Aadhish pov,

Beep !! Beep !! Beep !!

” Ugh!!.. Argh!!.. Please, someone off this alarm. Its not letting me sleep ”. I murmured in my sleep and tried to search the alarm clock around me with my hands to turn off it. Uff !!.. Not Again.. Panda Im going to kill you. Again she did the same thing. I usually keep the alarm next to me on the floor before going to sleep, but she would take it after I slept and put it on the nightstand.

After realizing that no one will switch off it apart from me, I opened my eyes in irritation and slowly get up from the floor to turn off alarm.

”GOD. Why you tied me with this bulldozer ??. ” I screamed in my mind and glared at her angrily who sleeping peacefully in my bed. Oww!!. My sweet bed, I miss you. This bulldozer even separated us.

Did I confuse all of you ??. Uhm!!.. Let me explain it clearly. I mention my wife by these names.



Plum truck


Did you all curious to know who is my wife ??. Hhm!!.. My wife is none other than the great businesswoman Sharvya keerthi. She was never failed to get the things which caught her eyes. Im one of those thing too which caught her eyes. As a result, I was forced to be her husband. I had never hatred anyone until I met her. She was the first person I hate with all my heart. The feeling I had when I was near her was pure hate and disgust. Argh!!.. While talking about her, I forgot to introduce myself.

Myself is Aadhish ratan. Working as Security manager. I lost my father when I was a child, and my mother was the one who raised me and my two younger sisters. My first younger sister name is Swetha and second one is Archana. Both of them were married and settled in other districts with their husband and childrens. You guys already know about my wife, whom I married 5 years ago. Please don ask about our child like my relatives. Because its never going to happen. How I can touch her when I only feel disgust towards her ??.

After screaming about her a few more minutes in my mind, I took formal clothes from wardrobe and enter into the bathroom to do my morning rituals and take a shower.

I took bath and wore the clothes and came out of bathroom. I combed my hair while staring at the bulldozer. Likewise, I also wish to sleep like her. After letting out a long sigh, I wore tie and watch while asking my mother in a high pitch from my room which is in upstairs,

”Mom. Is breakfast ready ?? ”.

”Yes. Come and have your breakfast ” My mother yelled back to me.

I took my mobile and briefcase in my hand from the table and left the room.

I came downstairs and kept my briefcase in the sofa in the hall and went to the kitchen to have my breakfast. We don have a dinning hall in our house. It was only two years ago that I build a room in upstairs before that our house is tiled roof house with two bedroom, hall and kitc

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