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Nightmares and Past Trauma

uck behind her hit more people, the screaming of people and the crunching of bodys.

as Liz passed the bollards she heard a loud *CRASH* and felt something hit her back sending her flying hitting a window. *Smash*




”Ah! ” Liz shot up panting, glancing around seeing she was still in her room, and trembled.

Bell was currently dusting some figurines she was interrupted by Liz screaming. ”Whats wrong Mistress? did you have a nightmare? ”

Liz didn look over to Bell, and didn say anything.

Bell stared at Liz trembling for a few seconds before she went and sat next to Liz and hugged her softly. Why is behaving so differently?

Liz practically melted into Bells hug and didn move but continued trembling. Even when Melody jumped up and laid down on her lap.

The scene was frozen in time until Jill opened the door and walked in. ”Sis Im leavin… Whats wrong? ” She said with concern.

Bell was the that replied in a soft, almost whisper. ”Mistress had a nightmare and wouldn stop trembling. ”

”Oh, she had another episode… ” Jill said with a pained voice.

”Could you elaborate Miss Jill? ” Bell questioned still holding Liz.

”Later, just hold her until shes better and say shes safe here occasionally. Ill tell you when I get back ” Jill held Lizs cheek and looked into her eyes. Lizs eyes were Dilated and didn respond to seeing her.

”Just as bad as the last one… Sis… ” Jill gave Bell a pleading gaze with eyes starting to glisten.

Bell nodded and rocked Liz slowly.

”Thank you, Bell. I still need to work since shell be out of it for a while. ” Jill left the room glancing back at Liz.

Liz stayed like this for 5 hours and stayed in Bells arms the whole time.

Liz looked up at Bell and said in a meek voice. ”Could you get us some food please Bell? ”

”Of course Mistress, what would you like to eat? ” Bell let go Liz and waited for a response.

”… Soft shell tacos… just meat and cheese. ”

Bell nodded amd asked in a soft. ”Do you want come with me Mistress? ”

Liz shook her head. ”Could you pass me, my phone Bell? ”

”Ill check in on you once every 15 minutes Mistress. just to make sure you
e okay. ”

Bell pulled opened a shelf in her nightstand and handed her a glass rectangle with metal edges to her and walked out to the kitchen to make the tacos.

Liz tapped the rectangle and the image of 4 people with Liz and Jill with 2 older people behind them appeared on it.

Liz in the meantime informed her followers that shell be canceling todays stream because of mental health issues.

She mostly got messages that asked if she was alright and encouraging her. in particular one of her mods BillTheCEO asked if she wanted to talk about it privately in chat room.

Liz said sure since BillTheCEO is close friend to her and is already aware of her situation vaguely. His real name is William but Liz just calls him Will

[Will:So whats happening? did you have a episode again?]


[Will:How long were unresponsive this time?]

[Lizzy:Um… 5 hours I think.]

[Will:Jezz, at least it 3 less hours then last time.]

[Lizzy:I think it was mostly thanks to Bell.]

[Will:Well thats good. But whos Bell?

[Lizzy:Well, do you remember that competition that I won that gave out artificial maids? Well she finally arrived and I gave her the name Bell]

[Will:Well how is Bell?]

[Lizzy:Besides her calling me Mistress and her being pretty bad at cooking. Bells great, shes fantastic at cleaning and shes learning how to cook better from me. But most importantly I remember her holding and comforting me the entire time I trembled.]

[Will:Wow! Bell seems better than most people.]

[Lizzy:I know right?]

[Will:Im happy you like Bell. Sadly Im busy with work and don have much more time to talk with you like this. so Ill see you later.]

[Lizzy:Alright thanks for talking with me.]

Bell put together some basic tacos and brought it to Lizs room on a large plate. ”Mistress, the tacos are done. ”

They ate together and had some small talk about what they could do together on stream.

It got to a point where Liz got Bell to put her in her chair and started looking through games they could play together with Jill.

It was at this point Bell heard the front door open. ”Mistress, I still need wash the dishes, Ill be back soon. ”

”Alright Bell, Ill keep looking then. ” Liz continued scrolling through games and bookmarking some.

Bell left Lizs room with the large plate and went to the kitchen to see Jill putting the extra tacos in the microwave. ”Oh Bell, How is Sis?

Bell started to wash the mess she made in the sink and answered. ”Mistress is currently looking for games we can play together but Miss Jill could you explain why Mistress was acting like that? ”

Jill had a sigh of relief from hearing her sister was better. ”Her ex boyfriend tried to run Liz over with his truck but messed up and hit a bollard, but a piece the bumper broke off and hit her sending her through a window. ”

Bell twitched. ”Mistresses ex? ”

Jill took the tacos out of the microwave and took an angry bite of one before continuing. ”His name was Zeekeal and he was a goddamn psycho he beat somebody so hard that he died later in the hospital because he picked up something for Liz and just after that he ran over 6 people on his way to Liz because she broke up with him and enjoyed the whole thing. Zeekeals attempt left her unable to walk and with ptsd. ”

Bell wanted to break something when she heard the story. ”…So what happens to Zeekeal? ”

”He went to prison for life after he was dragged out of his truck. ” Jill replied with disdain in her voice.

”Ill keep Mistress company for now but Im sure Miss Jill will be following me shortly to do the same. ” Bell finished washing the dishes except the one Jill was holding and walked off.

Is she really a artificial? Jill thought to herself as kept eating the tacos.

The rest of the day consisted of Jill, Liz, and Bell playing games together that Liz found.

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