After they left the house Alex went to the computer to finish his new software system. He would also continue improve the software as he improve his skills in programming.

Since he needed to still want for a few more months before selling it.His mean goals now would be on the game engine and the creation of Wolfenstein.

With his advice knowledge he calculated that it would take him about three months to design a inferior version of the engine. And as the technology advice he would only needed to make improvements on to the overall structure of the engine yearly.

He also decided to go with the Unreal Engine as the name of the game engine, due to how popular the name was.Even though it would be a combining of other game engine to make his own engine.

Their would only be one way to describe this in the future UNREAL.After finally finishing the software he decided to take a break from the computer and relaxes for a bit.

While taking a break he tried to recall any important events that took place around this time in history. After a while of thinking there weren many important events that took place which he could benefit him now at the moment.

He mostly just focused on the entertainment and business aspects of things now.Even though he could make quick cash from writing song for himself or others now.And even write scripts for movie studios he decided not to for now.

Why should he write songs and movies for others benefits from. He could just start writing the movie script now than when he has his own movie studios he could start making them as soon as possible.

After a day of coding and thinking about his future action his siblings finally came back home. They decided not to tell him how it want until their parents came back home as well.

After finally finishing their dinner with their parents Duke gave his parents a letter from the principal of their school.

Alex dad slowly opening the slide letter he began to read it out loud , ” Dear Mr/Mrs Williams it is with great pleasure to help welcome your son Alex Jonas to James Madison High. ”

”We look forward to seeing him at our school and to help him grow and succeed in his academics. ”

After reading the letter Alex father looked at Duke and smiled he didn ask how he did it but he wasn worried he did something shaded.

He than turned to Alex and said ”youll start attending school in two weeks so start preparing yourself. ”

Alex wanted to say he would like to start attending classes sooner but hes dad stair made him keep quiet. He released that they needed to buy him things he was going to need for school.

They also wanted him to reset a bit more before attending school, so after wanting two more weeks Alex was finally ready to attend school.

”Are you ready to start your first day of school Alex? ” asked Ashley

”Yes Im ready ” replied Alex

”Its okey to be nervous for your first day and if anyone tries to mass with you just give one of us a call? ”said Jennifer in a threatening voice.

Alex nodded his head in a agreement as they entered the school grounds.

//Authors Note Im not going to focus on Alex school life too much so don expect to much school drama in this story. I may only visit it a few times in the story when needed.//

Alex had quickly become popular in the school and had caught the attention of the girls in his class. However many of them were still young and didn approach him just starring at his face.

It had now been three months since Alex started school and had gained the praise of all his teachers. As they all bragged about him to his parents and did believe the story about his previous condition.

They just thought his parents didn have the money at the moment to pay for his school and had used their other children to get him in.When they all had a the discussion with the principal in his office to make an acception.

However they didn complain about it as Alex was truly a great student and would become someone great in the future.

They all just thought it was do to his parents good gense as all their children were top students in their classes. They also always were seen all together in the library studying hard.

They would only leave the school premises at around four oclock in the afternoon. With this talk with the teachers Alex parents were very happy to hear this from them.

The two of them had been worried he would be doing poorly in his classes because of his previous condition. Now they just thought that he had also inherited their intelligence just like his siblings.

After seeing the joy on his parents faces Alex finally thought that it was about time he implemented his plans.That had been held back for a time now as he was ready to start.

After that Alex spoke to his family about being interested in computers and that he had been secretly working on something on their computer.

As aspected his family did become suspicious or worried he would break the computer and just told him to be careful on it.

That same night Alex sent a private message to the two ceo of the two tech companies Apple and Microsoft.On their personal computer as he had now some basic knowledge on hacking.

He just needed a reply from them than he could send them the full version of the software.

He now decided to talk to Michael and Mark about the game he wanted to make with them Wolfenstein and DOOM.

Which they agreed to help work on after seeing Alex presentation. However they thought that they would do all of the work while Alex told them what he wanted.

However they would learn that they were the ones who would have to learn from Alex.

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