Later that night as the family had their dinner which was plane white rice which made Alex feel terrible about the situation.This made him really to start school as soon as possible.

”I want to start school, ”said Alex catching everyone off at the dinner table.

”Why are you asking about school all off a ” sudden? asked his mother Martha. ”You just got out of the hospital theres no need to rush. ”

”Your mother right you still need some time to recover you can take things slow son, ”said his father.

”True but the doctor said I could start school if I wanted to and Ive always wanted to attend school and make new friends. ”replied Alex

”Aunt we your friends Alex? ” asked Ashley in a soft voice.

”Its different Ive been stack staying at home while the other kids get to go school and Im good enough to move on my own. ” Alex said

”Well it still will be hard to get you into a high school since you haven even been to elementary school. ” said Matthew

”I have a way to get him into our school. ”said Duke

”How will you do that? ” asked Jennifer

Duke smiled and said ”youll see tomorrow just the three of us are enough to get Alex in the to our school. ”

Seeing us the kids we
e getting excited for Alex to go to school both parents decided not to stop or convince Alex to take it easy.

After heading in to the room get some sleep as led on the bunk bed slowly. Duke came in as will and stared at Alex.

”Why are you looking at me like that? ” asked Alex nervously did he think some was strange.

”What you planning to do? asked Duke back to Alex.

”What do you mean? ”asked Alex

Sighing Duke said ”If you don want to tell me its fine but if you want to pull another stunt like last time Ill kill you myself got it. ”

Duke didn actually mean want he said about killing him it was just a warning that there would be serious consequences this time.

Nodding his Alex said ”you don have to worry about me Ill never do that again I promise you. ”

”Good I can still see in your eyes that your planning something big but I hope its good. ”After saying that Duke claimed on top of the bunk bed.

Leaving Alex shocked at his observations Duke was truly a talented young man being able to see right through him.

However Alex wasn trying to keep his plans a secret but he just needed a good explanation for his future action.

Now he just needed to sleep first, sleeping was all so another faster way to unlock more information in his head. He just needed to focus on the subject he wanted to know about.

He decided to focus on the the game engine he wanted to make he first looked at who originally created the engine.He wanted to know when it started to be developed and launched by that person or company.

This help him create a timetable for the engine to be lunch before the original creator could.

The next morning Alex woke up early in the in a good mood after learning everything about the game engine he wanted design.

Which he learned about from his memories as it would be only released in 1998 which still was a decided away from being fully deployed.

It would also take four years until Wolfenstein would be released by id software.

With his knowledge he could make a lesser vision of the game engine for now as the current technology was still way to behind.

He had also found out about other popular game engines the future. Which he could to make an even more powerful game than of those in the previous timeline.

Know he could claim lying map out the game engine software in his mind.And the game mechanics for Wolfenstein and DOOM.

Two of the most influential games in gaming history that would greatly affect how games were to be made in the future.

Suddenly the door opened and his brother Duke walked in after getting back from his morning jog. He and his sister would all go jogging every morning to keep themselves healthy.His parents could join them as they were often too tired from work.

After talking a cold shower Duke got dressed and picked up to head to look. ”So are we finally going to tell us your plan know. ”asked Jennifer

”Im sure you two already figured out my plan right? ”replied Duke

”Do you really think it will work? ”asked Ashley with a hint of doubt.

”What you don the hell listen to our small requests? ” asked Duke

”Alright well just find out today won so let us go know or well miss the bus, ”said Jennifer as she got up and left her.

Soon they all got up and left the leaving Alex alone again as his parents left much earlier.

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