stful bastard! I will kill you!”



Shu Shi pushed open the room door and walked in.

“Who are you calling a lustful bastard? Who are you going to kill?”

He had an exasperated look on his face.

He had just soaked in the bathtub and ran over when he heard the commotion, not even having time to put on his clothes.

“Of course, it’s you!”

Chen Qingluan’s eyes spewed fire as she struggled to get up.

However, the rope seemed to have spiritual properties, the more she struggled, the tighter she was bound, and finally she couldn’t move at all.

Shu Shi hugged her shoulders, “You should feel lucky, if not for me, you would have fallen into the hands of the Netherworld Sect.”

“How they will deal with you, you know better than anyone.”

“Don’t pretend to be kind here, all of you demons are one and the same!”

Chen Qingluan snorted coldly, “If you really wanted to save me, why did you tie me up like this?”

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Shu Shi snorted, “Do you think I’m stupid? If I hadn’t tied you up, you would have cut me with your sword!”

Chen Qingluan’s tone was stagnant and she was speechless.

“Humph, bastard!”

Shu Shi frowned, “Cursing when you can’t say no?”

“So what if I cut you? You depraved bastard!”


“Rotten bastard!”


Seeing her cursing more and more loudly, Shu Shi walked to the bed with a black face, reaching out to take off his shoes and take off his socks.

There was a hint of panic in Chen Qingluan’s eyes.

“You, what are you doing …… Ah!”

Shu Shi stuffed the socks directly into her mouth and clapped his hands with satisfaction, “Now you’re finally quiet.”


The look in Chen Qingluan’s eyes wanted to bite him.

Bai Qing on the side whispered, “Master, but then she won’t be able to eat.”

Shu Shi said, “No problem, she is a cultivator, she can endure hunger for ten days and half a month.”


Bai Qing said nothing more and walked out with her lunchbox in her hand.

Shu Shi sat on his chair, yawning lazily.

After a while.

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Chen Qingluan finally stopped making noise and lay down on the bed as if she had resigned herself to her fate.

Shu Shi saw this and frowned slightly.

Could it be that the rope was tied too tightly?

Chen Qingluan’s injury is serious, and if it keeps going like this, there might be a problem.

He walked to the bedside and asked, “If you are willing to calm down, you can blink your eyes.”

Chen Qingluan’s eyes blinked for a moment.

Shu Shi took out her smelly socks.

Chen Qingluan breathed heavily, her voice a little sharp, “My sternum is broken, the rope is tied too tightly, this will pierce my heart.”

Shu Shi sent his spiritual energy into her body and discovered that she was indeed not lying.

The sternum was broken in two places, and a slight deflection would puncture the internal organs.

“In that case, I’ll loosen the rope for you, so don’t make any crooked ideas.”

Chen Qingluan nodded, “Don’t worry, I still have a heart even though I have no strength right now…”

As a result, as soon as Su Shi let go of the rope, she suddenly lunged with a jerk.

Shu Shi was prepared for this and held her firmly with one hand and said with a smile, “I know you have a heart….”

In the midst of his words, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

What he had pressed seemed to ……

Looking down, the air was instantly silent.

Chen Qingluan’s body trembled slightly, his eyes seemed to be misty, and his voice was tinged with a slight cry.

“You, are you still denying that you are not a lustful bastard?”


The corner of Shu Shi’s mouth twitched, “Would you believe me if I said it was a misunderstanding?”

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