Beta Test

The Pine Sister\'s Household

ly then put it on to boil.

Liz looked over to Bell gathering things for her. ”Bell can I ask you something? ” Bell didn stop her gathering but answered ”Of course Mistress. ”

”Do you like it here? ” Liz was curious if she liked it here or had an opinion about it.

Bell put a container with Alfredo sauce in it next to the stove and stood next to Liz. ”Of course Mistress. ”

Liz looked at Bells face which was smiling and felt she had more to say but didn for some reason. ”Oh, really why so sure youve only been here for 2 days? ” Bell blinked before stating. ”Its better than what I thought. ”

Liz looked at Bell even more curious then sighed not wanting to push the topic since Bell was not eager to talk about it.

Liz looked over to the water that was now boiling and grabbed some butter and salt. ”All right, lets start cooking, and could you tell me if anything is going on right now? ”

Liz put a small amount of salt and butter in the pot and then followed by the noodles. ”Should I start with good or bad Mistress? ” Liz looked away from boiling noodles while stirring the mindlessly. ”good first. ”

”1st is Nami ji games is entering the semi-public beta test for a headset. ” Liz was wondering how much was announced. ”So how much was said about it? ”

”Not too much besides that it would change the world Mistress. ”

”Well, aren they confident? any other good stuff before the bad? ”

”One more and that would be the genetic augmentation of plants hit a massive breakthrough. ”

Liz tapped a strainer which was picked up by Bell as they drained the water from the pot without a word. ”What kind of breakthrough? ”

”Humanity can now make algae, trees, grass, and vines grow 25 times faster, output 100 times more oxygen or make excessively harder to kill than normal. ” Liz nearly dropped the pot at what Bell said. ”What the hell 100 times?! ”

”Indeed, it surprise me as well when I 1st saw it. ”

Liz calmed down and added some herbs, Alfredo sauce, chicken, and garlic salt to the pot and stirred it. ”What do you mean by excessively harder to kill, Bell? ”

”They said as long as the plants can take root the trees and grass can survive in any climate and the algae lives even if you boil or freeze the water its in. But probably the most excessive trait is how fire retardant the trees are. You can spray it with a flame thrower and it won catch fire. ” Liz questioned how or why they would even make them this hardy. ”Alright I guess all of that is pretty good so lets hear the bad. ”

”A terrorist group broke into a prison and freed some of the criminals imprisoned there. ” Liz turned off the burner and put the pot on a different one. ”I hope they catch them again. Any other bad news? ”

”Besides all of the accidents reported constantly some governments are discussing the rights of high-grade artificials like me. ” Liz asked to set up three sets of plates and utensils while they were talking. ”Im guessing you don like how the talks are going if you
e saying its bad news? ”

”Yes Mistress, Hazengales government ruled Artificials like me as strictly property and if I said otherwise I could be dismantled. ” Bell said with a flat tone but Liz could see the frustration on her face. ”I really can think of Bell as property. ” Liz mumbled absently mindlessly.

Bell looked at Liz as she finished setting the table. Thank you for winning the competition. Liz was unaware of Bells thoughts as she kept the food warm.

*Chik* Liz and Bell looked at a nearby door as it opened and a woman walked through it. ”ohhh that smell… did my little sis make something Delicious today? ”

The woman had hazel-colored eyes, long inky black hair, and was wearing a suit. ”Yes, Miss Jill my Mistress made Fettuccine chicken Alfredo. ”

The woman who entered named Jill jumped at the voice and looked at Bell. ”Ah right someone else lives here now… Bell was it? ” Bell nodded and gestured to the dining table. ”Please take a seat Miss Jill or would you like to shower first? ”

”No, Ill eat now but before that. ” Jill walked to Liz and wrapped her arms around Lizs neck softly. ”How do you like having another person in the house so far? ”

Liz giggled. ”I asked Bell the same question but yes she makes great Company to have around and she is really good at cleaning. ” Jill nodded to what Liz said, looking around the room.

Liz picked up the pot holding their meal, holding it above her lap. Jill stood up and grabbed the chair Liz was sitting in and moved it in front of the dining table.

”Bell could you? ” Without missing a beat Bell took the pot and placed it in the center of the table. She took a large spoon and started distributing creamy noodles to the plates.

they started eating and happily chatting about things going on.




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