e him a playful look.

Just as Shi Jin walked to the door, the door slammed shut with a bang.

No matter how hard he pushed or pulled it, it remained motionless.

“Shu Shi, what are you doing?”

“Shi Meng confessed before he died that you were one of his accomplices, and according to sect’s rules, you can be executed on the spot!”

“No, that’s not possible, you’re slandering!”

Shi Jin looked puzzled and angrily rebuked, “Empty words are not evidence, you must show real evidence! Even if you suspect me, you can only report it to the sect, you can’t punish me personally, it’s not according to the rules!”

Shu Shi’s voice was ice-cold, “In Fengsa City, my rules are the rules!”

“You ……”


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The sound of breaking air rang out and Shi Jin froze in place.

A red line appeared on his neck and blood gushed out like a spring, and he fell to the ground with a “pop”.

His breath was gone in an instant!

The crowd looked on in awe at this scene.

Shi Jin was still a cultivator at the Late Stage of Realm Foundation Establishment, but he didn’t even have the strength to resist!

Shu Shi spoke sternly without compassion, as he looked around, all eyes avoided and no one dared to look at him.

“Shi Jin planned a rebellion and was killed by this commander himself, do you have any complaints?”


“It was Shi Jin who deserved to die.”

“We can testify for the commander.”

Everyone exclaimed in unison.

Now that even Shi Meng’s brother was dead, who would dare to offend Shu Shi?

“Alright, the post of deputy commander is temporarily vacant, those who are interested can come and talk to me.”

“Also, you should always remember that in Fengsa City, only my orders are absolute.”

After saying that, Shu Shi got up and left, with Bai Qing following behind him.

The hall once again became deathly quiet.

The corpse lay desolate on the floor, blood snaking at everyone’s feet.

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After a long time, someone whispered, “Why does it feel like Commander Shu …… is a different person?”

His strength was unfathomable, his methods ruthless, and even his demeanor became extremely arrogant .

However, the more things happened, it made everyone’s hearts full of anticipation.

“Fengsa Xity, might really rise!”


The two people walked out the door.

Bai Qing asked anxiously, “Master, is it really okay to kill someone in public like this?”

Shu Shi said indifferently, “If you don’t cut the grass to the root, the spring breeze will blow and it will grow again.
Whether Shi Jin will jump out or not, I will not let him leave alive.”

“As for the others, there is absolutely no need to worry.”

“Demonic paths fear power more than virtue, only when they are made to fear will they understand what power is!”

Bai Qing looked at him dumbfounded, always feeling that her own master was different now.

But what exactly was different could not be told.

Looking at Su Shi’s handsome face, she shook her head, driving away the distracting thoughts, her eyes smiling into a curved crescent moon.

No matter what, master will always be my master!

And at that moment, in Shu Shi’s ears, a system alert sounded.

[Fengsa City’s prestige is rising, affecting the next plot trend, gaining 10 plot points!]

“10 points?!”

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