Aadhish pov,

Most of the man from middle-class family will get rid of their stress and frustration while riding their bike. Just like them, I also feel refresh and overwhelm with happiness when I ride my bike. My bike is my buddy. I bought my bike after I started going to work. Twelve years have passed since I started going to work. All those years, my buddy was with me as my strength. Now I have the facility to buy another well branded bike, but I have no intention of selling off my buddy. How can I sell my buddy who was with me as my companion during my tough times ??..

I parked my buddy in the parking area at the company where I work. After checking that did I locked my buddy correctly, I went into the company. On the way to the office, everyone greeted me ”Good morning ” with a smile. I also greeted back them with a smile and entered into my cabin and called John who is the head of security department. After a few minutes, John appeared in my cabin with some documents. While noticing his presence, I shifted my glance to from computer and asked him in a professional tone,

”John. Is everything under control ?? ”

”Yes sir. I already double-checked all departments. Everything is under our control. ” He replied me back in a firm tone.

”Okay. Good work John. Uhmm, then. Just go to design department with technician and check if all the computers and security camera in there are under our control. ” I told him while remembering their complaints.

”Sure sir. Sir, This is the document which you asked me to submit today. ” He told and handed over the documents to me.

I nodded and checked the documents to see if everything I asked was in those documents and told him,

”Okay John. After checking the design department, prepare a document specifying the required items for our department. ”

”Okay sir ” He replied to me.

I nodded and told him with a smile.

”Hmm. Now you go and carry on your work. ”

He nodded with a smile and left my cabin. As soon as he left my cabin, I started checking the document again.

After a while, I got a call that the boss had reached near the company. It is my duty to welcome MD as the security manager and to monitor the arrangements for her to reach her office without any interruption. I went to the entrance of the company to greet MD aka my wife… Yup!!.. You read it correctly. Im working in that panda company. Uff!!.. I hate to work in her company. Still, I can change anything, even if I hate it. Im working here for the promise I made to her father.

While speaking about panda, Panda car came and stopped in front of entrance. Here the great business aka bulldozer getting out from the car. When I looked at her makeup-filled face, I felt a sensation of vomiting building up in my throat. She applied a ton of makeup to cover up her pimples, pores and dark neck. She tucked her long black hair with a clip and pinned a jasmine flower string in the hair. She is wearing well branded stylish saree and ornaments to show off her richness. Her bright color costume doesn suit with her whitish skin tone. She is a plumb girl who will weight 80 or more than that. The saree she was wearing makes her look very plumb. Bulldozer is a perfect nickname for her. It suits perfectly for her. But !!.. How would everyone know she was married if she kept a bit of vermilion on her forehead and hide her thali inside her saree like this ?? Argh !!.. Why am I thinking about it ?? I shouldn think like that. I hate her. Yup!!.. I hate her. Its my final decision. Mm !!

She came and stood in front of me and extend her hand with my lunch bag. I took my lunch bag from her hand without touching her hand and waited for her to go. But she stood still in front of me and looked at me with some kind of emotion and told me in her as usual arrogant tone,

”Ratan. Have your lunch at correct time ”

I glared at her angrily. After noticing my glare, she walked away from there. I reached my cabin and screamed loudly in my mind. I know she was doing it to show everyone that she owns me. Ahaa!!.. Control Aadhish. I don like her calling me by ratan. I hate to hear her voice. God !!.. Why do you pair up me with her ??. Please take her out from my life. I don want her in my life. By hearing john voice, I controlled my anger and turned and looked at him with a questionable look… He provided me document and told me,

”Sir. This is the document you asked me in the morning. ”

I nodded and told him to go and carry on his work. And then I went to administrative department to submit the document. I entered into the department and searched for getha who had joined newly in administrative department yesterday as intern. She is a village girl from a poor family. She has come here to work to give good life for her family and she also addressed me as brother and talk to me very affectionately. I also felt attached with her like my sister. I asked the man who is sitting next to getha cabin,

” Excuse me, sir. Can I know where is getha ??. A newly joined intern. ”

As soon as he heard my voice, he quickly got up from the chair and told me with a respect,

”Sir. That. Your wife. I mean. Shravya madam fired her. ”

How dare she be ??. Don she allow me to live my life peacefully ??.. Its an 17th girl who got fired because of me. Ahh. That poor girl. She called me as brother. Oh, god. She just came here to work for her family. Are I looking like a cheater ??.. Did she think me as a person who would sleep around any woman ??.. Im not like that type of person. Even though I don accept her as my wife, the thought of betraying her never came into my mind even once. I usually don talk to womens. Even if I talk to them for some reason, I will consider them to be my sisters. Why don she understand it ??.. Why is she firing the girls whoever talking to me ??.. SHREYA KEERTHI, I HATE YOU. I LOATHE YOU. YOU SPOILED MY LIFE.

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