Beta Test

The Pine Sister\'s Household

[Broke_Weeb gifted 200 embers to your Phoenix Mommy]

”Thank you Weeb for the 200 sparks. ” A woman with a soft and tender voice said in a happy tone.

[Broke_Weeb:You deserve more i just cant give more :(]

[OldArchive:Did you know Liz did you know that whales used to beach themselves because of something called sonar before it was made obsolete and then banned a little over 5 years ago on February 12nd 2047]

[(M)BillTheCEO:Are you gonna use your v-model next time Lizzy?]

e fine Weeb any amount helps me plenty and yes Bill I want to use my other body during my singing stream this Thursday. ” The woman named Liz sighed at the did you know fact.

[Tale0r:Could you introduce yourself? Im new]

[Yapper52:I don know you super well yet ether]

[Beetlejuice:^ Same for me]

[Broke_Weeb:Sounds like a good idea Lizzy its been a bit since youve introduced yourself]

[Elks_heart:Could you?]

”hmmm I guess your right but what part should I do? ”

[(M)NightShift8:Might as well do the whole thing Liz.]

[(M)BillTheCEO:Ohh boy here we go.]

[Tale0r:Is it a long thing to talk about?]

[Broke_Weeb:Surprisingly long Tale0r.]

”Ok sooo ahem!… You can call me Liz or Lizzy, I am the phoenix mother which means I give creatures with good karma another chance at life as a phoenix, I then raise my children until they can take a humanoid form to blend in with humans, so they can enjoy the wonders of human life. ”

[Beetlejuice:Wait your really a bird?]

[(M)HellsJester:*Pffft* yep of course Lizzy is a bird 🙂 ]

[Broke_Weeb:I still can believe you got past the mod inspections HellsJester]

[(M)HellsJester:Me nether Broke_Weeb but Im not complaining I do a good job and I can get away with a lot]

”Jester stop lying! Im not a bird, my body has two forms I normally use with my shape-shifting ability first being my original form which is mostly human with several features that I give down to my children and my disguise thats normal with the only similarity is the of blue of the eyes so I blend in better. ”

[Tale0r:Why do you even need to blend in?]

[(M)BillTheCEO:Shhhh shes getting to it Tale0r]

[Tale0r:Alright sir.]

”To spend time in public with my human sister and parents that raised me then in turn gave them eternal youth so they could live with me. ”

[Tale0r:You sound quite powerful.]

[Elks_heart:Are there other mythical creatures in the world?]

”Well about that, I got into a confrontation with a ancient black dragon named Nelbeck when I tried to banish him from this realm because he started to enslave entire cities worth of people.

Nelbeck didn like being banished very much apparently because he cursed me with numerous living sacrifices so I could no longer Resurrect and substantially weaken me before fighting me.

In one on one fighting I was better then him so I managed to last a while and hurt him quite badly with my sword First Ash but he tore off my wings and broke my lower spine making it so I couldn walk but before he could finish me off my children attacked him before he could kill me and tore off one of his legs. which let me banish him from this realm.

Sadly the curse remained because it was connected to his life-force so I couldn recover my wings or legs function. ”

[Tale0r:That was far more violent then what I was expecting.]

[Elks_heart:I see why you said that Bill.]

[(M)BillTheCEO:I know right? I really do like the small story about herself well its not quite over yet.]

”With my now very limited movement I searched for new ways to check up on my children and thats when I found streaming. It would let me let talk to my children all over the world and meet new people. so here I am Lizzy the mother of phoenixs who had her wings clipped for banishing a evil dragon. ” Liz took a moment to catch her breath after her monolog about her stream self.

[Lizzy has given 5 creatures a new life as phoenixs thanks to BillTheCEO]

[(M)BillTheCEO:Good job saying all that without stuttering.]

”Thanks for the compliment and lovely 5 phoenixs Bill~. ” Liz looked at her screens and remembered what she was doing.

”Right I forgot I was gonna play something what was it again? ”

[(M)NightShift8:It was a horror game called Shadows darkness]

[Elks_heart:Well thats a redundant name]

[Beetlejuice:It really is doesn tell you what its about besides dark]

”Oh yeah there it is. Ill get it up now because weve talking for much longer then I ment too ” Liz pulled up a game that had a big start button.

[(M)NightShift8:Heart monitor Liz.]

[Broke_Weeb:She forgot that as well classic LOL]

[Slug3r:Won that take a bit to set up?]

”Oh, no sluger I have a implant that keeps track of my heart beat and its really helpful since I don need to set anything up and its incredibly accurate. ” Liz clicked a button which made a number show up that fluctuated from 47 to 52 on the screen and started the game while talking to her chat.

=4 Hours of yelping, yelling, screaming and wandering in the game later=

The screen went black and went back to the screen with a big start button. ”That was a surprisingly good game. ”

[Broke_Weeb:Yeah it was!]

[(M)HellsJester:Well she did bump into everything for first 20 minutes because she missed the button to let you see LUL]


”Humph I guess Ill wrap it up now then since you love talking about my failures. ” Liz dramatically said switching what they saw to her ending stream screen accompanied with a music box tune.

[Slug3r:Noooo don be mad]

[Broke_Weeb:Lizzy you did that to yourself and I tried to tell you about the button]

[Beetlejuice:Is she actually upset?]

[(M)BillTheCEO:She isn really upset but >Don forget to check your Vmail< Liz]

There was a pause before Liz said. ”Alright Ill talk to all in 2 days love you. ”

[(M)NightShift8:Till next time Liz]

[Broke_Weeb:Have a great day Lizzy]

[Beetlejuice:Goodbye Lizzy]

[Tale0r:Goodbye Lizzy]

[(M)BillTheCEO:Talk to you soon Liz]

As the stream ended a cat with a cat with long white fur and light blue eyes jumped on Lizs lap then promptly curled up on it. ”You always do this Melody. ”

Liz pet Melodys soft fur with one hand as she pulled up her mail with the other. Scrolling through her emails. ”Spam, spam, too restrictive, spam, aww a thank you message, Ill thank them real quick. ”

Writing a message to the sender and hit send and continued looked through her mail and stopping on a request to Beta test something called virtual world headset.

”Well this seems interesting. ”

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