gratefully drank the water before clearing her throat.

”When I got to the orphanage after lunch, I was met by Sister Elena and was told about what that bastard did to Luisa. She said Kendra, Mitchs wife, called her after rushing Luisa to the hospital. Kendra was crying asking for help telling them to pick Luisa up and get her as far away from Mitch as possible. But she could not report it to the police right away since Mitch is an undercover cop, after all. ”

Aki poured her another glass of water. This she gratefully drank as well before continuing.

”Kendra said that she was coming from the grocery when she saw Mitch storming out of the house and drove off, enraged. She immediately rushed inside only to see Luisa on the floor, badly beaten. She immediately rushed her to the hospital and called the orphanage to let them know what happened. She did not know what caused Mitch to do such a thing as he was never violent before. So nobody knows what really happened and I am not even sure if Luisa will remember what really happened. Shell be in trauma and we both know that there is a big chance that her memories will be repressed once she wakes up. ”

I started to choke on my words as tears threatened to slide down my cheeks again. I cleared my throat and composed myself again before continuing.

”So after knowing that Luisas condition is already stable, thank goodness Kendra was able to bring her to the hospital right away… I really don know what I couldve done if Luisa did not make it, Aki. Damn that Mitch! I will surely make him pay! That f*cking bastard! ” I shook my head from side to side in disgust. I then continued.

”I tried calling Mitch but he was out of reach. I then went to the station where he works and asked about him. They said that he also did not report to work. So I kept asking around the station in the hopes of knowing where I could find that bastard. I learned that he frequents that pub. So I went there straight from the police station to confront him about what he did. That was the time I called you to cancel our dinner. Please understand Aki that I just couldn let it slide. I needed to know what devil possessed him to beat a young child almost to death. ”

Aki just nodded, signaling Kira to continue.

”When I got to the pub, I was told that he was inside one of the private rooms. So I went to where he was. You know what that son of a b*tch said when I got there? He said that beating Luisa made him feel so good that he would like to have a go at it again. The gall! I was so enraged and I was about to hit him when two men grabbed me. I did not notice them at all as I was concentrating on Mitch. They sat me down and told me that we should discuss things like adults.Hmph! Like adults, they say? After doing that to a child?! The f*ck. I swear! But seeing the situation I got myself into, I know, I should have thought more about it and I shouldn have rushed there without back up. I sat myself and asked him again what happened. He said he wouldn tell me anything until I drank, so drink, I did. But I swear Aki, I saw them pour a fresh drink for me and I did not see that they put anything in it. And…thats all I remember. ” I was shaking my head in disbelief. Those dirty bastards!

”So…how did you find me? Can you tell me what happened when you saw me? Im sorry for worrying you Aki… ”

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