e head fell to the ground and rolled away.

[Shi Meng died, affecting the next plot trend, gaining 3 plot points]

[Please continue your good work]

Tsk, only three points? That’s really stingy.

Shu Shi snorted unhappily.

Back then, he could get 20 plot points for talking to Zhan Qingchen, but now that he had killed Shi Meng with his own hands, he was only given 3 points alone.

A bit shabby indeed.

But that’s understandable.

Shi Meng was just a minor supporting character, his life and death had little impact on the rest of the plot.

Just like that depraved man, who didn’t even have 1 plot point after killing him, showing that he was just an insignificant little ant.

It seems that this system encourages me to be more involved in the main plot.

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The corner of Shu Shi’s mouth curled up slightly, “Based on the timing, it shouldn’t be long now…”

Bai Qing was still obediently covering her eyes when a familiar voice sounded in her ears.

“Okay, you can open it now.”

She released her hand and looked up, only to see that amidst the rain of blood, Shu Shi was dressed in white, untouched by dirt, his eyes looking at her gently.

“You were scared earlier, weren’t you?”

Bai Qing deflated her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes, but in the end, she couldn’t help herself and threw herself into his arms like a baby to its mother.


“Master, I was so scared, I thought you were really dead!”

Shu Shi rubbed her tiny head and joked, “I already died once, I’m now immortal.”

In his heart, he secretly pondered.

Looks like I have to find a way to strengthen Bai Qing, I can’t always be there to protect her.

I just don’t know if the rewards exchanged by the system can be used for others?

It took a while for Bai Qing to subside.

She raised her head and saw Su Shi’s chest wet with tears, and her little face couldn’t help but blush.

“I’m sorry, master, I lost control.”

“No problem.”

Shu Shi didn’t mind anything about it.

Seeing the mess nearby, Bai Qing was worried, “Master, what should we do about this?”

Killing a fellow disciple was a big taboo.

Although Shu Shi had a good reason, no one else could prove that he was the one actually targeted for murder.

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Shu Shi smiled, “You don’t have to worry.”

He looked towards the Demon Palace, and a cold glint crossed his eyes.

“Shi Meng is just the beginning.”


Demon Palace

The crowd of people still gathered here.

Without Shi Meng’s approval, they dared not leave without permission.

“Isn’t what Commander Shi did too extreme? Shu Shi just died and then he takes all his property ……”

“Hush, don’t you want to live?”

“Who would dare disobey Shi Meng at a time like this?”

“Damn, I was too slow to react just now, if I had gone with Commander Shi, I might have been able to get a piece of the pie!”

“What if Shu Shi comes back?”

“Hmph, if he dares to come back, he’ll probably be killed by Commander Shi too!”

As the crowd was talking, a round object was suddenly thrown and rolled into the center of the lobby with a “gururu”.

“This is ……”

When someone saw it clearly, his pupils shrank and he exclaimed, “Shi Meng! This is commander Shi Meng!”


Before they had time to react, a man and woman slowly walked in.

The man walked to the first place and sat down, while the young girl stood behind him in a docile manner.

“Everyone, long time no see.”

Shu Shi smiled brightly.

There was silence in the hall!

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